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>showing last 365 days of  comments:   

Great alternative for when I need to carry something lighter.  Spot on shipping speed.  USPS dropped the ball with tracking.
-Francis R., Thornton, CO (USA) November 12, 2018

quick responses, ++ packaging, would highly recommend this shop for valium, A++
-Colleen J., Charleston, WV (USA) November 12, 2018

Product was fine-just a few cracked cookies, still usuable.
-Gabriel H., Raytown, MO (USA) November 12, 2018

It finally arrived.  The pony express finally got it here.
-Percy N., Aberdeen, SD (USA) November 12, 2018

Great price.  One of the best deals on the market...anywhere! ;)
-Irvin B., Meriden, CT (USA) November 12, 2018

Feel great now, thanks to JCM.
-Cecilia R., Hilo, HI (USA) November 11, 2018

Love it, no complaints.
-Norman A., Hays, KS (USA) November 11, 2018

Still waiting on my Soma order.  The Tramadol I ordered a few days AFTER my Soma has already arrived.  Thanks for that.
-Tanya M., Battle Creek, MI (USA) November 11, 2018

Received.  Good product, but some improvement needed on the service side.  I'll send you a separate email with my suggestions.
-Ian S., Virginia Beach, VA (USA) November 11, 2018

works perfect very happy very very fast shipping A++++++
-Randy R., Moore, OK (USA) November 11, 2018

Order form worked this time.  Glad you got that fixed.  First time around last month it took a 10 email conversation to get it done.
-Doreen G., St. Cloud, MN (USA) November 10, 2018

Thanks for the flexibility in accepting Bitcoin cash instead of Bitcoin for my Ultram order.  I honestly thought it was the exact same coin.
-Julia W., Chesapeake, VA (USA) November 10, 2018

Good service from first contact to delivery.  Recommended.
-Otis P., Rotterdam, NY (USA) November 10, 2018

Longer lasting than what I used to use.
-Richard S., Lansing, IL (USA) November 10, 2018

Accidentally ordered way more than I needed.  Thank you for the long term storage advice.
-Monique G., Key West, FL (USA) November 10, 2018

As described.  Took 15 days all in after my xlm payment confirmed.
-Geoff P., Seattle, WA (USA) November 9, 2018

A+ #1 tadalafil connection in my book.
-Floyd C., Dover, DE (USA) November 9, 2018

Absolutely what I wanted.  Fast shipping, 10 days as stated, and shipped from within the US.  I won't say where of course.
-April O., Wahpeton, ND (USA) November 9, 2018

Best place I have done business with so far.  They make my healthcare needs affordable!
-Carla M., Delray Beach, FL (USA) November 9, 2018

Good product.  Good price.
-Terry U., Green River, WY (USA) November 9, 2018

My husband has received and is very very happy with his Cernos gel order.  Thank you for the samples he requested for me as well.   I'll either put in an order soon, or just have Mark do it when he needs a refill. 
-Phyllis D., Buffalo, NY (USA) November 8, 2018

Tablets are shown on the website, but was shipped capsules.  I can work with these, but tablets are preferred and expected next time if possible. 
-Clara Y., Fort Wayne, IN (USA) November 8, 2018

Long winded order process, felt like I was buying something at the flea market.  Can't complain about the price though.  ++++ 
-Stewart G., Norfolk, VA (USA) November 8, 2018

Interesting packing method which works.  Recommended Ambien supplier. 
-Chester H., Akron, OH (USA) November 8, 2018

Best ever. 
-Ana V., Calhoun, GA (USA) November 8, 2018

Received and works fine.  Literally half the price of what they are charging at Walgreens. 
-Kayla C., Fraser, MI (USA) November 7, 2018

Package was too bulky to be called discrete, but will have everything sent to my POB from now on. 
-Tyler H., Omaha, NE (USA) November 7, 2018

Pretty good quality pain meds at an affordable price. 
-Darlene F., Coos Bay, OR (USA) November 7, 2018

Great little shop.  A small hurdle in the beginning, but I understand how to do everything now and this 2nd order was much smoother than the first. 
-Tamara N., Midvale, UT (USA) November 7, 2018

JCM are the cat's pajamas!!! 
-Amy S., Costa Mesa, CA (USA) November 7, 2018

Exactly what I wanted, good seller, will buy from again in the future.
-Annette J., Mesa, AZ (USA) November 6, 2018

Just received this item; ordered over 2 weeks ago.  Almost three weeks actually.  SLOW.
-Lindsey C., Stevens Point, WI (USA) November 6, 2018

JCM does it right.
-Kyle Z., Nashua, NH (USA) November 6, 2018

perfect Viagra deal thx!
-Joel B., Hialeah, FL (USA) November 6, 2018

Everything went very smooth.  Thank you.  JSTS.
-Sergio T., Clarksburg, WV (USA) November 6, 2018

2nd time buying from this seller.   Happy!
-Robyn M., Landover, MD (USA) November 5, 2018

Exactly what I needed.  One suggestion for improvement, it's not really clear that free shipping is untrackable.  I didn't 'find out' until AFTER I had made the order and payment.  If it was more clear, I would have paid for the express mail thing from the get go.
-Teddy F., Billings, MT (USA) November 5, 2018

Great product at a great price.  Love.
-Lynn C., Oak Ridge, TN (USA) November 5, 2018

Excellent service from start to finish.  Thank you.
-Miguel P., Burlingame, CA (USA) November 5, 2018

Top rated in every regard.
-Josefina L., Northampton, MA (USA) November 5, 2018

So happy that I almost cried when received.  You stopped selling Ambien almost 2 years ago.  So glad  you are able to ship this again.
-Bryan D., Auburn, ME (USA) November 4, 2018

It works.
-Tanya V., Shelton, CT (USA) November 4, 2018

Great communications and rapid trackable shipping (this time).  Thx.
-Nadine S., Hobbs, NM (USA) November 4, 2018

Really good.  Home run, Canseco!
-Keith G., Erlanger, KY (USA) November 4, 2018

Item as described; thanks so much.
-Jonathan B., Canyon, TX (USA) November 4, 2018

Good price and quality on off brand tramadol.  Delivery time took 9 days!
-Crissy P., Dover, DE (USA) November 3, 2018

-Nicky F., Broomfield, CO (USA) November 3, 2018

If I had to estimate, I'm saving about $400 a month ordering here.
-Rachel S., Topeka, KS (USA) November 3, 2018

Excellent product, fast shipping, smooth transaction. 
-Jackie E., Pearl, MS (USA) November 3, 2018

-Lucille H., Binghamton, NY (USA) November 3, 2018

Helpful customer service representatives here.   Quick to answer my question and very knowledgeable. 
-Richie W., Wahiawa, HI (USA) November 2, 2018

This stuff works so good.  So well I mean. 
-Yvonne T., Hayden, ID (USA) November 2, 2018

The only bad thing I can think to say about the purchase is that the wait is long.  All other aspects are top notch. 
-Pepper F., Santa Fe, NM (USA) November 2, 2018

Xanax order arrived in some unique packaging.  No spoilers here.  Acceptable quality, be aware that their 2mg are pills and not bars.
-Evan R., Gretna, LA (USA) November 2, 2018

GREAT.  Any chance of paying by BCH for my next order? 
-Pete K., Rogers, AR (USA) November 2, 2018

Got my Valium order fast.  Good quality too.  Not sure why you have a "maximum" order quantity on these though.  Never heard of a shop having one.
-Tim M., Huron, SD (USA) November 1, 2018

As always, a great deal on cialis.
-Brandon O., Cranston, RI (USA) November 1, 2018

Got it.  You guys Rock!!  I'll be back............................
-Jennifer L., Joplin, MO (USA) November 1, 2018

Works perfect.
-Stacey C., Arcadia, CA (USA) November 1, 2018

It did arrive slightly squished, but ok.
-Ryan T., Fairmont, WV (USA) November 1, 2018

Great value for the price, but too long to wait if this is your 'usual' shipping time.
-Chuck M., Ellensburg, WA (USA) October 31, 2018

Strange but awesome way to order the medicines I need.
-Irene G., Bridgeport, CT (USA) October 31, 2018

-Erica C., Spring Valley, NV (USA) October 31, 2018

***Outstanding seller!  That's how it's done...fast and smooth neurontin purchase.  Thanks!***
-Nadine L., Milwaukee, WI (USA) October 31, 2018

-Doug W., Norman, OK (USA) October 31, 2018

This is the only shop I buy from.   5 stars.
-Charlene A., Vineland, NJ (USA) October 30, 2018

Perrrrrfect.  Very fast shipping considering the distance and described accurately!
-Jerry W., Roseville, MN (USA) October 30, 2018

Great price and wonderful service.
-Caleb H., Newport News, VA (USA) October 30, 2018

Package was opened by US customs and resealed with green tape.  No problems and they let the product through so I guess it's allowed.  Only ordered 200 pills, so maybe that was it.  Your mileage may vary for larger quantities.  Thank you!
-Simone M., Dothan, AL (USA) October 30, 2018

As described, thanks.
-Peter Y., Boardman, OH (USA) October 30, 2018

Xlnt service.  Will buy again.  Thank you.
-Michelle O., Aurora, CO (USA) October 29, 2018

That was literally a painful wait.  Last time I save on shipping.  Will do express ONLY from now on, thank you.
-Betsy H., St. Matthews, KY (USA) October 29, 2018

Initial problems w/order solved in about 1 hour and few back and forths, great product 1-2 set!
-Kelly W., Bowie, MD (USA) October 29, 2018

Excellent customer service.....top Indian online pharmacy.
-Chris L., Sugar Hill, GA (USA) October 29, 2018

Fast shipment, well packaged.  Premium generic Viagra, not the late night TV or workout mag stuff that's not even medication.
-Dennis V., College, AK (USA) October 29, 2018

-Wes R., Durham, NC (USA) October 28, 2018

Package had been externally damaged (by a sorting machine maybe) but otherwise shipped/received fast and with good results for my skin so far!
-Melissa B., Pierre, SD (USA) October 28, 2018

Confusing way to do business.  No shopping cart and no credit cards allowed???  Good price and quality of product, but maybe make it easier for people to order and PAY you?
-Jacquelyn E., Allen Park, MI (USA) October 28, 2018

14 days from order to delivery from Mumbai, India.  Recommended.
-Kenny M., Parkersburg, WV (USA) October 28, 2018

Tapent order came pretty quickly.  Happy and more importantly, free from pain.
-Joey D., Holiday, FL (USA) October 28, 2018

These folks are great.  Too bad you don't sell birth control any more.  Everything else was perfect as always.
-Carla B., Portland, OR (USA) October 27, 2018

Didn't get a tracking number for almost 10 days and then the first of two packs arrived the next day.   So I didn't even need the tracking in the end.  Would be better if you could email me the tracking number sooner.
-Dina J., Lancaster, PA (USA) October 27, 2018

Good experience, thanks.
-Ryan S., Crown Point, IN (USA) October 27, 2018

Different brand than last time, but I like it.  Good quality.
-Tracy V., Cambridge, MA (USA) October 27, 2018

Will do this again soon, thank you.
-Damon N., Berkeley, CA (USA) October 27, 2018

-Julie S., Dubuque, IA (USA) October 26, 2018

Helped me every step of the way, really hands on.  Thanks for being so patient.
-Nick P., Keene, NH (USA) October 26, 2018

-Leslie I., Gresham, OR (USA) October 26, 2018

Came a little late, but everything else good.
-Shari T., Wilmington, DE (USA) October 26, 2018

good product, better delivery and best seller.
-Ross M., Sandy, UT (USA) October 26, 2018

Spent some time to read some of these after my 2nd order.  Not sure what folks who are complaining about the website set up are on about.  I think it's a beautiful retro statement.  AAAAA+++++
-Callie J., Montpelier, VT (USA) October 25, 2018

Arrived, which is what is important.  As for the service, ok, I guess.  I paid, they shipped, sent me a tracking email.
-Mack E., Nampa, ID (USA) October 25, 2018

As usual, timely service.  Recommended and thank you for the other thing we talked about.
-Colleen L., Racine, WI (USA) October 25, 2018

Thank you for such an easy international transactions.  The world is such a small place now!
-Owen P., Beaverton, OR (USA) October 25, 2018

Great deal.  Will be back.
-Darla M., Hays, KS (USA) October 25, 2018

Big price increase on many items since the last time I ordered, but I guess that's the same song the world over.  Glad to see you're still in business. 
-Debbie G., Somerset, NJ (USA) October 24, 2018

Comunication: Great;  Arrival: Spot on!  Item:  Fantastically priced generic pregabalin! 
-Wendy C., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) October 24, 2018

Just what I ordered.  Pretty good delivery time.  I'm happy.
-Matt P., Evergreen Park, IL (USA) October 24, 2018

Got it, thank you.  The mail man just left it in my mail box?  I thought you said a signature would be needed?
-Cristina V., Baltimore, MD (USA) October 24, 2018

Well done from start to finish.   Grade A product too.
-Marilyn F., Columbine, CO (USA) October 24, 2018

-Eric A., Pullman, WA (USA) October 23, 2018

Thank you for not spamming me.  The shop I bought from last YEAR still calls me on the phone.
-Candice K., Glendale Heights, IL (USA) October 23, 2018

Often too busy to answer my emails, but the product came as described.  B+
-Janice S., Belmont, CA (USA) October 23, 2018

Easy transaction.  Highly recommend this store. 
-Derrick G., Plainview, TX (USA) October 23, 2018

totally went above and beyond.  Also - best price I've seen on Kamagra.  Dig around their shop and look for the bitcoin deal.
-Kurt P., Nutley, NJ (USA) October 23, 2018

This one arrived faster than both of my previous orders.  Good news for a change.
-Theresa F., San Jose, CA (USA) October 22, 2018

Thank you for your service.  Works well and is helping me with both of the issues we discussed.
-John R., Bangor, ME (USA) October 22, 2018

Perfect, great seller, great communication.  Just WOW.
-Raquel H., Valdosta, GA (USA) October 22, 2018

Quick delivery of Lipitor and Estradiol order.  Awesome to work with.  Answered questions A+.
-Nora B., Raleigh, NC (USA) October 22, 2018

-Dustin W., Creve Coeur, MO (USA) October 22, 2018

My first Stellar Lumens purchase!  1,127 XLM for 200 pills Tramadol/Ultram.  Hope that doesn't look like 2 pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins in a few years.  Welcome to the desert of the real.
-Gina T., Wheeling, WV (USA) October 21, 2018

Got my wellbutrin quick and cheap, the way I like it.  A++++
-Laura M., Franklin, TN (USA) October 21, 2018

Will absolutely keep doing business with you.  Thank you for doing such a good job.
-Carmen S., Chandler, AZ (USA) October 21, 2018

A pleasure as always.  God Bless.
-Louise O., Thrall, TX (USA) October 21, 2018

Definitely works.  Certainly nice to have this little helper when one isn't exactly ready to take the field if you know what I mean.
-Rodney M., Helena, MT (USA) October 21, 2018

Goes to show that there is a solution to every problem.  Thanks for filling this niche.
-Heather I., Bethany, OK (USA) October 20, 2018

Safely packed and got here in an acceptable amount of time, given the distance travelled.
-Lewis B., Gadsden, AL (USA) October 20, 2018

I was a little worried when I first found your site.  I thought that you'd have to send the product through time from 1990, using a time machine or rip in the space time continuum to get to me.  Fortunately I was mistaken.  Top notch and PRESENT DAY service all around.
-Marvin S., Brookside, DE (USA) October 20, 2018

Wonderful seller to work with.
-Anna A., Madison, WI (USA) October 20, 2018

Happy with my purchase.
-Christine R., Anoka, MN (USA) October 20, 2018

my first purchase ever from an IOP and it was an excellent first impression.
-Garrett H., Charleston, SC (USA) October 19, 2018

Thanks guys.  I think I'm pretty much set for the next year or so.
-Jeff N., Escondido, CA (USA) October 19, 2018

My 4th order of tram from JCM.  Reliable service.
-Danni O., Longview, WA (USA) October 19, 2018

Well, weird timing... JCM gave me the tracking number about 9 days after I paid, and the Valium pack had already arrived the same morning.  So I guess the tracking information really wasn't that important to have.
-Breanna S., Henderson, NV (USA) October 19, 2018

The go to source for emergency preparedness supplies for me and my group of friends for more than 10 years now.  It doesn't matter how many pallets of canned peaches and MREs you have if you don't have basic antibiotics like Cipro and Zithromax to stave off infections from minor and hopefully not so major wounds.  They keep long after the expiration date and it's always better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.   
-Lynn E., Ottumwa, IA (USA) October 19, 2018

Better than expected service.  That is: there IS customer service.  Some of these other shops don't know what that is.  A+++++ 
-Greg D., Sun Prairie, WI (USA) October 18, 2018

Great to work with.  Fast and safe packing and quality pills.  If possible, I'd like to try the capsule version next time too?
-Joyce S., Rutland, VT (USA) October 18, 2018

Straightforward and easy.  Buy your meds here if you want to save.
-Angela G., Brookside, DE (USA) October 18, 2018

Testo gel caps received, and thank you for the surprise Cialis samples.
-Tim W., Kalispell, MT (USA) October 18, 2018

Perfect 5 star seller.
-Dawn M., Newport, RI (USA) October 18, 2018

Professional.  Good price on Z-Max.
-Brandi Y., Corvallis, OR (USA) October 17, 2018

Right on time to get it~!! very happy :) thanks.
-Jonathan K., Warner Robins, GA (USA) October 17, 2018

Received, no problems.
-Sophie V., Orem, UT (USA) October 17, 2018

Please send in sturdier packing next time.  The mailer was rather beat up and if it had further to go, I bet it would have split open.
-Amelia G., Scottsbluff, NE (USA) October 17, 2018

-Raul T., Bettendorf, IA (USA) October 17, 2018

Thank you very much for your service.  Good price.  Very happy.
-Maureen J., Renton, WA (USA) October 16, 2018

Okay, it works well but I find the brand I ordered from you earlier this year to be more effective.  How can I be sure to get the same brand every time?
-Charlie L., Daly City, CA (USA) October 16, 2018

Ultram order handled with care and attention.
-Myra B., Pittsburg, KS (USA) October 16, 2018

Got here before estimated time, the right stuff, A1 service.
-Jessica E., Artesia, NM (USA) October 16, 2018

Works great.
-Pamela P., Chattanooga, TN (USA) October 16, 2018

One hangup here, you say these can be split but my pill cutter just causes these to crumble???  I can get by with these but you shouldn't advise people that they can be split.
-Helen U., DeSoto, TX (USA) October 15, 2018

Smooth Nucinta purchase.  Happy.
-James K., Cheyenne, WY (USA) October 15, 2018

This seller is great to work with, very amiable and responsive.
-Gabriel P., Spanish Lake, MO (USA) October 15, 2018

Well recommended by both friends and family and now I know why.  JCM does business like a company from another time, back when things weren't all automated and mass handled on an economy of scale.  Each order is handled on a case by case basis.  It's like going to a small mom and pop shop and picking out just the few pieces of fruit that I need.
-Donald T., Cape Coral, FL (USA) October 15, 2018

All ok.
-Shawna H., Fairbanks, AK (USA) October 15, 2018

Just what I was looking for: classic green Kamagra; delivered in an acceptable time period.
-Lee A., Ypsilanti, MI (USA) October 14, 2018

-Whitney O., Mission, TX (USA) October 14, 2018

Love to do business with again and again.  A+
-Gene H., Reisterstown, MD (USA) October 14, 2018

Arrived on time with no issues.  Thank you also for combining shipping.
-Kristi R., Anniston, AL (USA) October 14, 2018

Five stars all the way.
-Floyd W., Sparks, NV (USA) October 14, 2018

Ya'll are heroes.  It's a tough call in life between food and medication, but your service allows me not to have to make that decision.
-Andrew D., Staunton, VA (USA) October 13, 2018

Appreciate the help and walk through with my neurontin order.
-Louise Y., Bismarck, ND (USA) October 13, 2018

Got it!  Thank you.
-Traci J., Tucson, AZ (USA) October 13, 2018

Both medications as expected and arrived quickly.
-Gendy F., Waipahu, HI (USA) October 13, 2018

Sorry for the initial misunderstanding.  You all are the best shop I've dealt with in a long time.
-Sarah I., Maplewood, MN (USA) October 13, 2018

Awesomeness.  Thank God for JCM Pharma.
-Maureen S., Eugene, OR (USA) October 12, 2018

I have been ordering here since they were RxCreams.  Same as it ever was!!!  A++++++++++
-Leigh B., Olympia, WA (USA) October 12, 2018

Completely worth it.
-Weslie U., Greenville, MS (USA) October 12, 2018

Viagra order well packed, all good, thanks!
-Travis J., Lafayette, CA (USA) October 12, 2018

5 star sale would purchase again thanks love it.
-Oliver G., Bradenton, FL (USA) October 12, 2018

John 3:17 & 18.  God bless JCM.
-Christy H., Boulder City, NV (USA) October 11, 2018

Cialis order arrived Thursday, still keeping a look out for my Viagra pack.
-Owen P., Richmond, VA (USA) October 11, 2018

Nice service and flawless deal.  A+++++
-Freda E.., Sedalia, MO (USA) October 11, 2018

Didn't have any discount for quantity purchase, but the item is indeed hard to find.
-Arnie U., Bristol, RI (USA) October 11, 2018

Sent three emails before I got a reply.  I know you're busy, maybe consider using an auto reply service?
-Mark B., Concord, CA (USA) October 11, 2018

Paid by Bread Wallet and received my order in 2 weeks.  Easy.
-Lorraine A., St. George, UT (USA) October 10, 2018

Slow delivery of my Ultram order; good value overall.
-Mitch R., Portsmouth, NH (USA) October 10, 2018

Took more than 24 hours to actually get the order placed and paid for, but it was smooth sailing after that.
-Erin O., New Bedford, MA (USA) October 10, 2018

Amazing how awesome you are.  I have saved you to my favorites and will use you again and again.
-Morris G., Kailua, HI (USA) October 10, 2018

Kept me informed the entire way.  Excellent and trustworthy seller.  See you again.
-Fred K., Brunswick, OH (USA) October 10, 2018

Awesome customer service and quality generic product.  Good value.
-Elena S., Roselle, NJ (USA) October 9, 2018

Was sorry to hear that I can't use my credit card with you any more, especially since I have ordered here more than 30 times in the last few years.  But okay, I understand why and thank you for the lengthy explanation.  Thank you for taking the time to help me set up a Coin wallet.  That was an adventure and I actually learned a few things.
-Karen R., Clarksville, IN (USA) October 9, 2018

Hope to deal with you again soon.  A++++
-Jessa O., Anaheim, CA (USA) October 9, 2018

Great communication.  A pleasure to do business with.  A lot of IOPs don't even bother to respond to questions after you pay them.  Not JCM.
-Patrick H., Marblehead, MA (USA) October 9, 2018

Thank you for an easy, pleasant Zolpi transaction.
-Daryl L., Shawnee, OK (USA) October 9, 2018

Happy with tramadol-ultram order.  Will get what I need here from now on.
-Joanna P., Amarillo, TX (USA) October 8, 2018

Just what we needed, appreciate it.
-Mandy T., Charleston, WV (USA) October 8, 2018

Sent my order with some samples @ no additional cost.  Can't wait to try them!  Thx!
-Emily I., Concord, NC (USA) October 8, 2018

Perfect SB, just as described.
-Paul N., Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) October 8, 2018

Fast and reliable.
-Willie C., Middle River, MD (USA) October 8, 2018

Arrived within the time stated and works as described.  Works better than expected to be honest.
-Gordon S., Ferndale, MI (USA) October 7, 2018

Good price and value.  I can totally stock up at these prices.  Hope we can keep doing this again and again!
-Donna J., Alice, TX (USA) October 7, 2018

Ambien finally made it to me.  Can't say I like that it cannot be tracked but I'm happy it's here now.
-Robyn V., Cincinnati, OH (USA) October 7, 2018

Got my soma really fast.
-Alex M., Pocatello, ID (USA) October 7, 2018

Thanks Wow wow!
-Thelma B., Greeley, CO (USA) October 7, 2018

Great deal faaaaaaast Viaaaaaagra heeeeeere!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Curtis H., Portland, OR (USA) October 6, 2018

Ordered twice last month, one by EMS shipping and the other by their free shipping.  They actually only arrived 2 days apart.  EMS was the faster one.  So speed wise, paying extra for express mail is a waste of money.  That said, the free shipping one wasn't trackable at all.  I'm home all the time so no big deal, but consider using EMS if you don't want to worry about missing the package as you can simply plug that number into the USPS app.  The free tracking number did not work with the USPS app.
-Doug Q., Jamestown, ND (USA) October 6, 2018

Wonderful people to deal with!  Ua ola no i ka pane a ke aloha!
-Maxine R., Hilo, HI (USA) October 6, 2018

Better than expected.  Was thinking that there is no way it would clear customs, but apparently they don't care about personal use quantities.
-Paulie G., Tampa, FL (USA) October 6, 2018

Great product, so good - I ordered another pack to beat the holiday rush.  Thx!
-Alton J., Westport, CT (USA) October 6, 2018

Amazing deal at works out to be around $2 a pill, didn't really care for the ironic and sarcastic comments in my first contact with them, but they were totally professional after that.
-Courtney F., Ponca City, OK (USA) October 5, 2018

Thankful to have your valium to help that crash.
-Robert K., Wilmington, DE (USA) October 5, 2018

-Llanie T., Danville, KY (USA) October 5, 2018

Nice service, product works great, shipping took forever.  Other than that easy transaction.
-Stella V., Fresno, CA (USA) October 5, 2018

Nothing bad to say about this store.  A++++
-Bree L., Sparks, NV (USA) October 5, 2018

Easy to work with, but needs to improve shipping speed.
-Rick D., Eastchester, NY (USA) October 4, 2018

Works well.  At least as good as what I was originally prescribed.
-Loretta H., Springdale, AR (USA) October 4, 2018

JCM provides an amazing service.  Would recommend to anyone trying to make ends meet. 
-Tricia P., Kendale Lakes, FL (USA) October 4, 2018

Happy with my purchases so far. 
-Daisy N., Bristol, CT (USA) October 4, 2018

Good follow up and attention to detail. 
-Glen C., St. Louis, MO (USA) October 4, 2018

Great tramadol supplier.  Hasn't let me down even once in 4 years. 
-Delia R., Bend, OR (USA) October 3, 2018

Honest and priced just right. 
-Vanessa N., Shelby, MI (USA) October 3, 2018

Going to need more, the more the better. 
-Devin B., Oxford, AL (USA) October 3, 2018

Appreciate the help in breathing a little life back into our marriage. 
-Tanya K., Linden, NJ (USA) October 3, 2018

Frustrating and then totally satisfying in that order. 
-Walter F., College Park, MD (USA) October 3, 2018

Dude, I think it's time for a website makeover.  Everything looks exactly the same from 12 years ago.  Glad to see you are still around though.  
-Wayne F., Huntington, WV (USA) October 2, 2018

I accidentally overpaid by about $15, can I get some kind of credit for that?   
-Arlene W., Bay Shore, NY (USA) October 2, 2018

No frills but they get it done.   
-Mitchell K., Elko, NV (USA) October 2, 2018

Gotta be honest that I was nervous about ordering from you, but all GOOD, really glad I took the plunge.   
-Eric H., Milford, DE (USA) October 2, 2018

Easier than it seemed at the beginning.  When you said Bitcoins, I said, WTF is that?  Recommended.   
-Kathryn C., Cabot, AR (USA) October 2, 2018

Small problem with my most recent order.  I payed by Ethereum tokens, gas, or whatever the proper term is, but I wasn't given the extras you advertise goes along with this type of payment.  Can you help me with this?  I also emailed you but am awaiting a response.   
-Sonja E., Caledonia, WI (USA) October 1, 2018

Thoughtful and friendly service from half a world away.   
-Maria T., Fort Mill, SC (USA) October 1, 2018

JCM Pharmacy is all that PLUS a bag of chips.   
-Rex C., Junction City, KS (USA) October 1, 2018

Truly appreciate the Viagra samples but I still find the Cialis I have already been getting from you to be more effective.  If you send freebies with my next order, please make them weekenders. :-)      
-Kerry O., Greeley, CO (USA) October 1, 2018

Probably the best deal I've ever had, buying stuff on the web.      
-Zach I., Storrs, CT (USA) October 1, 2018

So glad that clonazepam can ship again.  Love your service and dedication.      
-Ryan V., Hinesville, GA (USA) September 30, 2018

Received in good time.  Thanks for being so reliable.  Go Big Red!    
-Dell S., Gilbert, AZ (USA) September 30, 2018

No enough padding in the shipping package.  Some pills shaken loose during delivery/transit and had to be thrown out.  Otherwise still a great deal.    
-Charlene T., Williamsport, PA (USA) September 30, 2018

Holy cow this works.                    
-Leonard H., Matthews, NC (USA) September 30, 2018

Excellent quality generic Cialis and thanks again for letting me use RVN to pay for this.  My first purchase ever with ravencoin!                    
-Jaime B., Abington, MA (USA) September 30, 2018

Please include more packing peanuts next time, and maybe you can think of a way to disguise the sound of pills inside.  When you shake the package, anyone will know that I'm ordering meds.                    
-Sarah L., Weatherford, TX (USA) September 29, 2018

Reliable shop.  Praise the Lord for JCM and crypto.                    
-Gary W., La Grange, IL (USA) September 29, 2018

Great communication.  A pleasure to do business with.                  
-Marina V., Chicopee, MA (USA) September 29, 2018

Exactly what I needed, but unfortuantely arrived after I had left from my vacation.  Will do express mail next time.                  
-Darrin D., Hollywood, FL (USA) September 29, 2018

I laughed I was so happy when I finally got this.  thanks!! (^_^)                  
-Jason P., Sioux City, IA (USA) September 29, 2018

Received both orders and am satisfied with the quality.  Am a bit concerned that you didn't even ask to see my prescription at any time during the order process?                  
-Marie G., Herndon, VA (USA) September 28, 2018

Exactly as described.                  
-Tammy K., Cranston, RI (USA) September 28, 2018

Um, since your Ultram prices have gone up, is there any way you can at least cover the shipping next time?  Couldn't hurt to ask.                  
-Irene F., St. Cloud, MN (USA) September 28, 2018

Get to know them, they are amazing!!!!         
-Lydia N., Seattle, WA (USA) September 28, 2018

Arrived in plenty of time before event.  A+         
-Amanda B., Trenton, NJ (USA) September 28, 2018

Thank you so much for the zolpidem shipment.  I can finally get some sleep.  God bless!         
-Sherry I., South Ogden, UT (USA) September 27, 2018

Not an easy place to order from because of the payment system.  The product quality/value is good though.         
-Doreen L., Tigard, OR (USA) September 27, 2018

It could have been packed better but really not a big deal.  Happy.         
-Alison M., Casper, WY (USA) September 27, 2018

reliable, prompt service, highly recommended!!         
-Trina H., Berkley, MI (USA) September 27, 2018

Thx for your communication and speedy delivery.         
-Chelsea R., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) September 27, 2018

Glad you're back and I sincerely appreciate your efforts with your Tramadol shipments.         
-Patricia Q., Salem, VA (USA) September 26, 2018

Happy klonopin deal.  I guess I didn't read the part about the packaging 'details' but the product is good and reasonably priced.         
-Gerald H., Reno, NV (USA) September 26, 2018

So far so good.  Only have done two orders with you but as long as you keep doing what you're doing, I'll be shopping here for a long time.         
-Aubrey L., Essex, MD (USA) September 26, 2018

Received in good time.  Want to order larger quantities but your store says there's a maximum order limit?  That's weird.         
-Hazel S., Kissimmee, FL (USA) September 26, 2018

All is well.         
-Mario B., East Providence, RI (USA) September 26, 2018

Good service and well packed.         
-Marianne R., Charleston, WV (USA) September 25, 2018

-Belinda S., New Castle, PA (USA) September 25, 2018

Thanks for working with me on my 'special needs' order.        
-Elsie H., Belton, MO (USA) September 25, 2018

-Matt W., Juneau, AK (USA) September 25, 2018

Very goooddd, WDBA!        
-Dana O., Carmel, IN (USA) September 25, 2018

Didn't have everything I needed, I had to also order from Summit, but as far as the JCM items, all went smoothly and the quality was acceptable.        
-Shaun F., Seven Oaks, SC (USA) September 24, 2018

-Hayley J., Garden Grove, CA (USA) September 24, 2018

Works well.  I'm the beast now!!!        
-Kirk A., Euclid, OH (USA) September 24, 2018

Arrived quickly and even included some Soma as a surprise.  Thanks!        
-Angie M., Brunswick, GA (USA) September 24, 2018

Great deal thanks.  Can't wait for the next batch.        
-Bruce P., Winslow, ME (USA) September 24, 2018

-Lawrence R., Concord, NC (USA) September 23, 2018

Happy with the order, but had no idea it was coming from India!  LOL.         
-Gina S., Pontiac, MI (USA) September 23, 2018

Great quality; arrived earlier than est.         
-Nicole W., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) September 23, 2018

Thank you.  Have really enjoyed using this so far.  It's like having a corked bat.         
-Brandon E., Rochester, NY (USA) September 23, 2018

Valium order received.  Clever packaging, I can't imagine that this will work forever though.         
-Casey M., Bellevue, WA (USA) September 23, 2018

Would order more often if I didn't have to deal with Bitcoin.  Anyway you can add me to the Paypal list?         
-Darla H., Asheboro, NC (USA) September 22, 2018

Good experience and excellent deal on 'unbranded' Viagra.  Looks like it's made by an OEM pharma manufacturer and it performs quite well.         
-Steve Z., Garland, TX (USA) September 22, 2018

Early & well packed: quality lyrica, great value, good seller.         
-Teresa P., San Rafael, CA (USA) September 22, 2018

This store is super friendly and an all around great seller of pain medications.         
-Janice M., Champaign, IL (USA) September 22, 2018

Thank you :) :) :).  Both items good quality.         
-Bernice F., McCook, NE (USA) September 22, 2018

Little nervous that my mail man knows what I am ordering, but I don't have a choice.  I can't afford to pay retail now that my insurance plan from hell has lapsed.      
-Catherine N., Dover, DE (USA) September 21, 2018

Happy long term customer here.  Anyone here been buying here for more than 8 years?      
-Brad T., Farmington, UT (USA) September 21, 2018

To be honest, maybe not quite as strong as the Cialis I was originally prescribed, but does the job.      
-Anthony J., Hannibal, MO (USA) September 21, 2018

Perfect life hack.  It's this type of edge (getting your meds at a discount and not having to pay a doctor to rubber stamp a permission slip to buy what you need) that makes a huge difference in one's finances in the long run.      
-Jason W., Van Buren, AR (USA) September 21, 2018

Right on the money.      
-Syl P., Hayden, ID (USA) September 21, 2018

A++++ all the way.      
-Frank V., Tallahassee, FL (USA) September 20, 2018

Excellent value and quality for generic/off brand Zithromax.  Really a must have for any medicine cabinet.      
-Holly U., Long Beach, NY (USA) September 20, 2018

Highly recommend JCM; great service and very prompt comms.      
-Jana R., Sun City, AZ (USA) September 20, 2018

Appreciate the help with the pain.  No pain, no pain, no pain.      
-Paulette A., Brandon, SD (USA) September 20, 2018

Not happy with the shipping time, but more than happy with the product and price.      
-Curtis D., New Iberia, LA (USA) September 20, 2018

Excellent service and follow through.  As for the item, it really hits the sweet spot.      
-Derrick J., East Hartford, CT (USA) September 19, 2018

-Carl O., Santa Fe, NM (USA) September 19, 2018

Got it but make sure you read the fine print: free shipping is untrackable.  You need to pay extra if you want it to be trackable.      
-Francis K., Morgantown, WV (USA) September 19, 2018

Both an ordeal and a total blessing at the same time.      
-Brittany C., Elizabethtown, KY (USA) September 19, 2018

A bit confusing as to how to order, but all worked out well.      
-Dexter Y., Gallatin, TN (USA) September 19, 2018

We appreciate your service from everyone @ ***************!      
-Seth F., Taylors, SC (USA) September 18, 2018

-Elaine G., Lawrence, KS (USA) September 18, 2018

Just what I needed at an affordable price.  Thanks.      
-Nicole W., Cleburne, TX (USA) September 18, 2018

very nice company to deal with will buy tramadol from them again.      
-Amy U., Birmingham, AL (USA) September 18, 2018

-Everett M., Summit, NJ (USA) September 18, 2018

Even better than what I ordered last time.  Will order 2X of this SAME brand if possible next time.      
-Norris I., South Portland, ME (USA) September 17, 2018

WOW-fast service.  Works perfect.  Thank you SO very much.      
-Joyce E., Lynchburg, VA (USA) September 17, 2018

I think I might have ordered more than I need.  Couldn't resist at these prices.      
-Loren P., East Patchogue, NY (USA) September 17, 2018

Such a good purchase.  Smooth international deal.      
-Della M., Ferry Pass, FL (USA) September 17, 2018

Well run shop.      
-Steve G., Bristol, TN (USA) September 17, 2018

I have no words to explain how satisfied I feel or how much I appreciate your professionalism.      
-Hannah J., East St. Louis, IL (USA) September 16, 2018

Got them, but I think I paid too much for shipping.  $25 is a bit steep for an air mailed envelope with a little bit of bubblewrap.      
-Brandi P., Madison, SD (USA) September 16, 2018

GOOD PRICED GEN CIALIS, seller kept in contact, very pleased with purchase, thank you.      
-Larry F., Juneau, AK (USA) September 16, 2018

Thank you! ;0)      
-Cindy E., Racine, WI (USA) September 16, 2018

Good people to deal with.      
-Kyle S., Rochester, NH (USA) September 16, 2018

Received first package on Monday and the 2nd package with the soma today.  I love iiiittt!!!!      
-Lela T., Woodlawn, MD (USA) September 15, 2018

-Kelley H., Pembroke Pines, FL (USA) September 15, 2018

packed great and it is better than expected.  Thank you.      
-Jeremy A., Dover, DE (USA) September 15, 2018

-Younghee S., Mount Holly, NC (USA) September 15, 2018

Just wanted to let everyone know what a great person this seller is.    
-Olivia R., Ellensburg, WA (USA) September 15, 2018

Phenomenal seller, accurate description and fast shipper.    
-Cristina S., North Platte, NE (USA) September 14, 2018

Always a pleasure.  Thank you for the timely service and for the samples I asked for.    
-Eric V., Bowling Green, KY (USA) September 14, 2018

good quality product, recommended.    
-Donald H., El Monte, CA (USA) September 14, 2018

Ultram (generic) order rec'd in good condition.    
-Sidney B., Chubbuck, ID (USA) September 14, 2018

Great shop - very helpful and responsive.    
-Nadine G., Camden, NJ (USA) September 14, 2018

It's the real deal, however very very slow to deliver.  7 on a scale of 10.    
-Elisa P., Aurora, CO (USA) September 13, 2018

Tapentadol and gabapentin arrived sooner than expected.  Reasonably priced.    
-Simon G., Pickerington, OH (USA) September 13, 2018

Package damaged, but other than that happy with purchase.   
-Jeanette F., Randallstown, MD (USA) September 13, 2018

Very fast shipping great communication and thanks for selling exactly what u say.   
-Gary A., Nampa, ID (USA) September 13, 2018

Performs great so far.   
-Christian S., Grand Island, NE (USA) September 13, 2018

Works well with the "Rockwell Christmas Train" order we did earlier.  Thx again!   
-Mandy I., Aberdeen, SD (USA) September 12, 2018

It arrived 6 days late, missed a birthday, will still put it to good use.   
-Antonio H., Thomasville, GA (USA) September 12, 2018

Not an easy place to buy from, but worth it if you want to save some scratch.   
-Dan T., Billings, MT (USA) September 12, 2018

Honest and reliable source for generic Viagra.   
-Russell H., Kannapolis, NC (USA) September 12, 2018

5 stars.  Perfect combo set.  Thank you!   
-Felicia W., Duncanville, TX (USA) September 12, 2018

two words, simply delicious... thx.   
-Dominic I., State College, PA (USA) September 11, 2018

Very Good Service.  Helpful people work here.   
-Thad P., Lafayette, LA (USA) September 11, 2018

Great price and no problems with my ultram order.   
-Monique B., Milford, CT (USA) September 11, 2018

Shipped quick.  Item was just what I needed.   
-Clara S., Hobbs, NM (USA) September 11, 2018

I like this place so much.   
-Elijah V., Dothan, AL (USA) September 11, 2018

Excellent pharmacy service, would not shop anywhere else.   
-Jamie O., Lacey, WA (USA) September 10, 2018

This has been a big help.  I work two jobs and your Modaf keeps me from being otherwise totally wiped.   
-Mara Y., Burlington, VT (USA) September 10, 2018

JCM has been my go to source for years now.   
-Danielle P., Hockessin, DE (USA) September 10, 2018

The customer service at this shop really takes care of you.  
-Cameron K., Roseville, MN (USA) September 10, 2018

Sweet Georgia Brown!!!    
-Raul C., Levittown, PA (USA) September 10, 2018

Positive experience, ty!    
-Irene C., Avon Lake, OH (USA) September 9, 2018

-Kayla U., Eagle Pass, TX (USA) September 9, 2018

Thank you so much for this.  I was getting tired of dealing (begging from) with my gp.    
-Angela G., Bloomington, MN (USA) September 9, 2018

No issues.  Got here in 10 days, not sure why you told me to expect it in 3-4 weeks??    
-Jonathan S., Weirton, WV (USA) September 9, 2018

Great seller, super fast delivery.  Putting another order together right now.    
-Fred M., Chicago, IL (USA) September 9, 2018

You know when people say ' I have a guy...' well, if you have JCM on your phone, you 'have a guy' too.         
-Nathan J., Flint, MI (USA) September 8, 2018

Was going out of my gourd waiting for this order to get here, but it has arrived safely and everything is as described, thank you!         
-Sabrina K., Sherwood, AR (USA) September 8, 2018

Juliet Charlie Mike = lifesavers.         
-Tracy U., West Fargo, ND (USA) September 8, 2018

I have ordered here 11 times now, have never complained about anything, but am still not allowed to use Paypal???         
-Maria P., Berea, KY (USA) September 8, 2018

Sad to see prices have gone up on a few things, but I guess that's a sign of the times and the nature of things.  Thank you for keeping most of the things I need reasonably affordable.         
-Janet D., Carmichael, CA (USA) September 8, 2018

Recommeded to me by more than a few friends and it's now no wonder why.  A++++++++        
-Blaine R., Tullahoma, TN (USA) September 7, 2018

Perfect generic Soma transaction.        
-Lora F., Fort Mill, SC (USA) September 7, 2018

Sorry about the mix up with the mailing address at the beginning.  Appreciate the effort and great save.        
-Mattie H., Reno, NV (USA) September 7, 2018

These guys are willing and able.  5 stars all the way.       
-Cindy O., Kenai, AK (USA) September 7, 2018

Just the help that I needed!       
-Gene W., North Liberty, IA (USA) September 7, 2018

GR8 item, works well.       
-Phillip R., Tonawanda, NY (USA) September 6, 2018

Careprost order arrved in 2 weeks after payment was made via blockchain.  Tracking did not work, but other than that, all was in good order.       
-Nan W., Ogden, UT (USA) September 6, 2018

Quick dispatch of my Provigil order, well packaged, good comms and good quality.  Good seller.       
-Ashley D., Salina, KS (USA) September 6, 2018

recieved with thanks+++       
-Cathy G., Madison Heights, MI (USA) September 6, 2018

Very happy.  Fixed more than a few problems.       
-Roger Y., Carlisle, PA (USA) September 6, 2018

Well, other than that their customer service guy or gal gets snippy when you ask a few questions, everything is great about this shop.  Good product and 'generally' good service.       
-Tom O., Nutley, NJ (USA) September 5, 2018

Cheap and good, just the way I like it.       
-Katie B., Arlington, TX (USA) September 5, 2018

Took some time to arrive, but well worth the wait.  I haven't tried the pregabalin yet, but the tramadol works quite well.       
-Misty J., Davenport, IA (USA) September 5, 2018

Excellent.  Delivered as promised.    
-Richard L., Barre, VT (USA) September 5, 2018

All good.  TY!    
-Gina S., North Providence, RI (USA) September 5, 2018

Great Stuff Everytime!    
-Jason M., Glendale, CA (USA) September 4, 2018

Honest and reliable tapentadol connection.    
-Elliot K., Austin, MN (USA) September 4, 2018

Great deal, thank you.  Sorry for the late feedback.  Will definitely recommend you to friends.    
-Darlene U., Newark, DE (USA) September 4, 2018

-Regina H., Bend, OR (USA) September 4, 2018

fast service, good product, outstanding buy.    
-Cecelia P., Fort Hood, TX (USA) September 4, 2018

Awesome EVERY TIME !!! AAA+++ THANK YOU !!!    
-Leah T., Southgate, MI (USA) September 3, 2018

-Curtis O., Norwich, CT (USA) September 3, 2018

Good company, just as described.  Works well.  Thanks!    
-Minnie J., Lake Charles, LA (USA) September 3, 2018

everything seems to b great.  haven't hit the top yet but I will.    
-Frank S., Bartlesville, OK (USA) September 3, 2018

No issues, would buy from again.    
-Rosalie R., West Allis, WI (USA) September 3, 2018

Super great deal, super fast, great communication not enough words to say how much I am thankful to have found you  :)    
-Mandy L., San Jose, CA (USA) September 2, 2018

Their draconian payment rules means that anyone who hasn't been buying here since the 80's MUST use digital currency, which is like saying that I can't use my own kitchen knife to cut my pork chops but must use Bugatti cutlery only if I want to order here.  Rant over.  The order itself was great and of excellent quality.    
-Charlotte I., Farmington, NM (USA) September 2, 2018

Safely received, just 12 days after we sent payment by bitcoins, which was an adventure in itself.  We thank you for the service.  -House Quattlebaum.    
-Alicia Q., Dearborn, MI (USA) September 2, 2018

Excellent quality product (generic Ultram and also some generic Viagra).  Will purchase again.    
-Daniel G., Mishawaka, IN (USA) September 2, 2018

item well packed and exactly as described.    
-Jamie R., Commerce City, CO (USA) September 2, 2018

OMG...JCM/THEY ROCK!!!  PERFECT Careprost transaction and fast shipping.    
-Monica F., Kaneohe, HI (USA) September 1, 2018

Thank you for everything!    
-Bernie J., Providence, RI (USA) September 1, 2018

Perfect accutane deal with some Viagra samples included at my request.    
-Marc O., Coral Gables, FL (USA) September 1, 2018

Exactly what we ordered/needed and on time delivery.  Great experience.  TY.    
-Glen V., Parkville, MD (USA) September 1, 2018

Sweet deal, great to work with.  Would buy again.    
-April B., Teaneck, NJ (USA) September 1, 2018

waited until last minute to order my refill but still received it in time.  thank you for your help.    
-Megan H., Canton, OH (USA) August 31, 2018

reliable tramadol supplier.    
-Norman V., Terrytown, LA (USA) August 31, 2018

Thank you for going out of your way in taking care of this order for me.   
-Russell A., Grand Rapids, MI (USA) August 31, 2018

Item as requested, prompt shipment, good price... Great transaction!   
-Doug H., Bradley, IL (USA) August 31, 2018

Received it, love it!   
-Lucy B., Moses Lake, WA (USA) August 31, 2018

Close call on this one.  If it arrived just a little later in the day, my wife would have signed for it.  Will do the next one to work.   
-Phillip I., Manhattan, KS (USA) August 30, 2018

Good deal.  Quick and easy tapentadol purchase and delivery by air mail.   
-Joey P., Norfolk, VA (USA) August 30, 2018

Professional service.  Product works as expected.  Recommended. 
-William F., Smyrna, DE (USA) August 30, 2018

This store is definitely better then the rest. 
-Denise O., Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) August 30, 2018

Got them today.  Sooooo good.  Thank you. 
-Curtis C., Ankeny, IA (USA) August 30, 2018

-Gerald A., Cincinnati, OH (USA) August 29, 2018

Just what I needed, but next time I NEED you to get it to me faster PLEASE. 
-Lois H., Ravenswood, WV (USA) August 29, 2018

Good price, good quality, works great with what I am already taking.  I will buy again. 
-Nicole P., Bennington, VT (USA) August 29, 2018

JCM is both a time/money and of course LIFE saver. 
-Pat S., Liberty, MO (USA) August 29, 2018

great product...thnx. 
-Alex R., Hope Mills, NC (USA) August 29, 2018

Appreciate the advice and constant, if a bit wordy follow up communications.   Will recommend. 
-Leena J., Boynton Beach, FL (USA) August 28, 2018

Works as advertised!  Fast 2 Ship and very pleased with my cialis-tadacip purchase.  AAAAA PERFECT.
-Nate U., Lochearn, MD (USA) August 28, 2018

best online pharmacy I've purchased from.
-Joan L., Mesa, AZ (USA) August 28, 2018

Not so helpful in the service department but delivered what was needed.  B++
-Karen F., Clearfield, UT (USA) August 28, 2018

Got it!
-Blake T., El Reno, OK (USA) August 28, 2018

Quite satisfied with the product and communications as usual.  Not entirely happy with the new payment rules, but, sign of the times I guess.
-Lee F., Bellingham, WA (USA) August 27, 2018

Great customer service.  Really top notch.
-Amelia R., Middletown, CT (USA) August 27, 2018

Best deal on Kamagra on the entire www.
-Charlie U., Davenport, IA (USA) August 27, 2018

item received early, haven't had a chance to try the samples yet, but the main part of my order is exactly what I wanted.
-Nicole S., New Bern, NC (USA) August 27, 2018

Sweet.  So stoked.  Great price.
-Brendan R., Oak Creek, WI (USA) August 27, 2018

The soma you sent me works fine, but if you ever have a higher dose available, I'd be interested also.
-Tim W., Goodlettsville, TN (USA) August 26, 2018

Seamless transaction and received my order, packed in two packages because of the quantity I needed, around 2 weeks after payment was made.   AAAA+.
-Greg P., Hamilton, OH (USA) August 26, 2018

Confused with the payment system and ended up overpaying by a lot.  Luckily they / JCM offered a refund or store credit, which was fine.
-Robin A., Castle Rock, CO (USA) August 26, 2018

My order arrived quickly and even had a handwritten note about a question I had.
-Kristine C., Pearl, MS (USA) August 26, 2018

Trusted Seller w/ great service!!
-Laura J., Dix Hills, NY (USA) August 26, 2018

Not as strong as what I get from my doctor, but at 1/4 the price, I'm not complaining.
-Bethany Q., McMinnville, OR (USA) August 25, 2018

High quality weekender tadalafil.  Very fast delivery; received early.  Happy customer. 
-Stuart F., Rochester, MN (USA) August 25, 2018

Came fast.  Looking forward to my next drive now. 
-Slade G., Manassas, VA (USA) August 25, 2018

bought em for my mother so she can still walk.  worth it.
-Wayne P., Los Lunas, NM (USA) August 25, 2018

This is a quick note to make you aware of the value of one of your employees, Becca.  I have been a customer of JCM Pharmacy a few years now.  Each time I submit and order Becca responds in a most efficient manner.  Any errors or omissions and she makes me aware promptly.  I value my Relationship with JCM and hope that Becca will be my service connection for many years to come.  Your company is very lucky to have her as a valued employee.
-Jimmy M., Philadelphia, PA (USA) August 25, 2018

Took me a few days to actually submit an order because of their retro system, but it all worked out in the end.             
-Tracy R., Papillion, NE (USA) August 24, 2018

JCM shipped me some really good modafinil and also were kind enough to meet my request for cialis samples.  ty ty ty!  Will certainly be back.             
-Sean V., Lancaster, PA (USA) August 24, 2018

No problems.  Nicely Pkg'ed.  Thx so much.  :)             
-April K., Port St. Lucie, FL (USA) August 24, 2018

These feel like they were made for me... time to get back to work.  Thank you.             
-Rachel U., Fayetteville, AR (USA) August 24, 2018

So happy with this purchase!  5 star vendor.             
-Erin N., Missoula, MT (USA) August 24, 2018

This shop is such a wonderful find.  Happy so far after three orders.  Recommend.             
-Sheila H., Poughkeepsie, NY (USA) August 23, 2018

+++ all the way.  Good price too.             
-Maggie A., Gaithersburg, MD (USA) August 23, 2018

-Caroline P., Edmond, OK (USA) August 23, 2018

Received both of the Tapentadol packages, but still missing the Tramadol order.  Please check and update me!             
-Jonathan L., Twin Falls, ID (USA) August 23, 2018

Well taken care of.  Good buying experience.             
-Morris R., San Diego, CA (USA) August 23, 2018

Glad to see that you're still here and going strong.  It's a true pleasure to do business with you again.             
-Rhonda J., Leesburg, VA (USA) August 22, 2018

Order received, thank you.  I'd also like to say thank you for taking time to explain Bitcoin payments to me.             
-Marianne Y., Rio Rancho, NM (USA) August 22, 2018

These guys are ready, willing, and able.  Great little shop.             
-Edith N., Portland, ME (USA) August 22, 2018

Appreciate the assistance in helping me find a generic for the estrogen my wife needs to take.             
-Jim W., Hammond, IN (USA) August 22, 2018

Wonder deal on 130mg generic Sildenafil.  Was even nice enough to also send me free Cialis samples.             
-Doyle T., Flagstaff, AZ (USA) August 22, 2018

Absolutely Perfect Transaction!!  Thanks!!             
-Lara E., Washougal, WA (USA) August 21, 2018

-Kirk V., Attleboro, MA (USA) August 21, 2018

as stated; seller was very personable and willing to talk to you thanks.             
-Molly P., Wahpeton, ND (USA) August 21, 2018

Nice people and fast shipping for coming all the way from India.             
-Gina F., Brookside, DE (USA) August 21, 2018

Different brand of the same medication arrived than what is pictured, but works all the same.  No problems.             
-Jeremy K., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) August 21, 2018

Really good Viagra generics, and not to nit pick, while I appreciate the Cialis freebies, about half of them were already crumbled up or powdery.  I guess these are pills you are going to toss out anyway?             
-Grady S., Layton, UT (USA) August 20, 2018

slow but good quality tapentadol deal.             
-Brooke F., Mobile, AL (USA) August 20, 2018

Thank you for the great transaction and competent packing.             
-Isabel Z., Redmond, OR (USA) August 20, 2018

I'm gonna first come out and say the payment process is more complicated than need be.  I can much easily/easier pay by Paypal, but before I can do that I have to prove I'm trustworthy?  I'll order again, but only because going to my doctor is a bigger pain, but trust me, if you simply made the payment process easier, you'd have a lot more customers for life.             
-Darla P., Sedalia, MO (USA) August 20, 2018

Thanks for the follow up in regards to the tracking info.          
-Elaine R., Clearwater, FL (USA) August 20, 2018

Thank you for catching my dosage error.  Will be more careful about my typing from now on.          
-Adrian G., Blaine, MN (USA) August 19, 2018

Hehe, was a nervous wreck waiting for my order, but now that I know you're the real deal I'm not going to sweat it next time.          
-Kathleen H., Ellensburg, WA (USA) August 19, 2018

Excellent product.  A++++++++++++++          
-Gene L., Hilo, HI (USA) August 19, 2018

10 / 10.  Would buy from again.  Note: this time it looks like it went through Chicago, which was a little faster than New York.  Use that info. as you see fit.          
-Teri D., Stillwater, OK (USA) August 19, 2018

Everything as promised.  Pretty good quality generic Cialis and even a pack of Provigil samples that I wanted to try.          
-Ronald S., Bergenfield, NJ (USA) August 19, 2018

A1, good value, now putting it to good use.          
-Jodi O., Peoria, AZ (USA) August 18, 2018

Amazing thanks very fast shipping and good product.          
-Nolan I., Charleston, WV (USA) August 18, 2018

Thank you again.  You're the best shop I've found on the internet for what I need.          
-Valerie P., Sparks, NV (USA) August 18, 2018

11 out of 200 pills crushed during shipping.  Please think about better protection when transporting.          
-Zack E., Belvedere Park, GA (USA) August 18, 2018

Happy thanks here.          
-Owen L., Amarillo, TX (USA) August 18, 2018

Saying Bye Bye to UTIs.  I'm gonna keep this well in stock from now on.          
-Samantha U., Knoxville, TN (USA) August 17, 2018

I got the order but what I really want now is another item that is not on your product list.  How do we do this?          
-Kyle R., Helena, MT (USA) August 17, 2018

I feel so much better now thanks to JCM.  Really and truly an answered prayer.          
-Marlene C., Bellevue, NE (USA) August 17, 2018

A little help, please.  DHL tracking number provided does not work on the DHL website.  Can't you do this by express mail like before?  That worked like clockwork.          
-Jennie B., Key West, FL (USA) August 17, 2018

Happy and sad.  Sad about the higher Ultram prices now.  Happy though that you still found a way to get this item to me.          
-Trevor S., Woonsocket, RI (USA) August 17, 2018

Honest seller.  Will put in a few more orders when I can afford it.          
-Lena M., Chambersburg, PA (USA) August 16, 2018

Very professional and prompt.          
-Mark K., New Braunfels, TX (USA) August 16, 2018

easy deal, great communications; soma just the right strength to keep everything steady here.          
-Lindsey R., Sitka, AK (USA) August 16, 2018

One thing for sure, the E in EMS shipping does not mean EXPRESS.  Took 19 days to get here.  Better late than never I guess.          
-Philip B., Colorado Springs, CO (USA) August 16, 2018

No issues at all.  Terrific price, too.          
-Art D., Mount Clemens, MI (USA) August 16, 2018

love these, what a deal, thx!          
-William V., Ankeny, IA (USA) August 15, 2018

Good for my after workouts.          
-Hattie P., Columbia, MO (USA) August 15, 2018

great to work with 5 stars + will buy again!          
-Donnie F., Bend, OR (USA) August 15, 2018

Smooth Zithromax transaction.  Thank you.  Wonderful communication.  Thanks.         
-Maurice S., Rotterdam, NY (USA) August 15, 2018

Amazing seller.  Always willing to help.        
-Perry B., Newark, DE (USA) August 15, 2018

Pretty good stuff, good price.  One complaint: I ordered once before back in 2014, but still wasn't allowed to use my credit card.  Thought that wasn't really fair since it's stated on the front page that I would be allowed to use it as a repeat customer.  No big deal, but bitcoin is a hassle.        
-Todd M., Sandy, UT (USA) August 14, 2018

A1 Transaction.        
-Doug P., Aurora, OH (USA) August 14, 2018

Good service, will deal with again soon.        
-Romi J., Hagerstown, MD (USA) August 14, 2018

Great deal on generic lexopro.  Nice to be on even keel again.   5*'s!        
-Albert F., Dover, NH (USA) August 14, 2018

Wonderful, well packaged, received on time excellent service.        
-Ellis T., Muskego, WI (USA) August 14, 2018

TYTYTY.  Both me and my son appreciate your service and assistance so much!        
-Kevin O., Minot, ND (USA) August 13, 2018

Very positive buying experience.        
-Sarah R., Essex Junction, VT (USA) August 13, 2018

Item as described, professional.  5*       
-Dustin Z., Emporia, KS (USA) August 13, 2018

-Jordan G., Peoria, AZ (USA) August 13, 2018

So good.       
-Francis H., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI (USA) August 13, 2018

Just what I was looking for.  Will be a regular customer here for sure.       
-Paula V., Chicopee, MA (USA) August 12, 2018

I’m disappointed that it’s taking this long now.  Your service used to be so much quicker.       
-Iris E., Mt. Vernon, NY (USA) August 12, 2018

thank you, great condition, arrived several days ago.  late feedback because I wanted to try everything first.   all good.      
-Eric H., Florence, KY (USA) August 12, 2018

Great communication.  A1 seller.  Awesome deal on off brand Latisse.      
-Jessica P., Arvada, CO (USA) August 12, 2018

Nice variety pack, thank you!      
-Stickman W., Las Vegas, NV (USA) August 12, 2018

Thank you for your help, both presale and post sale.      
-Robert B., Parma, OH (USA) August 11, 2018

Good price and works well.      
-Danielle S., Gretna, LA (USA) August 11, 2018

Nice to be able to get generic Zovirax online.  No need to go to my GP everytime I have an outbreak.      
-Lauren L., Tooele, UT (USA) August 11, 2018

Everything went fine, would use this store again.    
-Rita C., Mesa, AZ (USA) August 11, 2018

Gr8 Service.    
-Jenny I., Bellingham, WA (USA) August 11, 2018

100 percent value added.  Highly recommend to anyone who wants to save some on his/her meds.   
-Bert N., Vienna, WV (USA) August 10, 2018

No problems with the purchase overall.  Shipping was delayed somewhat but understandable.   
-Candace Y., Lakeway, TX (USA) August 10, 2018

My husband was amusingly surprised with the duffle bag of Viagra and we're both happy with the results.  
-Patricia R., Tiffin, OH (USA) August 10, 2018

The tracking number provided only worked for the first stop, that is Mumbai, India.  Not really useful as a tracking number if it doesn't even tell me more than that.  It showed up out of the blue but some information regarding the progress of the shipping would have been better.   I was wondering until the moment it arrived if I had been scammed or not.  
-Jim P., Independence, KY (USA) August 10, 2018

Well managed transaction.  
-Sandra K., Aliso Viejo, CA (USA) August 10, 2018

Thanks for helping me deal with this acne.  I can feel good about going outside again.  
-Gary P., Laurel, MD (USA) August 9, 2018

Big Pharma ain't got nothing on you guys.  5 Stars.  
-Kathleen H., Storrs, CT (USA) August 9, 2018

Interesting order process, hope I don't have to go through that every time I order.  Excellent product quality, but again, a weird order process.    
-Lonnie M., Albany, OR (USA) August 9, 2018

Word to the wise.  If you look carefully, I'm not sure what page it's on exactly, but somewhere on this site you'll find JCM's Kamagra deal where you get 140 tablets for $100.  That, hands down is the best deal for that item anywhere.  Very happy customer here.     
-Frank R., Gladstone, MO (USA) August 9, 2018

Glad you are able to ship Tramadol again.     
-Miriam W., Duluth, GA (USA) August 9, 2018

Arrived okay.  Almost missed it because like an idiot I tried to save on shipping.  Will do the tracking thing from now on.      
-Stephen C., Plymouth, MN (USA) August 8, 2018

super transaction and service!  buy with confidence.      
-Alex W., Louisville, CO (USA) August 8, 2018

Happy, satisfied, can't think of enough good things to say about JCM.  Will be doing this cialis purchase on a regular basis... at least once a year so I don't have to go into town more than I need to.       
-Larry G., Fairbanks, AK (USA) August 8, 2018

Everything went great.  Thought these would arrive in a box, but I guess a padded air mail envelope DOES have a lower carbon footprint.        
-Rachel M., Biddeford, ME (USA) August 8, 2018

-Santos D., La Porte, IN (USA) August 8, 2018

Once you have a source like this, you've got that much more of an edge over everyone else if we're talking about saving money.         
-Blake H., Urbandale, IA (USA) August 7, 2018

Nerve wracking experience and long wait to finally get this.  Worth it if you can handle the stress of waiting and not knowing if you will lose your money or not.          
-Glenn L., Madison, WI (USA) August 7, 2018

It's been some time, but I'm glad to be doing business with you again.          
-Charlene S., Danville, VA (USA) August 7, 2018

Great transaction as usual.  Thank you!          
-Jamie U., Newark, DE (USA) August 7, 2018

V GOOD.          
-Owen F., Wilmington, NC (USA) August 7, 2018

Good vendor & knows customer service is priceless.          
-Andrea F., Pearl, MS (USA) August 6, 2018

Poor packaging, but great price and medication.          
-Lana K., Ogden, UT (USA) August 6, 2018

Nothing but a great experience.  Would definitely buy from again.          
-Tammy G., Laconia, NH (USA) August 6, 2018

Excellent tramadol deal as always.         
-Oscar P., New London, CT (USA) August 6, 2018

-Heidi L., Euless, TX (USA) August 6, 2018

Incredible pregabalin purchase all around.  Thank you thank you thank you.         
-Liz J., Weirton, WV (USA) August 5, 2018

Exactly what I wanted.  Will tell my friends at the gym.         
-Thomas F., Richmond, KY (USA) August 5, 2018

Fair prices and good service.  Not sure if you were aware though, in America, the "To" address label needs to go in the middle of the package, not on the left side.          
-Jane C., Henderson, NV (USA) August 5, 2018

Seller added free samples.  So nice!!!        
-Natty I., Cape Coral, FL (USA) August 5, 2018

Great product and as described.        
-Becky T., St. Andrews, SC (USA) August 5, 2018

100%  Have not had a problem dealing with this store and would recommended to anyone.         
-Loren P., Concord, CA (USA) August 4, 2018

Good deal and great experience.        
-Vincent U., Matteson, IL (USA) August 4, 2018

Ideal way to get the meds I need.  Thank you again!!!        
-Oliver K., Newberg, OR (USA) August 4, 2018

Works great.  Will definitely buy more before I'm out.        
-Allen B., Fayetteville, AR (USA) August 4, 2018

Amazing seller.      
-Sadie Q., Bemidji, MN (USA) August 4, 2018

Honest and easy to deal with.      
-Gus W., Omaha, NE (USA) August 3, 2018

Would buy from again with no reservations.      
-Aaron Y., Fishers, IN (USA) August 3, 2018

Tapentadol received.  No problems.   
-Kelly J., Layton, UT (USA) August 3, 2018

Good deal, but would have been better if you didn't have to cancel shipment of one of the items I wanted.  I know, out of your control, but just sayin'.    
-Patrick E., Cary, NC (USA) August 3, 2018

Excellent quality and faster than expected.                                         
-Faith H., La Crosse, WI (USA) August 3, 2018

HAPPY.  GREAT DEAL WITH A FEW EXTRAS THROWN IN.  WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN IN LIFE?                                         
-Caleb J., Slidell, LA (USA) August 2, 2018

Thank you for an easy Viagra transaction.                                       
-Norman E., Mount Juliet, TN (USA) August 2, 2018

Just what I wanted.                                       
-Rachel R., Schenectady, NY (USA) August 2, 2018

Excellent gabapentin connect, shipping & customer service.                                       
-Holly W., Tempe, AZ (USA) August 2, 2018

wow, great merchandise/delivery AAAAA+++++                                      
-Rudy M., Nampa, ID (USA) August 2, 2018

Really like the nice and compact packing for my Soma order.  Efficient.                                      
-Anthony H., Frederick, MD (USA) August 1, 2018

Great transaction - smooth & fast, just as it should be!  TWO THUMBS UP!!                                     
-Mattie L., Denton, TX (USA) August 1, 2018

Easy transaction, so excited to finally do business with you.  I read about you on a few different forums and it took me 2 months to build up the courage to finally order and I'm glad to say that you're everything I hoped you'd be.                                     
-Lisa J., Bennington, VT (USA) August 1, 2018

Reasonably priced and excellent service from start to finish.                                     
-David C., Hilo, HI (USA) August 1, 2018

It fits and functions.  Happy.                                     
-Sergio T., Lancaster, PA (USA) August 1, 2018

Putting more orders in as fast as I can before they shut down your Ultram sales again.                                     
-Henry Q., Los Lunas, NM (USA) July 31, 2018

Grateful to have done business with you fine people over the years.  Here's to another 9 years!                                     
-Lillian S., Bellwood, IL (USA) July 31, 2018

Kind of a strange little street bazaar feel, but the drugs work and they are CHEAP.                                     
-Nicole J., Thornton, CO (USA) July 31, 2018

I should have listened to you regarding the EMS shipping.  Received it okay, but I had to walk down to the post office several times to check my box before it actually arrived.                                     
-Louis C., Newberg, OR (USA) July 31, 2018

Can't wait to do business with again!                                    
-Guy P., Sterling Heights, MI (USA) July 31, 2018

Received.  Will do this again soon.                                    
-Brandy D., Providence, RI (USA) July 30, 2018

Ablify as described.  TYVM.                                    
-Emily J., Roswell, NM (USA) July 30, 2018

Perfectly satisfied.                                    
-Levi T., Port Huron, MI (USA) July 30, 2018

awesome seller/store, nice people.                                    
-Jeremy R., Lewiston, ID (USA) July 30, 2018

Pretty good overall.  Would have been better if you confirmed receiving my payment a little faster.   Thought I got scammed when I didn't hear from you for more than 24 hours.                                    
-Maria G., Atwater, CA (USA) July 30, 2018

HTF, WELL Packed and Super Fast Shipping MANY THANKS!!                                    
-Gary U., Holly Springs, NC (USA) July 29, 2018

Would be better if I could just get a subscription for regular shipments instead of having to place an order each time I need a refill.  Not a huge complaint but more of a suggestion for improvement.                                    
-Karen J., Eagan, MN (USA) July 29, 2018

It's dark green, but there is NO DOUBT that Kamagra is just as good as Viagra.                                    
-Troy S., Tacoma, WA (USA) July 29, 2018

Arrived quite late, but better late than never.                                    
-Jared V., College, AK (USA) July 29, 2018

Good value.                                    
-Raymond E., Jupiter, FL (USA) July 29, 2018

I especially liked the 'creative' billing process that helps me protect my privacy on this end.  It's the little things like that that will keep me here as a long term customer.                                    
-Sarah F., Auburn, ME (USA) July 28, 2018

Exactly what I wanted.  Will recommend to all of my friends.  Keep up the great work.                                    
-Everett J., Cudahy, WI (USA) July 28, 2018

Fast and easy tapentadol deal.  A pleasure.                                  
-Jody A., Wilmington, DE (USA) July 28, 2018

Delayed due to the USPS, but nothing surprising about that.  A++++                                  
-Mike U., Central Islip, NY (USA) July 28, 2018

All received in good order.  Should have enough for the rest of the year, thank you!                                  
-Dora B., North Augusta, SC (USA) July 28, 2018

Been putting it to work, great results so far.                                  
-Keith S., Bozeman, MT (USA) July 27, 2018

great product...very helpful staff...excellent turn around from order to delivery.                                  
-Helen Q., Gainesville, GA (USA) July 27, 2018

Great deal and a hands down BARGAIN BACLOFEN SUPPLIER.  Recommend.                                  
-Patricia C., Roy, UT (USA) July 27, 2018

Absolutely love these.  Every RV or campground should have a set for emergencies.                                  
-Alan F., Parma, OH (USA) July 27, 2018

A-1 seller once we got the shipping worked out.                                  
-Natasha L., Carney, MD (USA) July 27, 2018

Gabapentin 300 x 300 received in excellent time and condition.  I'm set for a few months now.                                  
-William D., Union, NJ (USA) July 26, 2018

Save yourself some time and do your Bitcoin conversion before you order.   I went in circles for about four days before I could actually send payment.  Well worth the hassle though.                                  
-Nellie H., Brandon, MS (USA) July 26, 2018

No problems at all with my Cialis order.                                  
-Alex R., Landover, MD (USA) July 26, 2018

Helpful customer service and prices that cannot be beat.                                  
-Doug L., Wichita KS (USA) July 26, 2018

Didn't like the order system.  Also, they didn't even ask to see a prescription.                                  
-Ryan P., Dana Point, CA (USA) July 26, 2018

I put in an order for Etizolam, still waiting for a reply.  I used to order from you many years ago, what happened to your Valium section?  Is that no longer available???                                  
-Cheryl W., Baton Rouge, LA (USA) July 25, 2018

Appreciate the Soma samples you sent with my Ultram order.                                 
-Rita C., Las Cruces, NM (USA) July 25, 2018

Excellent Provigil connection.  5 stars.                                
-Amelia M., Littleton, CO (USA) July 25, 2018

I need you to speed up your service time.  I know you're far away but I need this stuff faster.                               
-Simon L., Elkhart, IL (USA) July 25, 2018

Well, all I can say is I hope you guys stick around for a long time as I doubt I could live without you.                               
-Fred H., Covington, KY (USA) July 25, 2018

Love this.                              
-Donnie O., Quincy, MA (USA) July 24, 2018

Saved me a lot of time, getting it all in one place.                              
-John T., Martinsburg, WV (USA) July 24, 2018

Paid with ETH, received paxil order with no issues 2 weeks later.                              
-Alton W., Bennington, VT (USA) July 24, 2018

thank you... this is what i've been looking for.                             
-Glenda R., Edmond, OK (USA) July 24, 2018

Honest and friendly.                             
-Devin B., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) July 24, 2018

Wow, way better than expected.  Recommend for anyone who isn't insured.                             
-Irene S., Westport, CT (USA) July 23, 2018

-Angie W., Cranford, NJ (USA) July 23, 2018

Happy with product and service.  Saving around $200 a week as compared to getting this from my supermarket's pharmacy.                             
-Faith R., Sumter, SC (USA) July 23, 2018

Will do this again after pay day, thank you!!!                             
-Cecil B., Franklin Town, MA (USA) July 23, 2018

Super service.                             
-Mark G., Abilene, TX (USA) July 23, 2018

Awesome antibiotics & pain med combo!  Excellent seller!  Ships fast!  Packs well!  Thank you!                             
-Norma W., Kahului, HI (USA) July 22, 2018

Easy, so easy.                             
-Jack V., Arlington, TX (USA) July 22, 2018

Thank the Lord above for JCM pharmacy.                             
-Myra K., Casper, WY (USA) July 22, 2018

Took way too long to get to me.  This is MUCH NEEDED medication, not baseball cards off of eBay.  Fix your shipping system and I'll do business with you again.                             
-Ernest G., Pueblo, CO (USA) July 22, 2018

Received, thank you.   Your help is much appreciated.  Anything to feel better.  I just want to feel better.                             
-Jacob A., Bellevue, NE (USA) July 22, 2018

My Careprost earlier arrived earlier than expected this time around!                             
-Daisy O., Coachella, CA (USA) July 21, 2018

Not great, but good enough for me.                             
-Jeanette K., North Ogden, UT (USA) July 21, 2018

Awesome thanks so much.  Not sure what I'm gonna do now if you can't supply this long term.                             
-Marvin R., Pittsburg, KS (USA) July 21, 2018

Love how JCM carefully packs and ships quickly and cleanly!                             
-Andrew B., Mobile, AL (USA) July 21, 2018

No hassle deal.  Tnx!                             
-Kari P., Exeter, NH (USA) July 21, 2018

Zofran order received and good quality at that.  A+++++                             
-Lindsay E., Bristol, TN (USA) July 20, 2018

One of the few shops I would wholeheartedly recommend.  10/10.                             
-Gretchen J., Sierra Vista, AZ (USA) July 20, 2018

Happy with the results and have to say that my wife is very very very happy with the results.                             
-Chad M., Holiday, FL (USA) July 20, 2018

Only praise.  How often would you get free Cialis along with your Viagra prescription if you went to your doctor and then to CVS?                             
-Nathan H., Akron, OH (USA) July 20, 2018

-Suzy U., Lowell, MA (USA) July 20, 2018

Helps with the pain, really wish you could do codeine like back in the day though.                             
-Avery Z., Keene, NH (USA) July 19, 2018

Nice people to deal with, and gratefully affordable.                             
-Sophia R., Grapevine, TX (USA) July 19, 2018

Super convenient.                             
-Chris A., Wheeling, WV (USA) July 19, 2018

Had a small problem with shipping but the issue was quickly addressed and fixed.                             
-Melanie M., Dubuque, IA (USA) July 19, 2018

Tramadol order now in hand, thx!                             
-Sabrina P., Lakewood, CO (USA) July 19, 2018

JCM is a great seller, with excellent product and communication.                             
-Andrea O., Walker, MI (USA) July 18, 2018

Menabol order showed up in good shape.  Tnx again.                             
-Vince P., Beaver Dam, WI (USA) July 18, 2018

LOL, didn't realize this was shipping from India.  All good.                             
-Ted F., North Bethesda, MD (USA) July 18, 2018

Would order more often if I didn't have to keep doing this by bitcoin.   Other than that, no complaints.                             
-Cynthia Y., Gretna, LA (USA) July 18, 2018

As good as their reputation.  ++++                             
-Bobby H., Dickinson, ND (USA) July 18, 2018

Would be happier if you could send me the same brand of modafinil every time.  Appreciate the tapentadol testers, they seem to help my knee problem, so I'll probably be getting some soon.                             
-Maurice A., Clifton, NJ (USA) July 17, 2018

Good stuff, certainly better service than my local doctor/drug store combo.                             
-Leslie U., Pocatello, ID (USA) July 17, 2018

FINALLY GOT IT.  YA'LL GOTTA SPEED THIS UP.                             
-Stephen N., Mayfield Heights, OH (USA) July 17, 2018

Great service.                             
-Wendy P., Radcliff, KY (USA) July 17, 2018

Medication not made in the USA, but really good quality.                             
-Joel H., Benton, AR (USA) July 17, 2018

Impressed.  Will buy again a+                             
-Sonya Q., New Haven, CT (USA) July 16, 2018

Saying thank you from my campsite.  You've made this trip 10X better than it would have been otherwise.                             
-Ron L., Fairfield, CA (USA) July 16, 2018

GOOD GOOD GOOD.                             
-Melinda H., Canyon, TX (USA) July 16, 2018

Superb seller.  On time delivery of my zopiclone order.  Thanks!                             
-Brad D., Bensenville, IL (USA) July 16, 2018

Great seller.  No problems!                             
-Nina M., Helena, MT (USA) July 16, 2018

Package damaged in transit, but no problems.  I'm just happy the product made it intact.  To be expected I guess, all the way from India.                             
-Pat J., De Pere, WI (USA) July 15, 2018

Pleasure dealing with such a professional team.  Thank you for getting my modafinil order to me in good time.                             
-Carrie I., St. Charles, MO (USA) July 15, 2018

Oustanding sales and service.  Recommended.                             
-Aaron W., Dover, DE (USA) July 15, 2018

Excellent quality and a pleasure to do business w/.                             
-Robyn S., Pierre, SD (USA) July 15, 2018

HAPPY ALL THE WAY.                             
-Kelli G., Tuscaloosa, AL (USA) July 15, 2018

Win win.                             
-Thomas H., East Ridge, TN (USA) July 14, 2018

Better than any other Indian pharmacy I've ever dealt with.                             
-Brandi J., Wilsonville, OR (USA) July 14, 2018

Little help please.  Still waiting on the 3rd package of my most recent order.   Did this ship out on the same day (the first two were postmarked on the same day)?                             
-John S., Boston, MA (USA) July 14, 2018

Was not told that the tracking number provided would only work for a few days before being useless.  Luckily I know my mail girl so she IMed on the day it was to be delivered.                             
-Ross V., Hayden, ID (USA) July 14, 2018

Could be better, but overall JCM gets the job done.                             
-Lena B., Kenai, AK (USA) July 14, 2018

My hammy loves it.  Thank you.                            
-Dwayne J., Renton, WA (USA) July 13, 2018

Slow start to the deal, but I just got it and everything is alright!                            
-Victoria T., Bozeman, MT (USA) July 13, 2018

This is quality white label provigil, delivered fast, seller is very involved.  Happy with it.                          
-Stacey W., La Porte, IN (USA) July 13, 2018

-Keith I., Cabot, AR (USA) July 13, 2018

Thank you for the safe and reliable service over the years.                       
-Eddie O., Brewer, ME (USA) July 13, 2018

Took forever to get here but well worth the wait.                      
-Lindsay V., Erie, PA (USA) July 12, 2018

Awesome to deal with.  Even the after sales service was top notch.  Will order again after I get paid.                      
-Colin H., Scottsbluff, NE (USA) July 12, 2018

HIGHLY recommend, great little pharmacy, maybe more variety would be nice, but really more than adequate all considered, thanks!                      
-Todd B., University Place, WA (USA) July 12, 2018

Got everything OK!  AA++ Seller!!                      
-Josefina M., Albany, NY (USA) July 12, 2018

Perfect.  Kind and accurate seller.  Thanks.                      
-Robert F., Allen Park, MI (USA) July 12, 2018

Is there any way you can fit my Careprost into ONE package next time.  That way I don't have to go down to the post office twice.  :-)                      
-Theresa E., Charlottesville, VA (USA) July 11, 2018

Very convenient connection.                      
-Cameron S., Rogers, AR (USA) July 11, 2018

Thank you, you guys do a great job!                      
-Irene F., Makakilo, HI (USA) July 11, 2018

-Scott K., Greenville, RI (USA) July 11, 2018

Not the best communication, but good product and price.                      
-Wade C., Red Wing, MN (USA) July 11, 2018

Thank you for helping me handle these issues.  I probably couldn't get up everyday without you.                      
-Jacob T., Fort Pierce, FL (USA) July 10, 2018

No issues at all - very smooth international accutane purchase.                      
-Heather Y., Cimarron Hills, CO (USA) July 10, 2018

Well, out of the ordinary order system, but whatever works.   A++++                      
-Carmen A., Wilkes-Barre, PA (USA) July 10, 2018

Slow to ship, but still a great deal.                      
-Frankie P., Baton Rouge, LA (USA) July 10, 2018

Fast, friendly, and affordable.                      
-Shawn J., Madison, SD (USA) July 10, 2018

Received, thank you for the smooth purchase.                      
-Amber F., Henderson, NV (USA) July 9, 2018

All around great supplier.                      
-Matthew G., Danbury, CT (USA) July 9, 2018

Quality baclofen product as described, here super fast!  I'm very happy with the service!                      
-Olivia S., Lenexa, KS (USA) July 9, 2018

All good.                      
-Jonathan L., Ypsilanti, MI (USA) July 9, 2018

Don't want to nit pick, but for my order last month, you sent me two packs of samples and this month it was only one.  :-P                      
-Curtis Q., Hopewell, VA (USA) July 9, 2018

Praise the Lord for guiding me to your store.                      
-Pauline E., Fond du Lac, WI (USA) July 8, 2018

On-time, packed well, a great value.  Thanks!                    
-Deanna R., Cooper City, FL (USA) July 8, 2018

So happy that you have found a way to continue shipping me tramadol.                    
-Sherry O., Norfolk, VA (USA) July 8, 2018

Good deal, would buy again.                  
-Amy L., Towson, MD (USA) July 8, 2018

Happy customer, another no problem transaction.                  
-Ben D., Cheektowaga, NY (USA) July 8, 2018

Shipping took forever but I understand it's not the seller's fault.  Really the only downside of ordering from a shop that is so far away.  I think that I can time my orders so that it's not an issue.  A+++                  
-Ronald I., Ellensburg, WA (USA) July 7, 2018

Appreciate the service and effort getting me my Zoloft order.                  
-Lynn K., Clearwater, FL (USA) July 7, 2018

Gr8 products and prices, thx.                  
-Jenny M., Seven Oaks, SC (USA) July 7, 2018

Perfect for some relief working out of my man lift.                  
-Vince T., West Warwick, RI (USA) July 7, 2018

-Anna D., Bozeman, MT (USA) July 7, 2018

quality generic Cozaar as described.  Five star pharmacy.                  
-Keith U., Beaumont, CA (USA) July 6, 2018

Better than any other shop I have bought from before.                 
-Anna J., Duluth, MN (USA) July 6, 2018

Some miscommunication at the beginning but all worked out well, thank you!                 
-Melody L., Tifton, GA (USA) July 6, 2018

Was told I needed to wait 25 days to receive it, however it was in my PO Box after 13 days.  Nice.                 
-Toni H., Brookside, DE (USA) July 6, 2018

Received just in time for my vacation.                 
-Wilson S., Newberg, OR (USA) July 6, 2018

surprisingly small package.  I thought 200 pills would come in something bigger.  really efficient, A++++++.                 
-Brandi O., Kansas City, MO (USA) July 5, 2018

-Phillip W., Huber Heights, OH (USA) July 5, 2018

Pain O Soma (generic Soma) works perfectly, great price, fast shipping too.....Thanks!                 
-Laurie C., Thrall, TX (USA) July 5, 2018

Works as described, happy with my first international pharma order!!!                 
-Nicole G., Pocatello, ID (USA) July 5, 2018

Didn't get to deal with Becca, but still great to work with, as per jcm's reputation.                 
-Howard V., Milwaukee, WI (USA) July 5, 2018

-Lawrence J., Randallstown, MD (USA) July 4, 2018

Strange order set up, but it works.  Other than having to figure that out, everything else went quite smoothly.                
-Kim T., Cheyenne, WY (USA) July 4, 2018

Antibiotics at a huge discount here!                
-Vera H., Boone, NC (USA) July 4, 2018

Great buying experience.  Items just as described.  TY!                
-Adam R., Santa Ana, CA (USA) July 4, 2018

Love it.                
-Josh Q., Cahokia, IL (USA) July 4, 2018

Good.  Will put in another order for two more batches after pay day.                
-Tyler B., Livonia, MI (USA) July 3, 2018

very professional, well packaged.  8D.                
-Harriet I., College Park, GA (USA) July 3, 2018

Happy with pregabalin purchase.  Thank you.                
-Devin L., Eugene, OR (USA) July 3, 2018

Great life hack, so glad I found your store.                
-Marie R., Chesapeake, VA (USA) July 3, 2018

Arrived in time for my work trip.                
-Emily C., Helena, MT (USA) July 3, 2018

Easy purchase.  Quality items / good pricing!  Great Cust. Service!  Will shop here again!               
-Anita P., New Rochelle, NY (USA) July 2, 2018

Arrived quickly and without any problems.  Thanks guys.              
-Donna N., Springdale, AR (USA) July 2, 2018

Thank you for making an effort to keep shipping tramadol.  The increased prices are still reasonable, especially considering that I need this item to be able to keep working.              
-Leah C., Hopkinsville, KY (USA) July 2, 2018

Pure Excellence!  Thank You so Much!              
-Greg W., Terrytown, LA (USA) July 2, 2018

exactly what I wanted.              
-Donald M., Carteret, NJ (USA) July 2, 2018

Initial problem with payment, but seller helped me clear everything up and got my provigil order on the way after a short 2 day delay.              
-Darin O., Mequon, WI (USA) July 1, 2018

Very happy, thanks for keeping this up for all of these years.             
-Jodi A., Elmont, NY (USA) July 1, 2018

Would’ve loved more clarity stating the free shipping "tracking" doesn't "track."  Received but was nervous the whole time before it got to me.             
-Chad P., Sherrelwood, CO (USA) July 1, 2018

Excellent comms and superior product at great price!           
-Rodney R., Ann Arbor, MI (USA) July 1, 2018

Well packed and quickly delivered thanks.           
-Barry C., Wade Hampton, SC (USA) July 1, 2018

Slow but acceptable.           
-Javier P., Bartlesville, OK (USA) June 30, 2018

Thoughtful and personal online pharmacy service.  Good prices and on top of that, free samples of an item I wanted to try.  TY!           
-Bridget R., South Valley, NM (USA) June 30, 2018

All as it should be.  Thanks.           
-Tiffany L., Hialeah, FL (USA) June 30, 2018

Nice to deal with a shop that can communicate in English properly.   The last place I bought carisoma from was difficult to understand at best.           
-Dale P., Cutlerville, MI (USA) June 30, 2018

Fantastic seller...10/10....cheers!           
-Vanessa R., Mountain Brook, AL (USA) June 30, 2018

-Ellie R., Allentown, PA (USA) June 29, 2018

Pro service and discrete billing.           
-Sheryl Z., Nampa, ID (USA) June 29, 2018

Works well, will buy again soon, there isn't a better deal around on eriacta.           
-Rex K., Bloomington, CA (USA) June 29, 2018

Perfect, just what I was looking for.           
-Brian M., Vienna, WV (USA) June 29, 2018

Really great, many thanks.           
-Stan H., Jackson, MS (USA) June 29, 2018

You're not kidding that this is stronger than Ultram.  I think taking just half a pill is more than plenty.  Appreciate the heads up.           
-Nicole S., Bartlett, TN (USA) June 28, 2018

Helpful and courteous customer service.          
-Angela R., Peekskill, NY (USA) June 28, 2018

Took me a few tries to figure out Bitcoin, but I have my head wrapped around it now, and yes, I do see the benefits now.  Much better to have a drug purchase represented by random hash marks as opposed to a detailed transaction in my credit card history.         
-Andrea T., Chaska, MN (USA) June 28, 2018

Ship out delayed because they were out of stock of what I wanted.  Still arrived within the described time period so I guess technically I shouldn't be complaining.        
-Sandy O., Hilo, HI (USA) June 28, 2018

Thanks so much for the relief.  Thank you Jesus for helping me find your Internet pharmacy.       
-Marta C., Junction City, KS (USA) June 28, 2018

Handy to have this option.  Been taking just half a pill as recommended and I am able to keep the pain in check.       
-Cecilia Y., Eau Claire, WI (USA) June 27, 2018

I like these so much more.  Thank you for the help.       
-Julia F., Staunton, VA (USA) June 27, 2018

Much better than expected.  Quality off brand Cialis.       
-Luke I., Charlotte, NC (USA) June 27, 2018

None better.  I 100% recommend this shop.       
-Sonya O., Portland, ME (USA) June 27, 2018

Finally got the 2nd pack, thank you for the follow up.       
-Crystal W., Dover, DE (USA) June 27, 2018

Good transaction.  Good product.  Quickly shipped.       
-Erica A., Lee's Summit, MO (USA) June 26, 2018

Just what I needed, very happy customer here.       
-Cal M., Salt Lake City, UT (USA) June 26, 2018

Many of the pills are blem, even some crushed, but works great.  Maybe better packing needed!       
-Sean O., Paterson, NJ (USA) June 26, 2018

Was looking for this in 100mg, but will settle for 50mg, better than nothing.  This item is getting harder to find anywhere now.       
-Kathryn T., Gillette, WY (USA) June 26, 2018

Got it, thank you!     
-Lucia F., Oxford, OH (USA) June 26, 2018

Very good.  Send me more of this please.     
-Claire R., Everett, WA (USA) June 25, 2018

Thank you for being patient with me.  I am aware that I probably worry about everything more than I should.  I guess that's one reason why I'm a customer.    
-Brandon G., Laurel, MD (USA) June 25, 2018

Pleasant and easy purchase.  Paid with ethereum and the order arrived by regular mail a bit more than 2 weeks later.  
-Gwen N., Daphne, AL (USA) June 25, 2018

So stoked to be doing business with you again after all of this time.  
-Paul C., Thornton, CO (USA) June 25, 2018

Received the first set in good order but the second has been in New York for a week?  Any information would be helpful.
-Joy K., Belmont, MA (USA) June 25, 2018

This has really helped me.  I don't even stutter any more for one thing.  5 stars, so grateful!!!
-Carrie U., Herndon, VA (USA) June 24, 2018

Trusted, my main source to buy from! 
-Alexis M., Thomasville, NC (USA) June 24, 2018

Serious seller.  Authentic.
-Marlene P., Oshkosh, WI (USA) June 24, 2018

Good price on generic tapentadol, product quality is good. 
-Lisa C., Rogers, AR (USA) June 24, 2018

Came fast, happy customer.
-Daryl H., Bradenton, FL (USA) June 24, 2018

Plane ticket, check.  Hotel reservation, check.  Mega brick of Cialis, check.  Thanks for the easy purchase and delivery.
-Ben H., Corsicana, TX (USA) June 23, 2018

Limited choices and even more restrictive payment policy.  Of the three things I needed, only one was available.  Had to order from two other shops to get everything I needed.
-Kelly O., Sunnyvale, CA (USA) June 23, 2018

Understandably delayed delivery time considering how far it had to come.  Would have been more helpful if the tracking number worked.  All good in the end.
-Thomas Z., Minot, ND (USA) June 23, 2018

Thanks a billion.  You all are true lifesavers.
-Agnes R., Lochearn, MD (USA) June 23, 2018

Refreshing to do business with a shop with heart and soul.
-Galen D., Franklin Park, IL (USA) June 23, 2018

Easy neurontin sale.
-Alan T., Muskogee, OK (USA) June 22, 2018

Good value, highly recommended.
-Cheryl B., Lafayette, LA (USA) June 22, 2018

Hope to deal with you again soon.
-Marian L., Scottsdale, AZ (USA) June 22, 2018

Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.  A++++++.
-Tracy C., Gallup, NM (USA) June 22, 2018

Perfect, works great.
-Nick H., Seattle, WA (USA) June 22, 2018

Wonderful set deal.
-Miriam C., Wheat Ridge, CO (USA) June 21, 2018

-Roy E., Hialeah, FL (USA) June 21, 2018

Quality red viagra at a fair price.
-Shane M., Scranton, PA (USA) June 21, 2018

You can't go wrong with this shop.  Buy with confidence.
-Arlene W., Ithaca, NY (USA) June 21, 2018

Good and quick.
-Jan B., Lexington, KY (USA) June 21, 2018

Works well, I'm glad to say.  Can I just send you an email when I want a refill?  Your order form is a bit buggy. 
-Deana G., Peoria, IL (USA) June 20, 2018

Blast from the past; received and great as always.  Was happily surprised to find your website again after all of these years.  Gave me a nice chuckle that you haven't changed the front page in 15 years!?  
-Harry P., Emporia, KS (USA) June 20, 2018

Didn't have the dose I wanted in stock, but sent an equivalent amount overall of a lower dose, so I just need to take two small pills at a time instead of one, no big deal.  A++++   
-Tammy A., Wilmington, DE (USA) June 20, 2018

Good communication, packaged well.  Would buy my generic Crestor here again.   
-Sabrina F., Des Moines, IA (USA) June 20, 2018

Super Bs and there's no complaining about this price.   
-Ryan U., Berlin, NH (USA) June 20, 2018

I received my order in good condition and as described.  I think it's unfair that I have to pay by bitcoins when I know for a fact that a friend of mine is allowed to use Google Pay.    
-Dave Q., Regan, GA (USA) June 19, 2018

You'll be getting my business from now on.   
-Stacie H., North Potomac, MD (USA) June 19, 2018

Solid service.  
-Donnie F., Jasper, IN (USA) June 19, 2018

JCM Pharmacy is a truckers best friend.  I'll continue to recommend you to everyone I know.  
-Mae Y., Ketchikan, AK (USA) June 19, 2018

Competition here is heating up and I've gotten to where I am with much thanks owed to you guys. 
-Leslie P., Horn Lake, MS (USA) June 19, 2018

Normally this quantity would cost me about 3X of what it costs me from jcm.  The only downside is the long wait involved but I can live with it.  
-Cameron E., Orlando, FL (USA) June 18, 2018

Need some help with the first package.   Hasn't shown up yet with no response from you to my email.  The 2nd package with the Soma arrived safe and sound.   
-Lacy F., Clovis, NM (USA) June 18, 2018

Thank you for the jumbo pack of weekenders.   
-Matthew J., Darien, CO (USA) June 18, 2018

Honest and friendly.   
-Adam V., Sheridan, WY (USA) June 18, 2018

A confusing shop with so so customer service.  Can't beat the value though.   
-Bethany H., Brentwood, TN (USA) June 18, 2018

Perfect deal.  Low price and top quality ultram.   
-Angie V., Moses Lake, WA (USA) June 17, 2018

Works well.  Will need another set soon.   
-Patti G., Topeka, KS (USA) June 17, 2018

Impressed with service from start to delivery.   TY!   
-Henry U., Bemidji, MN (USA) June 17, 2018

My path of least resistance.  I'm not doing to deal with my doctor anymore if she's going to keep giving me a hard time.  Thanks for everything, JC!    
-Serena C., Daytona Beach, FL (USA) June 17, 2018

-Louis E., Fairfax, VA (USA) June 17, 2018

So worth the wait.    
-Ellen I., Springdale, AR (USA) June 16, 2018

Is there any possibility of NOT describing this as 'health products' next time?  Now the whole office has likely guessed that I'm ordering Viagra from India.     
-Rick J., Goose Creek, SC (USA) June 16, 2018

Nice to deal with.  The whole team here appreciates the edge you've given us.     
-Gary P., Jamestown, ND (USA) June 16, 2018

Great service and free shipping, can't hope for more.     
-Rachel L., Attleboro, MA (USA) June 16, 2018

Really lucky.  Arrived ONE day before my trip.     
-Zachary F., Makakilo, HI (USA) June 16, 2018

works fine, slow shipping.  Need better service if you want me to bring my refills to you.     
-Vanessa A., Hibbing, MN (USA) June 15, 2018

LOOOVE it!!!  Super happy.     
-Cindy R., Stamford, CT (USA) June 15, 2018

Smooth tramadol transaction.  Grateful that you guys found a way to keep our arrangement uninterrupted.     
-Eugene C., Newport East, RI (USA) June 15, 2018

Excellent product--thanks! 
-John G., Provo, UT (USA) June 15, 2018

These guys are pros. 
-Shirley D., Livonia, MI (USA) June 15, 2018

Appreciate the topamax recommendation.  Satisfied with the results, so far anyway.  :-) 
-Dana H., Little Rock, AR (USA) June 14, 2018

Just in time.  Another two days and my parents likely would have been the ones who signed for it.  That would have been less than desireable.  
-Peter Y., Caldwell, ID (USA) June 14, 2018

Wasn't aware that it would take 3 weeks to get to me.  Not saying I wouldn't have ordered but you need to be more clear about that.   
-Dustin O., Rahway, NJ (USA) June 14, 2018

Great.  So relieved that everything was as described.  This will totally help me out from now on.   
-Charlie T., Shelbyville, KY (USA) June 14, 2018

high quality at a reasonable price.   
-Erin B., Lakewood, CO (USA) June 14, 2018

Works really well.  Will order again as soon as I can afford it.   
-Donna R., Trenton, MI (USA) June 13, 2018

Easy nucinta transaction, no issues, fast shipping, can't ask for a better online pharmacy!   
-Sophie C., Hauppauge, NY (USA) June 13, 2018

A few mistakes on my part that delayed getting this order started, again, really sorry about all that.  Order well received in the end though.   *****Recommend this Seller to all*****    
-Tanya W., Boulder City, NV (USA) June 13, 2018

Good buy.    
-Kurt R., Clarksburg, WV (USA) June 13, 2018

Best price around and great customer service.    
-Patricia U., Suffolk, VA (USA) June 13, 2018

Perfect.  Many thanks to everyone on the JCM team that made this go smoothly.  A pleasure doing business with.     
-Carrie O., Sioux Falls, SD (USA) June 12, 2018

Works well.  Shipping only took 14 days from India!     
-Justin B., Ruston, LA (USA) June 12, 2018

Exactly what I needed, thank you!     
-Irvin M., Green Bay, WI (USA) June 12, 2018

So grateful for this assistance.  Jesus Loves You.  Romans10:9-10.     
-Pam F., Orem, UT (USA) June 12, 2018

First class transaction.     
-Marc S., Aventura, FL (USA) June 12, 2018

Really good value.  Have tried the first item, great results so far.  Haven't gotten a chance to try the "C" samples yet.  Thanks for those.      
-Shane L., Fort Worth, TX (USA) June 11, 2018

Top seller hope to deal with you again best regards from the Big O.     
-Cary V., Tigard, OR (USA) June 11, 2018

Received as described in decent time.  5*****s.     
-Glenda N., East Haven, CT (USA) June 11, 2018

Great price on generic Latisse.  TY!    
-Angela I., Great Falls, MT (USA) June 11, 2018

Not the best, not the worst.  Good enough.  I think that's a fair summary.    
-Charles J., Enid, OK (USA) June 11, 2018

Delivered as promised and answered my e-mails right away, good job.    
-Deborah H., Fountain Valley, CA (USA) June 10, 2018

Received and tested to be grade A.  No guarantee included that I will meet some women now, though.  :-(    
-Gary B., Passaic, NJ (USA) June 10, 2018

Fantastic pain-o-soma connnection.  A pleasure to do business with.  Thank you so much!    
-Christi M., South Burlington, VT (USA) June 10, 2018

Perfect no problems at all - will recommend to my friends.    
-Anne P., Newark, DE (USA) June 10, 2018

Excellent service, top notch seller.    
-Tara Y., Clive, IA (USA) June 10, 2018

Great customer service - handled small problem professionally & fast.  Good source for help with pain relief.     
-Claire V., Aurora, CO (USA) June 9, 2018

Difficult to find in this dosage.  So glad that you carry it.     
-Hannah P., Winchester, KY (USA) June 9, 2018

great product, thanks, wonderful people to deal with!     
-Emily U., LaGrange, GA (USA) June 9, 2018

Slow start but strong finish.  That's what she said.    
-Gerald B., Portsmouth, NH (USA) June 9, 2018

Had to go to my post office to get my package, looks like I gave you the wrong apartment number, but all good.    
-Ramon T., Cuyahoga Falls, OH (USA) June 9, 2018

Completely satisfied w/product and performance of the Tadacip.  Less thrilled about the gen. Levitra supplied.  Good value overall.     
-Larry D., St. Cloud, MN (USA) June 8, 2018

Awesome deal on generic Paxil.  A+++++++++++++     
-Steve J., Carson City, NV (USA) June 8, 2018

No problems, would not hesitate to shop here again.     
-Kristen C., Shelbyville, TN (USA) June 8, 2018

Happy with the quality and received in good time.     
-Bernice G., Warren, MI (USA) June 8, 2018

As agreed.  :-)     
-Oliver H., Chandler, AZ (USA) June 8, 2018

Hard to find item at a great price.     
-Taylor S., Elizabethtown, KY (USA) June 7, 2018

Just what I needed and just in the nick of time!     
-Lynn W., Athens, GA (USA) June 7, 2018

Thank God you have started shipping Ultram again.  I was going through some SERIOUSLY UNNEEDED WITHDRAWAL.     
-Meredith M., Wichita, KS (USA) June 7, 2018

The most fun you can have with a "magic" wand, thank you!     
-Bill O., Dothan, AL (USA) June 7, 2018

No prescription required, the way I like it.     
-Minnie P., Lewiston, ME (USA) June 7, 2018

Took your advice and got a post office box for my next refill, but I'll remind you again when I put in the order.  My nosy neighbors are asking too many questions.      
-Samantha I., Redmond, OR (USA) June 6, 2018

Order got soaked somewhere along the way but everything seems intact.  I don't think we got any seepage into the blister packs themselves.      
-Harold E., St. Charles, MO (USA) June 6, 2018

Awesome possum!  My sister says thanks also for the other package.     
-Nina S., Corinth, TX (USA) June 6, 2018

Thank you so much for finding a solution.  I asked twenty places and everyone stopped selling Tramadol.  Your fix, while more expensive is a lifesaver.     
-Juanita O., Hickory, NC (USA) June 6, 2018

I stand corrected.  Not too good to be true after all.  You can get a literal 1/2 pound, that's a guess, -I didn't actually weigh it all- of Viagra for $150 and change.      
-Brandon C., Abington, MA (USA) June 6, 2018

Well, now that was an adventure.  Will put in larger purchases now that I know you're legit.  Test order 1 finally arrived and test order 2 tracks to New York now and should be with me within the week.      
-Gail Y., East Cleveland, OH (USA) June 5, 2018

Do yourself a favor and order in quantities of 200 pills as the $25 shipping fee is the same whether you order 50, 100, or 200, may as well make full use of the shipping cost.      
-Brad E., Lehi, UT (USA) June 5, 2018

Didn't sell me the Valium that I wanted but recommended Etizolam, which is far weaker, but will allow me to get by.     
-Christine K., Berwyn, IL (USA) June 5, 2018

Excellent professional service.  Would recommend to anyone without insurance like myself.    
-Fred D., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) June 5, 2018

Great to deal with, made it easy and right.  I will be back.  Thanks.   
-Aubrey I., Los Lunas, NM (USA) June 5, 2018

Wasn't allowed to use my credit card even though it is suggested that that is the rule.  Had to make payment by ethereum which was really a headache.  An order that should have taken 1 day to process ended up taking a week.  My package got here as before, at least JCM is reliable if not consistent regarding their payment procedures.    
-Simone W., Thornton, CO (USA) June 4, 2018

A+ Provigil order.  Nice to get my edge back.    
-Jared F., West Covina, CA (USA) June 4, 2018

Probably not the best shop to order from if you need it in a hurry.  The order itself when it FINALLY arrived was of good quality though as per their reputation.  In summary, good, but plan your order well ahead of time.     
-Shannon L., Independence, MO (USA) June 4, 2018

Seemed slow to ship out, however arrived in the stated amount of time they said it would.     
-Lisa N., Frisco, TX (USA) June 4, 2018

Great all the way around.     
-Allen R., Glendale, AZ (USA) June 4, 2018

Not the fastest service by a long shot, but otherwise professional with a good variety of what I need.     
-Peter B., Cape Coral, FL (USA) June 3, 2018

Happy long time customer.  Wishing your family the best as always!     
-Eve T., Bakersfield, CA (USA) June 3, 2018

Convenient.  I don't even have to leave the house or anything to order here.  I should be good now for another 2 months and will put in a refill order at that time.      
-Jill V., Hanover, PA (USA) June 3, 2018

Good service and great product value.      
-Marcus U., Carmel, IN (USA) June 3, 2018

-Leslie A., Fremont, NE (USA) June 3, 2018

Reliable as always.  The Soma you recommended is working okay, still kind of sad that you can't sell me Xanax any more.     
-Paulina G., Layton, UT (USA) June 2, 2018

I want to suggest that you use either better boxes, or maybe change shipping companies.  I received my order in a crushed package.   Luckily the product was fine and intact, but this could have easily turned out to be a package of crushed pills and $300 down the drain.  I think Fedex might be better for the both of us as we go forward.      
-Geoff M., Yankton, SD (USA) June 2, 2018

Requested that you shipped me capsules, but you shipped tablets.  I can make these work but if you could satisfy my request next time it would be much appreciated.       
-Nellie W., Rochester, NH (USA) June 2, 2018

As described.  Friendly service too.       
-Robert H., Danbury, CT (USA) June 2, 2018

Thanks for helping deal with this pain.  I know they say it's the hurt that lets you know you're alive, but I was seriously losing the will to go on.      
-Holly Q., Burlington, IA (USA) June 2, 2018

LOL, jcm told me to expect it in 25 days.  It got here today, just 11 days after I ordered it.  I get it, under promise, over deliver.       
-Oscar P., College Park, MD (USA) June 1, 2018

So much better than expected.       
-Patrick V., Spartanburg, SC (USA) June 1, 2018

Works well and great service, however would prefer if you could make it to where I didn't have to sign for it.  Can the mail man just leave it in my mailbox next time???        
-Andrea K., Spring Valley, NV (USA) June 1, 2018

It's awesome, thank you!        
-Finn W., Denton, TX (USA) June 1, 2018

-Sheri C., Mechanicsville, VA (USA) June 1, 2018

Worth it!        
-Marc G., Shawnee, OK (USA) May 31, 2018

Appreciate your service.  Wouldn't be able to make it each month on my budget without ya'll.        
-Callie O., Mobile, AL (USA) May 31, 2018

Mail man gave me a funny look when delivered.  Am I being paranoid?  Product as described, thanks for the low price.        
-Kelli A., De Pere, WI (USA) May 31, 2018

Will order again after I get paid, thanx.        
-Russell J., Littleton, CO (USA) May 31, 2018

Modafinil order received in good shape, thank you!        
-Louis B., Franklin, TN (USA) May 31, 2018

These guys do such a great job.        
-Dominick S., Erlanger, KY (USA) May 30, 2018

Wow.  Wish I knew you I my 20's, you would have saved me enough to pay down my student loans in half the time it took me.        
-Van H., La Vista, NE (USA) May 30, 2018

I really like the new DHL tracking that you use now.  Onward and upwards, right?       
-Michael I., Oak Harbor, WA (USA) May 30, 2018

Difficult to understand ordering system at first, but super smooth landing.      
-Angela P., Uniondale, NY (USA) May 30, 2018

Very happy with the results so far.  If the next batch is as good as this one, you have a customer for life.     
-Nancy J., Lowell, MA (USA) May 30, 2018

-Neil V., Las Vegas, NV (USA) May 29, 2018

Working fine, thank you!    
-Mindy W., Norwood, OH (USA) May 29, 2018

very professional, works well & thanks for the extra gift!    
-Jaime H., Rutland, VT (USA) May 29, 2018

Good deals.    
-Simon F., Port Angeles, WA (USA) May 29, 2018

Fantastic product and speedy delivery.  I will definitely deal with this seller again.    
-Andrew S., Jenison, MI (USA) May 29, 2018

Works just fine.  Grateful to have found your shop.  God Bless You.   
-Donna P., Somerton, AZ (USA) May 28, 2018

Happy customer here.   
-Marcia G., Annapolis, MD (USA) May 28, 2018

Got here in 12 days great quality carisoprodol.   
-Donald Z., Oxford, OH (USA) May 28, 2018

Overall great thx.   
-Henry U., Valparaiso, IN (USA) May 28, 2018

Great deal fast shipping high quality great price.  
-Ellis B., Maryville, TN (USA) May 28, 2018

Easy pain free transaction.  Great communications and a pack of Viagra on the house on top of it.  A+++ 
-Phil R., Yukon, OK (USA) May 27, 2018

Great price and delivered 5/20.  Was told a signature might be needed but the mail man didn't ask for one. 
-Cameron C., Pearl, MS (USA) May 27, 2018

Heartbroken that you don't sell tramadol anymore!  I've been buying it here for 7 years!!  Will they lift this ban?   There must be thousands and thousands of people going through withdrawal now because of this. 
-Lillian K., Darien, IL (USA) May 27, 2018

Went perfectly and no problems. 
-Joyce U., Milwaukee, WI (USA) May 27, 2018

Excellent to deal with.  Awesome.  Really happy.  Super Fast Comms and Quality Pills.
-April M., Smyrna, DE (USA) May 27, 2018

THIS is how it's done!  PERFECT!!!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!
-Victoria C., Bluefield, WV (USA) May 26, 2018

So sad to hear about the tramadol issue.  Anxiously awaiting your recommended substitute.  I do NOT want to go anywhere else for my medicine needs. 
-Ellie Y., Reynoldsburg, OH (USA) May 26, 2018

Works really really well, thank you.     
-Gordy T., Port Chester, NY (USA) May 26, 2018

Got it!!  Makani 'olu'olu e kai malie, to you!     
-Brian S., Wahiawa, HI (USA) May 26, 2018

Efficient seller, well received with thanks.     
-Morris L., Henderson, NV (USA) May 26, 2018

Packaged well for international travel.  Thanks for the easy connection.     
-Alli Z., Billings, MT (USA) May 25, 2018

I said goddamn!!!  Goddamn.  Now this is the stuff.  I am going to need a refill soon, but you're going to have to talk me through the entire payment process again as I have a short attention span.      
-Joanne P., Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) May 25, 2018

Confusing website layout and even more perplexing order process.  The upside is that at least I know they are legit and the orders get here.       
-Curtis A., Emporia, KS (USA) May 25, 2018

My dad is very happy with the service and product.  Thanks for coming through with this for us.     
-Debbie R., Anchorage, AK (USA) May 25, 2018

Great quality.   
-Shaun F., Hinesville, GA (USA) May 25, 2018

These will work to start with thanks.   
-Regina L., Jacksonville, NC (USA) May 24, 2018

Feeling so much better now all thanks to ya'll.  Recommended for anyone who needs pain relief at a reasonable price.   
-Alton P., Tyler, TX (USA) May 24, 2018

All around great thanks!!!!   
-Sabrina B., Spanish Lake, MO (USA) May 24, 2018

Better than expected, will put in another order today.   
-Rudy W., Azusa, CA (USA) May 24, 2018

First class transaction.   
-Loren M., Elmwood Park, IL (USA) May 24, 2018

Can't beat this price on gen. zithromax.  Thank you!   
-Christie R., Biloxi, MS (USA) May 23, 2018

Just what I wanted.  Was recommended here to you by one of my classmates.  :-) 
-Sally E., Elizabethtown, KY (USA) May 23, 2018

Far from perfect but they get the job done. 
-Desiree N., Thornton, CO (USA) May 23, 2018

10/10 highly recommended.
-Alex J., Hillsboro, OR (USA) May 23, 2018

Excellent seller with first class communications.  Everything detailed and service minded.
-Gina C., Brookside, DE (USA) May 23, 2018

Had a little problem at first with the payment.  Took me three times, but seller was patient and talked me through the process.  Package 2 arrived first, still waiting on the first package with my soma and viagra.
-Ronald A., Clovis, NM (USA) May 22, 2018

Excellent price and service on my generic Prednisolone order.
-Cameron O., Sioux Falls, SD (USA) May 22, 2018

Quality product delivered.  Smooth and easy transaction.  Not bad at all considering the geography.
-Marion F., Spokane, WA (USA) May 22, 2018

One complaint, seller didn't make it clear that free shipping meant not being able to track the order.  I got it, but I had to sit around and hover over my mailbox like a watchdog to make sure whoever didn't just take off with my pills.
-Jean H., Bristol, CT (USA) May 22, 2018

Love your store.  Thanks for everything!
-Elsa V., Pikesville, MD (USA) May 22, 2018

Good product but a bit too strong for my needs.  I'm just taking half a pill at a time.  That's plenty.
-Rhonda W., Tulsa, OK (USA) May 21, 2018

Supersonic, very happy with purchase.  :)
-Tammy C., Dover, DE (USA) May 21, 2018

Unbeatable deal.  Securely packaged.  Arrived fast.  Thanks so much!
-Doug M., Germantown, TN (USA) May 21, 2018

Difficult to understand at first, but I think I will be able to order again soon.  If I get stuck this time, I'll ask.
-Shannon T., Keene, NH (USA) May 21, 2018

Wow.  This dog can hunt.  A++++
-Ralph E., Lake Worth, FL (USA) May 21, 2018

-Emma L., Paducah, KY (USA) May 20, 2018

Happy with my purchase.  Would recommend for anyone who is comfortable using bitcoins as if you haven't bought here before around 2 years ago, that's the only way you will be able to pay. 
-Terese P., Helena, MT (USA) May 20, 2018

Got the pack yesterday, made 25 jigs tonight -all is great- good deal!  thanks.
-Billy W., Newport, RI (USA) May 20, 2018

So good.
-Sabrina E., Casper, WY (USA) May 20, 2018

no problems with purchase.  very satisfied.  great job with the packaging.
-Ronald D., Columbus, NE (USA) May 20, 2018

Could be improved.  A reasonable price but slow to ship out.
-Joel P., Jamestown, ND (USA) May 19, 2018

100%, thank you for the expedited shipping.
-Katherine A., Tooele, UT (USA) May 19, 2018

Easy Cialis purchase.  Recommended.
-Brandon W., Plymouth, MN (USA) May 19, 2018

Prefer Xanax, however Etizolam will do for now, fair price, professional, thank you ++++++++++
-Delores C., Norfolk, VA (USA) May 19, 2018

well packed and arrived in good time.
-Sonia F., Estelle, LA (USA) May 19, 2018

Cool 200 for 200 - secure shipping - Thanks!!!
-Michelle J., Randolph, MA (USA) May 18, 2018

Hubby loves it!!  Great buy!!  Fantastic Seller!!  A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
-Wanda B., Akron, OH (USA) May 18, 2018

Thank you!  :o)
-Conner O., Torrington, CT (USA) May 18, 2018

Mailed to me quickly, grateful for the wonderful service.
-Neil I., Spring Valley, NV (USA) May 18, 2018

-Damon H., Salina, KS (USA) May 18, 2018

Truly a professional and efficient health supply service.
-Heather G., Toledo, OH (USA) May 17, 2018

-Noel M., Phoenix, AZ (USA) May 17, 2018

Well, not the same brand that I ordered actually, but the label says it's the same medication so I'm fine with that.
-Lindsay T., Golden Glades, FL (USA) May 17, 2018

Arrived safely and on time, not sure what other people are complaining about.  GREAT SERVICE AND PRODUCT.
-Yohni K., Aldine, TX (USA) May 17, 2018

A real credit to online Indian pharmacies.  Just wish you would ship to Canada too.
-Jacob P., Dundalk, MD (USA) May 17, 2018

Thank you for all the hard work to get me these little saviours!!!
-Beth N., Huntington, WV (USA) May 16, 2018

Took me a week to get the bitcoin payment off the ground, but I think it'll be easier next time around.  Growing pains, right?
-Preston C., Winchester, NV (USA) May 16, 2018

Arrived in good time, no problems.
-Denny U., Pittsburgh, PA (USA) May 16, 2018

Just as described.  Nice seller and good deal on generic cipro.
-Lori T., Essex Junction, VT (USA) May 16, 2018

Always great to do business here.
-Gina A., Brooklyn Park, MN (USA) May 16, 2018

Repeat long term customer and mother of two, saying: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.  JCM IS A LIFESAVER!
-Jessica Y., O'Fallon, MO (USA) May 15, 2018

Exactly what I wanted.  And needed actually.  AAAAA1!
-Willis A., Danbury, CT (USA) May 15, 2018

Awesome service.  Wish I knew about you before I had run up $10k in cc debt on pills and doctors, doctors and pills.
-Susie L., Great Falls, MT (USA) May 15, 2018

Took forever and a day to get here.  B+ overall.
-Trey H., Livonia, MI (USA) May 15, 2018

No problems, happy with my purchase.
-Becky D., Mason City, IA (USA) May 15, 2018

Worth the wait to save this kind of money.  Will order sooner as you have recommended for when I need a refill.
-Teresa U., Charleston, WV (USA) May 14, 2018

Generic Cialis delivered by mail as requested.  JCM also included a pack of Viagra on the house, which was a nice and appreciated extra.
-Cliff S., Logansport, IN (USA) May 14, 2018

Shipped me the same brand of product I used to order from another supplier before they stopped carrying it.  Looks like I'll be with ya'll as long as you stock this.
-Nancy G., Bristol, RI (USA) May 14, 2018

Nice person to deal with, warm communication and unique billing method to preserve customer privacy.
-Raul M., North Platte, NE (USA) May 14, 2018

Great!  Def recommmend!
-Jonathan F., Oconomowoc, WI (USA) May 14, 2018

Arrived over the estimated shipping time.  Slow reply to question about this.  Other than that, everything was fine.  You guys just need to understand that it's not acceptable to just ignore a question or email.  I think your customers would appreciate your service more.
-Garrett O., Cypress, CA (USA) May 13, 2018

Good service and good value, works ok but I'll probably go with a slightly higher dose next time to push the limits a bit more.
-Dale H., Selma, AL (USA) May 13, 2018

Confusing order form.  Thank you for the hand holding through the process.  First package of my order arrived 5/10/18.  Will let you know when the other one arrives and then I'll order again.
-Tasha K., Claremont, NH (USA) May 13, 2018

Works perfectly.
-Luke P., Hanover Park, IL (USA) May 13, 2018

Great product, just what I needed, thank you.
-Fred J., Bay City, MI (USA) May 13, 2018

Generic and GREEN! Viagra as described.  Works well and doesn't get me as flushed as the blue ones do.
-Ronnie E., Valdosta, GA (USA) May 12, 2018

Third time buying here and as good as always.  Could not order all last year because I was in a country you don't ship to, but I'm back home now for the long haul so all good.
-Carolyn J., Mount Juliet, TN (USA) May 12, 2018

Exactly what I needed and at what I'm pretty sure is the best price around right now.
-Jeannie O., Tupelo, MS (USA) May 12, 2018

Received, much to my literal relief!  No signature was required by the way.
-Chandra S., St. Albans, VT (USA) May 12, 2018

Thank you very much.  Good deal and pro service.
-Jeremy I., Casa Grande, AZ (USA) May 12, 2018

A joy to deal with.  I've received all three packages/parts of my order, all to my satisfaction, especially the samples you sent with the 2nd package.  ;-)
-Campbell H., Fort Smith, AR (USA) May 11, 2018

Thank you, this is really helping.  I find that everything is just snapping into place now.
-Kristin A., Lewisville, TX (USA) May 11, 2018

Your customer service team should be commended.  Really an example of the Golden Age or old (better) days gone by.
-Wesley Z., Garfield, NJ (USA) May 11, 2018

Great product.  Even better price!!
-Shaun T., Davenport, IA (USA) May 11, 2018

A wonderful person to deal with.  Will be back for sure!
-Allison M., Highlands Ranch, CO (USA) May 11, 2018

Received 8 days after you emailed me the tracking.  Record time this time I think.  As you like to say, no worries!
-Ginny U., Lawndale, CA (USA) May 10, 2018

-Felicia N., Allen Park, MI (USA) May 10, 2018

Thank you for my Nucynta.  Happy with the product but not satisfied with the delivery time.  Is there any way we can do this so that I don't have to wait this long again?  I need this medication to function normally on some of my rougher days.
-Josh R., Newburgh, NY (USA) May 10, 2018

Strange way of making a sale, but I received my items, both orders, tried and tested to be of great quality, so I'm happy.
-Maureen P., Clarksville, TN (USA) May 10, 2018

Baby baby, as reliable as a Swiss watch!
-Courtney W., Staunton, VA (USA) May 10, 2018

Adderall unfortunately not available here.  The Provigil you suggested and supplied works okay, but not nearly as strong.
-Molly O., New Castle, PA (USA) May 9, 2018

Happy.  Easy purchase and  friendly after service/follow up.
-Leena R., Woodlawn, MD (USA) May 9, 2018

Not so smooth, tracking number didn't track anything, but hey I got my order in the end, that's what matters.
-Clark B., Louisville, CO (USA) May 9, 2018

Just the job and very fast...delighted..ta!
-Arnold E., Buffalo Grove, IL (USA) May 9, 2018

Really helpful seller and great item - thank you. 
-Sheldon L., Rocky Mount, NC (USA) May 9, 2018

Efficient and friendly service.
-Tina A., Paterson, NJ (USA) May 8, 2018

Good deal / smooth Prozac transaction.  AAAA.
-Bernie O., Sheboygan, WI (USA) May 8, 2018

Took 17 days from order to delivery by regular mail.  My mail carrier didn't ask for a signature, even though she was supposed to, so one's mileage may vary.
-Robert I., North Platte, NE (USA) May 8, 2018

Better than both of the other shops I used to buy from.
-Cathy L., Caribou, ME (USA) May 8, 2018

Excellent service and product.  Just half a tablet at a time is more than enough for my requirements.
-Zach J., Ogden, UT (USA) May 8, 2018

Careprost order arrived.  I want to say thank you for consolidating everything into two boxes instead of the usual three.   Saves me a trip to the post office.  Time is money as you probably well know!  :-P
-Ann V., Danville, KY (USA) May 7, 2018

The order process itself was difficult.  The product though is first rate and I will likely order again if I can have some other payment options.
-Roger P., Irving, TX (USA) May 7, 2018

Will order again soon, thank you for all of the assistance.
-Irene H., Chester, PA (USA) May 7, 2018

Wanted to pay with my Serve card but was told that it has to be made from my Serve account.  After a little while, I figured out how to do that, and the transaction was done.  My order, shipped in two packages arrived around 2 weeks later, several days apart.  Recommend.
-Alan U., Grand Forks, ND (USA) May 7, 2018

*****Superb quality item and Excellent Service *Many Thanks*
-Nicole B., Ocean Springs, MS (USA) May 7, 2018

Easy and quick transaction, just as you'd expect from an experienced shop like jcms.
-Patrick K., Rutland, VT (USA) May 6, 2018

A good addition to my current regimen.  Would prefer Paypal when I have qualified or whatever for your 'rules.'
-Olivia F., Henderson, NV (USA) May 6, 2018

4 pills crushed in my 200 pill viagra order, but who cares for $120?  Tested and true, will recommend to friends.
-Larry B., Stamford, CT (USA) May 6, 2018

OK and nice people to deal with.
-Marina Y., San Antonio, TX (USA) May 6, 2018

It took almost a month, but great product and even better price.
-Norah W., Carol Stream, IL (USA) May 6, 2018

Very good deal on bupro, and top class service on top of that.
-Ryan H., Perrysburg, OH (USA) May 5, 2018

Everything okay, the one thing I'm not satisfied with probably can't be fixed and that's the distance between us, but I guess if you guys were stateside, you wouldn't be able to supply me at all.   :-)
-Donald V., Mount Pleasant, SC (USA) May 5, 2018

Received - LOVE - PERFECT - Thxs again!!
-Tasha C., Downers Grove, IL (USA) May 5, 2018

I think ya'll can streamline the order process some.  It's a bit bulky and awkward.  Good price on fairly decent off brand Cialis.  B+
-Harvey L., Natchez, MS (USA) May 5, 2018

Impressed with these guys from the beginning to delivery.
-Nelson E., Azusa, CA (USA) May 5, 2018

High quality Crestor at fair price, 100% satisfied AAA+++
-Melinda O., Cottage Grove, MN (USA) May 4, 2018

Guess what, the first package showed up after all!  I've sent the ETH to cover the reshipment that you sent out and tracks to Chicago as of today.
-Adrian C., Redmond, OR (USA) May 4, 2018

Eh brah, got it!  Will pass on the good word.
-Kelvin I., Hilo, HI (USA) May 4, 2018

-Chris S., Decatur, AL (USA) May 4, 2018

Happy and appreciate your shop so much!
-Josie G., Sanford, ME (USA) May 4, 2018

Appreciate the help and support.  Recommended.
-Carissa Y., Brookside, DE (USA) May 3, 2018

Excellent purchase from start to finish.  Would and will order again.
-Alyssa W., Cleveland, TN (USA) May 3, 2018

Reliable as always.
-Thomas B., Anderson, SC (USA) May 3, 2018

Excellent product better than expected, now using regularly after a few test runs, thanks.
-Regina M., Fairbanks, AK (USA) May 3, 2018

Super happy, thank you!
-Carlos D., Jeffersontown, KY (USA) May 3, 2018

Totally satisfied customer here.  Going to put miles on this weekend!!!
-Frank H., Garden City, NY (USA) May 2, 2018

Would be happier if you could ship me these without the signature requirement. 
-Claudia P., Ottumwa, IA (USA) May 2, 2018

Wish you could send me the same brand every time.  My mom also takes these and she's older and would feel better if the pills were always the same color and shape even if it's the same medication.  I don't want to be picky as you're saving us a fortune but it would be so much appreciated.
-Amy U., Exeter, NH (USA) May 2, 2018

Excellent price/value Cipro and fast shipping.  Bye bye UTI's@!!
-Jeanette F., Wauwatosa, WI (USA) May 2, 2018

"Shoes" came as described.  Wink wink nudge nudge.
-Lloyd N., Carrollton, TX (USA) May 2, 2018

A pleasure to deal with - quality product and service - A+++
-Eugene H., Bloomington, IL (USA) May 1, 2018

-Paula I., Westfield, NJ (USA) May 1, 2018

Arrived before a crazy long 'expected' due date, so I get it, under promise and over deliver.  Happy customer here.
-John D., Gainesville, GA (USA) May 1, 2018

generic neurontin as described.  thank you!
-Billy W., Chickasha, OK (USA) May 1, 2018

Freakily easy international um, medication transaction.  A1!
-Thelma B., Fayetteville, AR (USA) May 1, 2018

Just a small complaint, but if you could change up the packaging and not write 'health products' on the label.  I'm pretty sure my coworkers can guess that I am ordering Viagra from India.  Can you just write 'documents' or something like that?
-Oscar J., Marion, IL (USA) April 30, 2018

Preferred seller.  Always a pleasure and always attentive service.
-Roland L., Belmont, MA (USA) April 30, 2018

Amazingly smooth transaction.  Thought there would be problems with mailing this kind of item to myself, but apparently the powers that be could care less.  More fish for Kunta!
-Whitney F., Ashtabula, OH (USA) April 30, 2018

Great product at a low price.  Will do business with you again soon.
-Karena P., Northglenn, CO (USA) April 30, 2018

-Cecilia Q., Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) April 30, 2018

Good price and quality on the zoloft that I need.  Wish you carried a few other things as well.
-Roberta S., Mobile, AL (USA) April 29, 2018

Have been buying here for years and am a happy long term customer, would appreciate it if I could use Google Wallet or my debit card next time.
-Danny T., Spanish Lake, MO (USA) April 29, 2018

Received and works quite well, thank ya ma'am!
-Bryant L., Norristown, PA (USA) April 29, 2018

Good price on what I need, conveniently delivered to my mailbox.
-Mack C., Gillette, WY (USA) April 29, 2018

-Stacie I., Tampa, FL (USA) April 29, 2018

Excellent all-around pill shop, THANKS!!!
-Henry K., Trenton, NJ (USA) April 28, 2018

I truly appreciate that you let me use Paypal.  And I promise not to disappear for a year again.  :-)
-Janet A., Chapel Hill, NC (USA) April 28, 2018

Super 5 Star Seller!!! ~ Came in great time & packaged with care ~ Thank You!!!
-Gloria Z., Macon, GA (USA) April 28, 2018

Fourth purchase in as many months.  You're my new go to connection.
-Bernice R., Arcadia, CA (USA) April 28, 2018

Honest with fair prices.
-Sierra E., West Linn, OR (USA) April 28, 2018

As expected; these guys are well recommended.  Will place another order lickety split (after pay day).
-Terry O., Morgantown, WV (USA) April 27, 2018

Got the generic Viagra / Suhagra deal which is 120 or so pills for $90 bucks.  Can't beat that and it works just as well as the $10 a pill version that you'd get from CVS.  Now I'm pretty much set for the next 5 years, LOL.
-Colin L., Bellflower, CA (USA) April 27, 2018

Difficult to navigate site, took quite awhile before I found what I needed as not all medication are listed by their common names.  And that's before the order and payment process which takes a day or two of back and forth emails.  Super prices though, so if you have the time to put in the effort, it's still well worth it.
-Brooke T., Port Huron, MI (USA) April 27, 2018

Nice service and effective medication.  Buy with confidence.
-Essie G., Bremerton, WA (USA) April 27, 2018

May God bless you and keep you.  Thank you for everything you do!
-Donnie M., Lansdale, PA (USA) April 27, 2018

Works great, affordable, and much easier than going through my GP's hoops and 20 questions.  Thank you.  A+
-Randy H., Auburn, ME (USA) April 26, 2018

Excellent quality products (generic zovirax and lipitor), seller highly recommended!
-Charlene M., Oshkosh, WI (USA) April 26, 2018

-Norm V., Rexburg, ID (USA) April 26, 2018

Thanks for the quick delivery, you might want to think about shipping in boxes instead of padded envelopes.  Some of the pills were crushed along the way, not a big deal, but room for improvement.
-Ross C., Arlington, VA (USA) April 26, 2018

Good quality and well priced pills and treats.
-Stewart D., Castle Rock, CO (USA) April 26, 2018

Quick shipping.  AAA Indian pharma shop.  Gladly do biz again.
-Brad Y., Helena, MT (USA) April 25, 2018

As described, generic Carisoprodol to help me recover between long V4 rotations.
-Emily S., Woodlawn, MD (USA) April 25, 2018

Sorry for all the questions at the beginning, and thank you for relieving me of all doubts.  Smooth as silk internet purchase.
-Pammy N., Covington, KY (USA) April 25, 2018

Lots of rules when buying here, almost reminds me of the Seinfeld soup Na*i shop... but if you can get over that, it's a great online pharmacy, quality meds, with reliable service.
-Jon F., Baltimore, MD (USA) April 25, 2018

Such a comfort to have jcm as a source.
-Wanda G., Kaneohe, HI (USA) April 25, 2018

Some improvement needs to be made to shipping speed.  Other than that, super smooth sale/deal for generic glucophage. 
-Carlie A., New London, CT (USA) April 24, 2018

These little helpers work wonders.  A++++++
-Emma S., College, AK (USA) April 24, 2018

Thank you for the recommendations.  This is an awesome upgrade from what I used to get here.
-Vince W., Billings, MT (USA) April 24, 2018

Love the product and service.  Many thanks.
-Edwin H., Derby, KS (USA) April 24, 2018

Just what I needed.  Mr. Majestyk!
-Anita L., Santa Fe, NM (USA) April 24, 2018

Order form did not work, had to have "Becca" do my order by email.  She explained the payment and shipping options.  I paid using Bread Wallet, and my order arrived in 15 days.  Pretty good overall despite the initial rough patch.
-Sidney V., Greenwood, SC (USA) April 23, 2018

Love you guys!
-Ashley K., Pullman, WA (USA) April 23, 2018

It's aaaaa monsta!!!! And I mean that in a good way.  Thanks again.
-Chad J., Gretna, LA (USA) April 23, 2018

Can't wrap my head around blockchain, so I just continue to pay directly from my Kraken wallet.  Hope this doesn't cause any problems.
-Inez F., Dover, DE (USA) April 23, 2018

Fast shipping and good product.  What else is there to say?
-Dell B., Hibbing, MN (USA) April 23, 2018

Could use some more variety, but still a good deal and exactly what I needed for those two main items.
-Jenny O., Fort Pierce, FL (USA) April 22, 2018

Finally found a real deal online pharmacy.  I've tried 3-4 shops over the years and you're a head and shoulders above the rest.
-Tina I., Stevens Point, WI (USA) April 22, 2018

Had to make a few dosage modifications, but I think I have the right combination going now, thank you!
-Jordan H., Gallatin, TN (USA) April 22, 2018

Easy pleasant tramadol transaction.
-Allen O., Fridley, MN (USA) April 22, 2018

So good.
-Patsy M., Laurinburg, NC (USA) April 22, 2018

Not perfect, but they get the job done and it's better than spending $800 a month retail for my pills.
-Kacey O., Cape Coral, FL (USA) April 21, 2018

Easy purchase.  Tracking did not work but item did arrive with no issues.
-Denise C., Blacksburg, VA (USA) April 21, 2018

The free shipping thing is a nice bonus.  I don't have to worry if my shipping costs will be exponential as I add stuff to my orders.
-Stephanie W., Altadena, CA (USA) April 21, 2018

Thanks for the help.  Haven't shot this straight in 20 years!
-Jackie R., Dickinson, ND (USA) April 21, 2018

Arrived and much better than I thought.  Well packaged and excellent grade A quality ***********.
-Mattie C., Lawrenceville, GA (USA) April 21, 2018

Great product / sleep helper, great price.  Arrived fast.
-Bob Y., Reno, NV (USA) April 20, 2018

As my girl from Leeds would say, it does what it says on the tin.  I guess she means the foil pack?  Thank You!  5/5 Stars!
-Jessie F., Houston, TX (USA) April 20, 2018

No pain no pain.  Took a chance and I'm happy I did.   Would recommend you to anyone trying to save on their prescriptions.
-Dana M., Ottawa, IL (USA) April 20, 2018

Got it.  Thanks for another easy transaction.
-Brooke U., Avondale, AZ (USA) April 20, 2018

Fast shipping!!!  Perfect fit for everyone here at Team G43.
-Tami N., Harvey, LA (USA) April 20, 2018

How do you like my luvvy long lashes now?  Thanks JCM!
-Leena I., Schererville, IN (USA) April 19, 2018

The trackable shipping seems a bit overpriced, but what can I do?  Your free shipping option is pretty much useless, I have no idea when it's going to show up and worse yet, I have no idea if the mail man has even tried to deliver it yet.  So I have to go down to the post office like a pervert who is trying to track down his boner pills.
-Dean G., Littleton, CO (USA) April 19, 2018

Excellent service and such a weird feeling to be ordering one prescription drug and you also give me free samples of another without me even asking, and that works just as good if not better by the way, love this shop.  It's crazy.  You live your life thinking there are rules but I guess some rules can be bent.
-Jeff J., Upper St. Clair, PA (USA) April 19, 2018

Seller is nice, appreciate the follow up and minor advice in regards to my many questions.
-Stan J., Kennewick, WA (USA) April 19, 2018

Thank you for doing the great job you do.  You have no idea how you are making such a huge difference in my life.
-Holly Z., Biddeford, ME (USA) April 19, 2018

Just the right amount of kick to keep me awake and alert when I need it. 
-Phil M.., El Dorado, AR (USA) April 18, 2018

Here's a tip for all the newbs out there, go to their front page and click on the bitcoin or money order promos.  They don't take money orders any more but these deals are still valid if you pay with bitcoins or ethereum.  You get that many more free pills just by changing the payment method.  And for anyone clueless about crypto, it's not that hard.  I didn't know how either and the one transaction and then I knew how.  It's like learning to ride a tricycle.
-Wade E., Raytown, MO (USA) April 18, 2018

Quality no name Viagra and unbeatable price to boot.
-Mitch F., Danbury, CT (USA) April 18, 2018

Great comms and a pleash to do business with.
-Ada Q., Grove City, OH (USA) April 18, 2018

I'd probably buy here again, if you could just please pretty please let me use my Mastercard to pay.
-Tabitha H., Magna, UT (USA) April 18, 2018

I'm so happy that these somas work as well as they do, especially considering the price.
-Elizabeth C., Hendersonville, TN (USA) April 17, 2018

Had a big hiccup, but seller fixed the problem like an F-1 pit crew.  Would recommend more business.
-Blake A., Sheridan, WY (USA) April 17, 2018

They kept up their end of the bargain and got this to me.  Now just waiting to try it out.  Knock on wood!
-Sam J., Haverhill, MA (USA) April 17, 2018

Awesome, can't wait to order again.  God bless!
-Minnie S., Twin Falls, ID (USA) April 17, 2018

Item as described and appreciate the gaba samples, thanks!
-Ella D., Lincoln, NE (USA) April 17, 2018

Pretty good overall.  Slow on the shipping side, but ++ on the product and customer service side.  Way better than the shops that often don't bother to reply to you at all.
-Grady N., Montrose, CO (USA) April 16, 2018

JCM Pharma is a trucker's best friend.
-Pete F., Helena, MT (USA) April 16, 2018

Excellent quality weekend pills.  Will put in a good report about you on the ISG forum.
-Randy B., La Porte, TX (USA) April 16, 2018

I used to order Xanax from you years ago, it's a shame that you don't sell it anymore.  The Etizolam you recommended is okay, but not nearly as potent.
-Marjorie P., Chicago, IL (USA) April 16, 2018

So relieved.  Was really nervous but this is exactly what I wanted and needed.  The low price is just icing on the cake.
-Vera T., Quincy, MA (USA) April 16, 2018

I appreciate the attention to detail and cordial and less than formal emails.  Would recommend.
-Heather G., Parkville, MD (USA) April 15, 2018

Strong like bull!  Much appreciated.
-Cliff T., Scottsboro, AL (USA) April 15, 2018

Not happy with your payment policy, but it has forced me to try something new, and okay, it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.  Thank you for the samples as well.
-Brian J., Thornton, CO (USA) April 15, 2018

Reasonable ship time.  100mg dose a bit strong for me.  I need to cut them in half to use them.  Satisfied.
-Emily A., Iowa City, IA (USA) April 15, 2018

Good customer service.  Quality product.
-Mindy L., Pasco, WA (USA) April 15, 2018

Works great and arrived on time.  Couldn't ask for more.
-Noel S., Wausau, WI (USA) April 14, 2018

Thank you for the hook up.  Will pass on the word to my friends.
-Everett B., Cypress, CA (USA) April 14, 2018

-Kristen M., Vienna, WV (USA) April 14, 2018

You had me at 'hello steroids.'  Thanks for the quick and easy transaction.
-Josh I., Brighton, NY (USA) April 14, 2018

Weird way to order, but it works.  I'd give this place 3 stars.
-Lillie K., Council Bluffs, IA (USA) April 14, 2018

Perfect ultram transaction all the way around and excellent packaging!  very happy!
-Seth Y., Chillicothe, OH (USA) April 13, 2018

Mail man delivered my order to my neighbor three doors down.   Not your fault, the address was correct, I'm guess my mail man was high or something.  Maybe use DHL next time?
-Tina R., Forest Park, GA (USA) April 13, 2018

Excellent off brand product.  Would do business with again.
-Andy U., Richmond, KY (USA) April 13, 2018

The first of no doubt many orders has been received, thank you.  A+++++++++
-Marianne H., Las Cruces, NM (USA) April 13, 2018

Easy purchase.
-Ramona F., Peoria, AZ (USA) April 13, 2018

5* Viagra connect.  My only complaint is that bitcoins for payment is a major pain, especially with the way the price goes up and down on a dime.
-John O., Fond du Lac, WI (USA) April 12, 2018

-Clay P., Charlottesville, VA (USA) April 12, 2018

Great source for generic Crestor.  Thanks for making this affordable.
-Mandy L., Taylors, SC (USA) April 12, 2018

Sweet as sugar.  Recommended!
-Shelia H., Mableton, GA (USA) April 12, 2018

Efficient and precise service.  THX!
-Naomi J., Pearl, MS (USA) April 12, 2018

Received in good time.  Hope to order again soon!
-Davey S., Bozeman, MT (USA) April 11, 2018

Quite helpful when I was confused about how to order.  Talked me through the order process all the way to delivery.  Product works well, I'd say finding this shop will be a total game changer in a good way on many fronts for me.
-Anita O., Dallas, TX (USA) April 11, 2018

Wonderful source for general antibiotics and a few other goodies.
-Jackie P., Brookside, DE (USA) April 11, 2018

Excellent; appreciate jcm's services.
-Margaret G., Dodge City, KS (USA) April 11, 2018

I'm happy.  My gf tried it too and it has some positive effects on her also.  Plus plus.
-Boyd W., Utica, NY (USA) April 11, 2018

Item as described, equivalent acceptable generic, quick shipping, I'm happy.
-Josie P., Lewiston, ID (USA) April 10, 2018

Not the best ever, however would still keep in my favorites as one of the better Indian internet pharmacies.
-Aaron K., Cleveland, TN (USA) April 10, 2018

Delivery time longer than expected, but other than that really good service all around.
-Roy G., Portland, ME (USA) April 10, 2018

Good communication, excellent product, and competitive prices. 
-Maria E., Salt Lake City, UT (USA) April 10, 2018

This is the best quality tramadol I have found so far.  Thank you!
-Craig L., Glendale, CA (USA) April 10, 2018

Would have preferred caplets or capsules over tablets (easier to swallow), but I can't really complain when you're saving me $400 a month, right?
-Joel C., Orlando, FL (USA) April 9, 2018

Easy to deal with, great seller all the way.  A+++++
-Beatrice S., Peekskill, NY (USA) April 9, 2018

Received my Soma order in good time.  Will now put in an order for some gabapentin.  If this 2nd order goes well also, I'll definitely recommend you to everyone I know.
-Anna M., Naugatuck, CT (USA) April 9, 2018

Great service and a wonderful alternative to the usual way.
-Marvin L., Cottage Grove, MN (USA) April 9, 2018

Not fast enough for my needs.  Good product but I really can't afford to wait 3 weeks every time I need my meds.
-Cristina H., Spring Valley, NV (USA) April 9, 2018

Excellent communication and service for my metronidazole order.  Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
-Jarrod D., Athens, GA (USA) April 8, 2018

A1 pharma shop.  Beats beggin my doctor for pills every few months.
-Sara C., Mobile, AL (USA) April 8, 2018

Good correspondence with seller but item needed chasing down at my post office.  Happy ending, but took some time to finally score. 
-Kyle M., Longview, WA (USA) April 8, 2018

prompt and efficient; good to go!
-Raul W., St. Charles, MO (USA) April 8, 2018

Fantastic to deal with.
-Devin S., Rock Hill, SC (USA) April 8, 2018

stoked thanks would def do business again with this shop A+ thank u.
-Howard A., Olney, MD (USA) April 7, 2018

Bitcoin and crypto has to be the most irritating way to pay for something but okay, I get the benefits.
-Wayne U., Brookside, DE (USA) April 7, 2018

Sorry about backing out the first time around.  Was having a financial crisis, but now that that's been averted, I'd like to say thank you again for being patient with me.  My current order has reached me safely and I'm happy with everything you guys have done for me.
-Rick J., Huron, SD (USA) April 7, 2018

Item was a big hit for our Easter party.  All went well and package was delivered on time. 
-Fred C., Davis, CA (USA) April 7, 2018

G R E A T.
-Joyce O., Harrison, NY (USA) April 7, 2018

These really help.  Great seller.  Fast free shipping.
-Yvonne R., Greeley, CO (USA) April 6, 2018

Fantastic, saved in my favs.
-Melinda V., Westport, CT (USA) April 6, 2018

If you're still shopping around, I can tell you that you'd be doing yourself a favor to just get what you need here.
-Thomas J., Columbus, NE (USA) April 6, 2018

-Alicia W., Johnson City, TN (USA) April 6, 2018

God bless and keep JCM.  We appreciate you so much!
-Cecilia P., Newport, RI (USA) April 6, 2018

Satisfied customer here.  Recommended to me by my roommate M.B. actually.
-Dorothy P., Asheville, NC (USA) April 5, 2018

Accutane order arrived.  Hard to find item at a great price, thank you!
-Ron I., Niles, OH (USA) April 5, 2018

Smooth transaction.  Wish I found you a few years ago, would have made things a lot easier during the rough patches.
-Barbara A., Lowell, MA (USA) April 5, 2018

Works fine.  Packaging/shipping should be improved.
-Felicia K., Blytheville, AR (USA) April 5, 2018

A+.  These definately are the trams we've been looking for.
-Trey S., Caldwell, ID (USA) April 5, 2018

I will order again in 2-3 weeks time.  Thank you for getting this batch to me in time for exams.
-Helen L., Phoenixville, PA (USA) April 4, 2018

Strange way to order, but it works.  Both parts of my order arrived, about a week apart.
-Darlene R., Winslow, ME (USA) April 4, 2018

100%, thank you!
-Patrick H., Jupiter, FL (USA) April 4, 2018

Excellent service and they put in some effort to get it to me in the fastest time.
-Tonya G., North Platte, NE (USA) April 4, 2018

Just what I wanted.
-Clay A., El Dorado, AR (USA) April 4, 2018

Sure and easy.  Will put in a bigger order now.  The first one was just a test run.
-Nancy M., Kihei, HI (USA) April 3, 2018

Great deal on combo Viagra/Priligy.  Recco!
-Dwayne H., Alamogordo, NM (USA) April 3, 2018

Second package shipped is here, but the first one is still in the wind.  Advice?
-Olivia G., Ferndale, MI (USA) April 3, 2018

Lesson learned.  I'll gladly pay for EMS shipping next time.  I'd much rather be able to track it than to be in the dark.
-Jean T., Topeka, KS (USA) April 3, 2018

Just in the nick of time.  Package arrived two days before my Peru trip.
-Lindsey F., East Point, GA (USA) April 3, 2018

It looks like your cream selection has shrunk since the last time I was here.  Still happy that you sell my Eriacta though.  Hard to get this brand of Sildenafil online nowadays.
-George J., Mesa, AZ (USA) April 2, 2018

Fine but you should seriously consider carrying the stronger pain medications also.  With your service level, you'd easily be one of the most popular shops around.
-Jasmine W., Rochester, NY (USA) April 2, 2018

I'm still kind of giddy about you finally letting me use Paypal after 4 YEARS.  I guess you finally trust me now?  :-P
-Mindy L., Thomasville, NC (USA) April 2, 2018

Got it!  Thank you again.
-Brad O., Erlanger, KY (USA) April 2, 2018

Well managed transaction.  JCM pays a lot of attention to the details that other shops don't seem to care about.
-Rene S., Charleston, WV (USA) April 2, 2018

Works well and cheap as chips.
-Pete I., Stamford, CT (USA) April 1, 2018

-Nick O., Meridian, ID (USA) April 1, 2018

No problems on this end here.  Easy and accurate, all that one could ask for from a pharmacist.
-Faith P., Tullahoma, TN (USA) April 1, 2018

Good purchase experience.  Recommend taping down the address label in the future.  It was barely hanging on by the time it made it to me.  IF it was torn off, it likely would have been a lost package.
-Colleen D., Gering, NE (USA) April 1, 2018

Slight issue but quickly resolved.  Will order again soon.
-Sheri W., Aldine, TX (USA) April 1, 2018

Recommend to anyone.
-Tammy U., Annapolis, MD (USA) March 31, 2018

Bravo for what ya'll do.  *bows deeply*
-Roger R., Waltham, MA (USA) March 31, 2018

Product is of great quality.  I'd like to mention something I really like, that you don't need my phone number.  I made that mistake with another India shop last year and they still call me to bug me and try to get me to order again. 
-Mandie G., Allentown, PA (USA) March 31, 2018

Well, these weekenders don't actually last a full 72 hours.  I guess one's mileage will vary with this kind of thing.  Maybe 2 days tops, but I'm still satisfied.
-Brent K., Cave Spring, VA (USA) March 31, 2018

10 stars all day long!!!
-Glenn P., Dover, NH (USA) March 31, 2018

Hehe, got my yearly brick of Cialis.  Always gives my wife a great laugh.  See you again next year!
-Noel A., Cheyenne, WY (USA) March 30, 2018

Sorry to hear that you can no longer supply with Xanax.  The Soma you suggested is helping me sleep though, so thatnks for that. 
-Gayle D., Kirkwood, MO (USA) March 30, 2018

Thanks helping me save a bit with your generic nucynta.   Works just as well, despite what big pharma guerrila marketing would have you believe.
-Jamie L., Staunton, VA (USA) March 30, 2018

Almost missed my delivery.  My mail man tried to deliver it two times but only knocks instead of ringing the door bell.  Go figure.  Anyway, all good!
-Ervin H., Florence, SC (USA) March 30, 2018

Arrived in style.  So happy that I found your shop.
-Patricia C., Jamestown, ND (USA) March 30, 2018

All of my drug refill needs will go to you.  Thanks for helping this first timer through the process.   Appeciate it.
-Tori W., Boulder, CO (USA) March 29, 2018

Satisfied with product received and actually it arrived well ahead of the time they said it would take.
-Candice Q., Presque Isle, ME (USA) March 29, 2018

Everything went well.  Recommended.
-Danny A., Gallup, NM (USA) March 29, 2018

-Jeanne F., Stevens Point, WI (USA) March 29, 2018

Good starter package.  Wasn't sure what I really needed and this helped me narrow it down for what I will order from now on.
-Virgil T., North Druid Hills, GA (USA) March 29, 2018

Levitra order arrived as described and jcm was nice enough to include some free Cialis as a gift!
-Marco H., Fishers, IN (USA) March 28, 2018

Honest little net pharmacy.  Really a hard to find gem in today's sea of spam and flashy CGI shops.
-Olive B., Cutlerville, MI (USA) March 28, 2018

Some good stuff for a really good price.
-Maria Y., San Antonio, TX (USA) March 28, 2018

Much better than I was hoping for.  You guys have my business from now on, I promise.
-Nicole P., East Haven, CT (USA) March 28, 2018

Really tops when it comes to service and delivery.
-Lorena V., Watertown, SD (USA) March 28, 2018

Many brands of generic Viagra to choose from.  Wasn't sure which was better or best, so I went with the old reliable Kamagra that has been around for years.  Green pills, cost about a third of the price of brand name Viagra and works just as well.  The one area where they aren't as good is that they have a tendency to crumble if you try to cut them in half.
-Stuart R., Canton, OH (USA) March 27, 2018

Excellent prices, some of the best around, however a thoroughly confusing order system.  Took 2 weeks to make the purchase and another 2 weeks to wait for the package.
-Nina G., Newark, NJ (USA) March 27, 2018

Received in acceptable condition and delivery time.
-Casey U., Sioux City, IA (USA) March 27, 2018

Five star seller and shipper.  Recommended for anyone who needs to cut down their health care and medical costs.
-Tamara L., Badger, AK (USA) March 27, 2018

-Rudy C., Parkville, MD (USA) March 27, 2018

Arrived with a cute sticker to help disguise the package I'm guessing.  Will buy again soon.
-Pammy J., Leland, NC (USA) March 26, 2018

-Inez G., Kenner, LA (USA) March 26, 2018

Still trying to wrap my head around the shipping problems when ordering from you.  Sometimes it takes 10 days to get to me, and I've had two occasions now where it took nearly a month.  Anyway to improve consistency???
-Albert O., West Babylon, NY (USA) March 26, 2018

As described, very satisfied with everything.
-Doreen M., Boynton Beach, FL (USA) March 26, 2018

Great product and terrific seller.
-Tony U., Arlington, MA (USA) March 26, 2018

Smooth tramadol transaction, no problems, would use again.
-Melody S., Newark, DE (USA) March 25, 2018

received both baclofen packages in good order, thank you.
-Kathy E., Phoenix, AZ (USA) March 25, 2018

Tested well in controlled conditions, now to take it out for a live field test.  Thanks for the back office support.
-Travis H., Beckley, WV (USA) March 25, 2018

Works great.  Happy customer here.
-Suzanne O., Concord, NH (USA) March 25, 2018

AAA, much better than the last shop I ordered from.
-Nellie R., Wilkinsburg, PA (USA) March 25, 2018

Pretty satisfied.  Would be better if you had something stronger like Percs though. 
-Rhea I., Bremerton, WA (USA) March 24, 2018

Just what I needed.  Thank you for the excellent pre and after sales service.
-Krista C., Muskogee, OK (USA) March 24, 2018

Received as described and on time.  Not sure what other people are complaining about. 
-Angela H., Oakton, VA (USA) March 24, 2018

Take the red pill!  First time using this brand, everyone so far gets a kick out of my "red" Viagra at parties.
-Greg W., Milwaukee, WI (USA) March 24, 2018

Great little shop, A1!
-Steven B., Henderson, NV (USA) March 24, 2018

Out of stock of my first choice, but the substitute they recommended was acceptable. 
-Darla P., Grand Rapids, MI (USA) March 23, 2018

Good tapentadol source.  Would give you an even better review if you can find some way to ship it to me FASTER PLEASE.
-Maureen S., Urbandale, IA (USA) March 23, 2018

For $80, I'm happy.  Put it this way, my doctor charges me $60 just to talk to him and that doesn't include any pills.
-Sandy G., Pittsburgh, PA (USA) March 23, 2018

Great experience thank you so much.  Fast shipping, I will buy from u again.  AA++
-Andrew Y., Edgewater, FL (USA) March 23, 2018

Received and tested with um, more than favorable results.
-Marcos F., Westminster, CO (USA) March 23, 2018

Nice people to work with.  Recommend.
-Eva M., Gatesville, TX (USA) March 22, 2018

I got my order in 12 days this time around.  What's funny is, the last time I ordered was at least ten years ago and the same person I dealt with then was also named Becca.  How old are you and are you the only person who works there?  LOL!
-Lynn A., Richmond, KY (USA) March 22, 2018

Great product and price.
-Wesley H., Indianapolis, IN (USA) March 22, 2018

So far so good.  Will need more soon as my guys are going through this stuff like candy.
-Kristi B., Gillette, WY (USA) March 22, 2018

JCM goes way beyond the normal Indian pharmacy.  Really like this shop.  Buy with confidence.
-Zach T., Florence, SC (USA) March 22, 2018

Simple and easy international drug purchase.
-Lorraine R., Bozeman, MT (USA) March 21, 2018

2nd purchase and no problems so far.  Will send some friends in to give you more business as long as this third and larger order makes it safely.
-Jacob F., Azusa, CA (USA) March 21, 2018

Decidedly the best I've purchased from in ages.  Recommend to any single mom trying to get by.
-Elizabeth L., Norwood, MA (USA) March 21, 2018

I screwed up my order but luckily JCM worked with me and we were able to fix everything before it shipped.  Thanks for the all hands on deck effort!
-Candi G., Springfield, OR (USA) March 21, 2018

Thanks for helping me handle these personal issues.
-Cory P., Wailuku, HI (USA) March 21, 2018

I find that the tablets and capsules are of equal quality, so from here on out, I prefer capsules.  That way I don't have to deal with the taste of the tablets.
-Galen K., Sun City, AZ (USA) March 20, 2018

Cheap sleepy pills, works great and fast delivery!
-Jessica Z., Midland, MI (USA) March 20, 2018

Overall still quite pleased.  It seems that there should be some discounts though for long term customers like yours truly, especially if we're willing to use crypto like you apparently want everyone to do. 
-Theresa I., Brunswick, GA (USA) March 20, 2018

Good service.  I am also glad to see you improved the packaging since the last time I ordered.
-David O., Joliet, IL (USA) March 20, 2018

What I ordered, as promised.  A+.
-Rita B., Nashua, NH (USA) March 20, 2018

Better thank expected.  Took 15 days from order to delivery.
-Mona J., Claremore, OK (USA) March 19, 2018

Excellent.  I get older and you are still as reliable as always.  We've done this for quite some time now, eh?
-Tamia C., Glendale, AZ (USA) March 19, 2018

Could use clearer instructions as to how to make payment by bitcoins, that was probably the  most confusing thing I have done in my life.  Got it in good time.
-Wade R., Pocatello, ID (USA) March 19, 2018

Thank you for the quick service.  Appreciate you guys.
-Robert H., Belmont, MA (USA) March 19, 2018

Great product!!  Super recommendable.
-Darla M., Reno, NV (USA) March 19, 2018

Hundred PER!  Will put in another couple of orders soon enough.
-Jamie O., Alhambra, CA (USA) March 18, 2018

Smooth transaction, great price on off brand Latisse, packaged well, fast shipping. A+++
-Christine I., Hobbs, NM (USA) March 18, 2018

Happy with my ultram order.  Would recommend but be ready for a Disneyland line like wait for it to get to you.  It's coming from a long ways off.
-Floyd N., Edinburg, TX (USA) March 18, 2018

Just okay.  Wasn't overly impressed with the order process.  Bulky with too much back and forth.  Should be automated or at least somekind of shopping cart system.
-Sarah T., Olathe, KS (USA) March 18, 2018

Great low price, nice quality.
-Celia R., Madison, SD (USA) March 18, 2018

If I had to mention one complaint it would be that I prefer not to use bitcoins, but apparently as a new-ish customer, that's what I'm locked into.   Okay overall as I'm still saving a bundle on the meds I need, so I'd rate this shop as 'VERY GOOD' with a * for the payment thing.
-Stacie N., Hillsboro, OR (USA) March 17, 2018

Having a reliable no prescription pharmacist in your favorites has got to be one of the better life hacks out there.  AAAA+.
-Bonnie R., Lincoln, NE (USA) March 17, 2018

Wonderful people to buy from.
-Erica L., North Bethesda, MD (USA) March 17, 2018

Very nice great price.
-Danielle O., Brentwood, TN (USA) March 17, 2018

Great Seller!  Honest Beyond Reproach.
-Sean F., Commack, NY (USA) March 17, 2018

Very quick and helpful, and free shipping can't be beat.  A pleasure to deal with.
-Eddie B., Tupelo, MS (USA) March 16, 2018

Just awsome!
-Kellie W., Darien, IL (USA) March 16, 2018

excellent seller!  product was way better than described!  happy happy happy!
-Petra G., Trumbull, CT (USA) March 16, 2018

You guys are the Cadillac of online pharmacies.  Hey, look at me!  I said look at me!
-Mario N., Denver, CO (USA) March 16, 2018

Ineffective shipping speed.  This doesn't work for much needed, time sensitive items.
-Shayna R., Avon Lake, OH (USA) March 16, 2018

You see these?  These are my finger guns playfully lighting you up because you have made me so happy.  Will put in another order after I get my next pay check.
-Faye O., Montgomery, AL (USA) March 15, 2018

works for me.  recommendee.
-James L., Harrison, MI (USA) March 15, 2018

I give you my highest rating: PERF!
-Malcolm W., North Augusta, SC (USA) March 15, 2018

Got the first one, but the 2nd part of my order is still showing New York for 1 week now.
-Elisa S., Urbandale, IA (USA) March 15, 2018

Such a good job, thank you!
-Grace J., Danbury, CT (USA) March 15, 2018

Rocky start but smooth as silk finish from there.  Decent quality generic tapentadol.
-Claire P., West Islip, NY (USA) March 14, 2018

Cheap and effective, my favorite combo.
-Randall H., Altamont, OR (USA) March 14, 2018

Amazing and easy to deal with.  Crazy how easy it is to get this stuff online.
-Vincent M., Baton Rouge, LA (USA) March 14, 2018

Very pleased with item.
-Anna Z., Port Charlotte, FL (USA) March 14, 2018

Good experience, thanks.
-Bernice S., Gladstone, MO (USA) March 14, 2018

-Russell L., Matthews, NC (USA) March 13, 2018

Exactly what I required.  Love it.
-Joseph G., Cranford, NJ (USA) March 13, 2018

Very helpful and understanding.  Would definitely buy from her again!
-Vicky P., Dover, DE (USA) March 13, 2018

Received both packages and am so happy and grateful for your service.  We give Thee thanks for all Thy benefits, O Almighty God, who livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.
-Sarah E., Juneau, AK (USA) March 13, 2018

Good deal.
-Alice L., Nicholasville, KY (USA) March 13, 2018

Thank you for doing what you're doing.  Recommend to all.
-Faith S., Billings, MT (USA) March 12, 2018

Slow response to initial inquiries, trackable shipping is also too expensive.  Good quality on the product side at least.
-Leah M., Melbourne, FL (USA) March 12, 2018

Always great service and products.
-Kathleen H., Scranton, PA (USA) March 12, 2018

Good deal, I appreciate you guys.
-William V., Arnold, MD (USA) March 12, 2018

Rec'd exactly as described.  Thank you!
-Hailie R., Ellensburg, WA (USA) March 12, 2018

Outstanding service and delivery straight to my mailbox.  Was expecting a larger package and more of an ideal but was pleasantly surprised with the seamless transaction.
-Denise T., San Diego, CA (USA) March 11, 2018

Both packages of my Lioresal shipment received in expected time.
-Zayne R., Teaneck, NJ (USA) March 11, 2018

A slight mixup in the beginning but all worked out to perfection.
-Camille B., La Crosse, WI (USA) March 11, 2018

As described and as good as it gets in my experience.
-Amber F., Madisonville, KY (USA) March 11, 2018

Every aspect of sale was well done.  Thanks!!!!
-Vanessa L., Burleson, TX (USA) March 11, 2018

Excellent value, quick ship, unique service, Thanks!
-Wendy G., Summerville, SC (USA) March 10, 2018

Thank you Jesus for helping me find this shop.  Recommended to anyone who needs some help.
-Ian P., Forth Worth, TX (USA) March 10, 2018

All good here.
-Christine M., Tacoma, WA (USA) March 10, 2018

Excellent product for the money, quick delivery.
-Diane Y., Elgin, IL (USA) March 10, 2018

always a pleasure to do business with jc's.
-Brett K., Lansing, MI (USA) March 10, 2018

Great bargin for clomifene.  Thank you! 
-Leonard E., Williston, ND (USA) March 9, 2018

Good Q and on time. 
-Wesley P., Laramie, WY (USA) March 9, 2018

Very responsive seller, highly recommended! 
-Danny M., Columbia, TN (USA) March 9, 2018

Thanks, everything has been delivered.  Nice to work and communicate with you. 
-Noelle J., Pascagoula, MS (USA) March 9, 2018

USPS forgot to leave key for package compartment for my POB, so I had to go down there twice to pick this up, but other than that, smooth sailing. 
-Liz F., Vienna, WV (USA) March 9, 2018

Hard to understand order and payment process, but they helped me each step of the way.  Grade A product.
-Elise B., Chula Vista, CA (USA) March 8, 2018

Well done.  Super fast turnaround.  Top tramadol supply.  Happy.
-Molly H., Newton, KS (USA) March 8, 2018

Faultless sale.  Would recommend to anyone without insurance or trying to make ends meet without sacrificing one's healthcare needs.
-Allen I., Warwick, RI (USA) March 8, 2018

-Joanna R., Albany, NY (USA) March 8, 2018

Easy international Viagra transaction.  Definitely better than expected.
-Bowie A., Rock Hill, SC (USA) March 8, 2018

Exactly what I wanted and needed, much appreciated.
-Liliana D., Somerset, MA (USA) March 7, 2018

Everything great from beginning to end... thank you.
-Nathan S., Hastings, NE (USA) March 7, 2018

Came in good time, good customer service all around.
-Dustin C., Florence, AL (USA) March 7, 2018

Package was beat up, but contents arrived safely.  I’m fixing to put in a bigger order for you soon! 
-Jimmy K., Tempe, AZ (USA) March 7, 2018

Will use again.  2 thumbs up, way up.
-Eileen R., Brunswick, ME (USA) March 7, 2018

Received my generic Albuterol inhalers within the described delivery time.  Price is about 1/4 of what my doctor charges me through her inhouse pharmacy.  I guess that's why she drives a BMW too.  5 STARS to JCM. 
-Megan B., Farmington, NM (USA) March 6, 2018

Zero problems.  These guys are good! 
-Gabriel T., Murray, KY (USA) March 6, 2018

Very satisfied with antibiotics purchase & seller, Will buy from again. 
-Wanda M., LaGrange, GA (USA) March 6, 2018

My fault for not reading the shipping details.  Would have ordered sooner if I knew it was going to take 3 weeks.  Excellent price and product; not so excellent delivery time but again, I can't say you didn't warn me.   
-Candace H., Oakdale, MN (USA) March 6, 2018

Keep up the good work A+.   
-Frank L., Jenks, OK (USA) March 6, 2018

AAA+ Service and product, Thx!!   
-Natalie B., Clinton, MI (USA) March 5, 2018

Thank you, works great!   
-Philip F., West Haven, CT (USA) March 5, 2018

Love baby love.  Item as described.  Amazing seller.  
-Jaylee M., Goose Creek, SC (USA) March 5, 2018

Really like this cream & seller easy to deal with thank you.  
-Ruth W., Milford, DE (USA) March 5, 2018

I think you may have gotten my address wrong, or maybe I gave it to you wrong, but it tracked as 'undeliverable as addressed.'   Luckily I was able to catch it at the post office and indeed the street number was inaccurate.  
-Dana S., Cudahy, WI (USA) March 5, 2018

Super purchase and reasonably quick shipping.  Good packaging, and all three items I ordered are of primo quality.  
-Pete G., Mint Hill, NC (USA) March 4, 2018

Arrived sooner than expected, very happy all around. 
-Nora I., Miami, FL (USA) March 4, 2018

Helped a friend to find this, and both LOVE it! 
-Warren C., Flagstaff, AZ (USA) March 4, 2018

Shipped fast secure and accurate mail order service!  Great communication A+++
-Della S., Kingsville, TX (USA) March 4, 2018

Not a great purchase, but good enough for my needs.
-Beth J., Lochearn, MD (USA) March 4, 2018

Out of stock of the brand I wanted, but the substitute was acceptable as well.  B+ purchase.
-Rory M., Pullman, WA (USA) March 3, 2018

My 1st buy from this shop.  The pop is perfect!  Great seller!  Thanks!!!
-Lucia A., Rapid City, SD (USA) March 3, 2018

Perfection in every aspect of our soma transaction.  Thank you!
-Denise T., Omaha, NE (USA) March 3, 2018

Way better than expected.   You're a lifesaver.
-Francis G., Houma, LA (USA) March 3, 2018

-Jake I., Shawnee, OK (USA) March 3, 2018

Good products, packaging okay, prices great. 
-Helena C., Germantown, TN (USA) March 2, 2018

Highly recommend JC's.  Curiously, what does your shop name stand for?  I'm guessing it's something I can't pronounce.  LOL.
-Bonnie I., Reno, NV (USA) March 2, 2018

Epic and I'm liking these savings.  TY!
-Adelyn P., Davenport, IA (USA) March 2, 2018

Happy with my purchase, would have been easier if your shop used a shopping cart system.
-Lara W., Jacksonville, AR (USA) March 2, 2018

Perfect, love 'em, thanks!
-Seth S., Thomasville, GA (USA) March 2, 2018

God Bless you for helping me get some much needed sleep!!!
-Heidi R., St. Joseph, MO (USA) March 1, 2018

Delivery of what I needed as promised.  Could do with some better tracking information next time.  You don't mention it clearly enough that the free shipping method doesn't track in America.
-Tricia L., Vincennes, IN (USA) March 1, 2018

I'm satisfied and will gladly recommend you to others.  Hope you get your credit card processing straightened out though.  Not everyone will be able to use crypto.
-Reed H., Salem, OR (USA) March 1, 2018

As expected.  Not sure if you meant to do this, but I also received some sample Viagra with my order?  Nice surprise, hope it wasn't a mistake.
-Belen K., El Cajon, CA (USA) March 1, 2018

Well packaged, arrived on time, excellent service as always A++
-Zach Y., Asheboro, NC (USA) March 1, 2018

All :-)'s.
-Heather Q., Warren, MI (USA) February 28, 2018

Packing needs to be improved.  Generally good value.
-Larry M., Philadelphia, PA (USA) February 28, 2018

No problems with the transaction.  Highly recommend JCM.
-Arlie G., Santa Fe, NM (USA) February 28, 2018

Wonderful, easy transaction with very fast delivery!
-Sadie H., Corsicana, TX (USA) February 28, 2018

Right on right on!
-Melissa B., Shawnee, KS (USA) February 28, 2018

-Gene C., Suffolk, VA (USA) February 27, 2018

Arrived, but you may want to note that the tracking still 'thinks' it's in New York.
-Beth M., Huntsville, AL (USA) February 27, 2018

A bit stronger than I expected, but super fast shipping and communication.
-Oscar V., St. Paul, MN (USA) February 27, 2018

Excellent product, price, and service.
-Alex N., Boynton Beach, FL (USA) February 27, 2018

This seller is in the top 1% of online pharmacies I have bought from!  Needs more than 5 STARS!!
-Brent D., Milwaukie, OR (USA) February 27, 2018

Requested no sig required but I did indeed have to sign.  Good price and service in general, but I do want to avoid having to sign for these from now on.
-Paulina H., Newport, RI (USA) February 26, 2018

WOW!.. Great Stuff, Fast, Safe Shipping, VERY PLEASED!!  AAAAAAAA++++++++++++
-Fred V., Eastchester, NY (USA) February 26, 2018

Got it, thanks!
-Sanai K., Chambersburg, PA (USA) February 26, 2018

I'm going out of the country tomorrow and my order is still not here.  I know this it out of your control.
-Matthias J., Bremerton, WA (USA) February 26, 2018

Exceptionally Pleased... @----->-------------
-Derrick B., Pearl, MS (USA) February 26, 2018

Made it all the way to my front door only to have my mail man try to cram it through my mail slot when simply leaving it on my porch would have been adequate.  Luckily the only damage done was about 5 pills per pushed loose from their foil and thus unusable, but still 190+ pills good to go which should last mean for a year or more.   Not your fault and I'm still thrilled about the value.
-Ryan U., Montpelier, VT (USA) February 25, 2018

Awesome.  These folks aim to please.  Very satisfied.
-Jay F., Georgetown, KY (USA) February 25, 2018

Prompt service, great product.
-Skye T., Virginia Beach, VA (USA) February 25, 2018

This was very easy purchase and the prices are excellent!  I haven't had to use the Cipro yet, but the Tramadol is of super quality.
-Delaney E., Faribault, MN (USA) February 25, 2018

Took so long to get here I almost forgot about the order entirely.
-Amber Z., Kernersville, NC (USA) February 25, 2018

Gen. cialis works fine, but to be honest, and maybe it's all in my head, I'd estimate that it's around 10% less 'strong' than the American made version.  I can accept that but I wanted to give straight up feedback.
-Coby R., Houston, TX (USA) February 24, 2018

What I was looking for, however the delivery time needs to be sped up if we're going to keep doing this.
-Maritza D., Syracuse, NY (USA) February 24, 2018

Great To Deal With!!!  5 Stars All The Way!!!
-Raul U., Boise, ID (USA) February 24, 2018

Superb from start to finish.
-Caden S., Naugatuck, CT (USA) February 24, 2018

I am satisfied how everything worked out.
-Leslie G., Evergreen Park, IL (USA) February 24, 2018

Packaging could have been better, but okay, I can live with it because of the savings involved.  Surely a little more bubble wrap wouldn't add to your costs?
-Susie F., Raytown, MO (USA) February 23, 2018

Good communication, appreciate the extra efforts.
-Hannah L., Charleston, SC (USA) February 23, 2018

Fast Transaction and Quality Item.  :-)
-Tabitha I., Westbrook, ME (USA) February 23, 2018

Both packages arrived safe and sound, I'm happy.
-Jaime K., Poughkeepsie, NY (USA) February 23, 2018

Excellent as always.
-Sonia M., Green Bay, WI (USA) February 23, 2018

Items arrived in excellent condition.  A+++ Cialis source, 10/10! 
-Britt O., Hilo, HI (USA) February 22, 2018

Direct from India to my post office box.  No issues.
-Veronica L., Martinsburg, WV (USA) February 22, 2018

Great product, wife is happy and thus all is well in the world.  TY again!
-Louis R., Gillette, WY (USA) February 22, 2018

-Alex S., Colorado Springs, CO (USA) February 22, 2018

Cool Purchase, Decent Shipment time, Happy with Product.
-Ron M., Perrysburg, OH (USA) February 22, 2018

I thought it was too good to be true but was happily mistaken.  Good deal on quality products.   Now I'm just worried about keeping you secret to myself so my friends don't get an edge like I have. 
-Sandra H., Bay Village, OH (USA) February 21, 2018

Your shop is an excellent example of how customer service should be. 
-Jessie R., Maple Valley, WA (USA) February 21, 2018

I got the first and third packages, but the 2nd one is missing in action.  Is it absolutely necessary to wait the full 25 days when it's pretty clear it has been lost somewhere?  
-Debbie P., Flint, MI (USA) February 21, 2018

I much prefer the Top Dol Green capsules over the white Ol-Tram tablets.   Is there any way to guarantee that I can get the greens everytime I order?   I can definitely feel a difference.  
-Mindy A., Seymour, IN (USA) February 21, 2018

Perhaps you can clarify something for me?  How come my friend who lives 30 miles from me is allowed to use Paypal but you made me use crypto currency?  Why am I stuck with such an inconvenient mandate?   
-Lillie K., Corcoran, CA (USA) February 21, 2018

Got it.  Is there anyway next time that I don't have to sign for it?  I'd feel a lot better if my mail man just left it in my mailbox.  Anyhoo, all good!    
-Jim O., Grand Prairie, TX (USA) February 20, 2018

Great stuff, quite legit.  Will buy here again after I get paid.    
-Stephanie U., Albany, GA (USA) February 20, 2018

Please change your credit card rule.  It's not fair to new customers.  It took me 10 days to finally get my bitcoins transferred and I don't want to do that every single time I order from you.  Other than that thank you for the extras and prompt shipping.     
-Levi J., Pierre, SD (USA) February 20, 2018

Ya'll's Generic V is V GOOD!     
-Charles B., Somersworth, NH (USA) February 20, 2018

You're Amazing.     
-Daryl R., Metairie, LA (USA) February 20, 2018

All perfect like always.     
-Raymond V., Hanahan, SC (USA) February 19, 2018

Order arrived in a plain envelope described as health products.  Seller included samples of Prozac as I requested.   Very nice of them to honor that.     
-Lauren M., Wilmington, DE (USA) February 19, 2018

100% awesome product.  Tracking was off and on, mostly off.     
-Alyssa B., Emporia, KS (USA) February 19, 2018

Good quality and excellent deal.  YANG!!   
-Jerald L., Nogales, AZ (USA) February 19, 2018

Thanks for turning me on to bitcoins a few years ago.  I had bought a few hundred $ extra for my btc order mostly because I didn't really know what I was doing.  That 'extra' btc I ended up selling for around $4,000 profit.   Not bad if I say so myself.   Just wanted to say thanks again and I just placed another order but haven't received a reply yet.    
-Shane E., Gallup, NM (USA) February 19, 2018

Some hiccups to start, but overall a pleasant and convenient transaction.    
-Ryan A., Exeter, NH (USA) February 18, 2018

Competitive pricing on a hard to find item.  Appreciate the assistance and quick responses.    
-Megan H., Bowling Green, KY (USA) February 18, 2018

Love it.  I can finally get out and about again.  F*** you pain!    
-Eric N., Makakilo, HI (USA) February 18, 2018

Tired of the long delivery times, but I don't really have a choice.   This is the only place I can still afford my meds.   
-Rhonda F., Mount Pleasant, SC (USA) February 18, 2018

110% satisfied and hope to buy from again soon.   
-Evelyn B., Altadena, CA (USA) February 18, 2018

Took awhile to figure out the process, but JCM helped me each step of the way.  Received by USPS mail on 2/13/18.  Thanks!    
-Linda I., Hanover, PA (USA) February 17, 2018

-Mandy S., Bakersfield, CA (USA) February 17, 2018

Good quality Carisoprodol.  5 stars all the way.    
-Paula J., East Brunswick, NJ (USA) February 17, 2018

Excellent service.  Will order again soon.    
-Teri M., Dover, DE (USA) February 17, 2018

Perfect transition.  Fast delivery.  I'm very happy.    
-Yvonne C., Bangor, ME (USA) February 17, 2018

Reasonable price and fast shipping.  Get the Gator!   
-Tucker O., Macon, GA (USA) February 16, 2018

-Jacob Q., Sioux City, IA (USA) February 16, 2018

Well, it was an interesting experience to say the least.  Not sure why there is a need for all of the Jason Bourne stuff when I'm just ordering cholesterol medication.   
-Theresa P., Forrest City, AR (USA) February 16, 2018

Best Careprost source in the world.  TYTYTYTY!   
-Maria G., Kearns, UT (USA) February 16, 2018

Sooner than expected.  Prefer the Tadacip, but thank you for the extra samples anyway.   
-Brad W., Eugene, OR (USA) February 16, 2018

Would have appreciated tracking information that worked, but I guess I didn't read the fine print.   
-Roland R., Lubbock, TX (USA) February 15, 2018

Friendly and professional little pharmacy.  Will do biz with again. 
-Wendy A., Shreveport, LA (USA) February 15, 2018

Yupp this IS the stuff.  Thank you again. 
-Patricia L., Carson, CA (USA) February 15, 2018

WOW...Talk about under promise and over deliver!!  Top quality and crazy low prices. 
-Betsy K., Tempe, AZ (USA) February 15, 2018

Positive experience. 
-Howard D., Catonsville, MD (USA) February 15, 2018

Everything as described, happy! 
-Gwen P., Joliet, IL (USA) February 14, 2018

Great seller, highly recommend.  Very happy with generic Lipitor purchase thank you. 
-Shawn R., Thornton, CO (USA) February 14, 2018

Slow response to my initial inquiry.  Took some time to get the order rolling.  Arrived around 3 weeks after payment.  Old West speed.  
-Oliver I., Union City, NJ (USA) February 14, 2018

Excellent service, timely delivery, wonderful product, would deal again.  
-Meredith B., Anchorage, AK (USA) February 14, 2018

Domo Arigato :)  
-Holly L., Bemidji, MN (USA) February 14, 2018

Order received as described.  Well packed.  Quick ship.  Happy repeat customer.  Haven't been around for years, but am glad things haven't changed one bit.  Thanks!   
-Tim P., Bettendorf, IA (USA) February 13, 2018

Five Star Ultram supplier*****Would Buy From Again!   
-Natasha H., Tallahassee, FL (USA) February 13, 2018

Honest seller, however shipping speed needs improvement.  9/10.   
-Brandi K., Cape Girardeau, MO (USA) February 13, 2018

Great.  Ya'll are quality.   
-Shelia L., Ponca City, OK (USA) February 13, 2018

As expected, no hassles.   
-Mattie R., Fargo, ND (USA) February 13, 2018

Great products.  Our trading crew loves JCM!   
-Jamie G., Seattle, WA (USA) February 12, 2018

Great price & quick dispatch.  Customer service reps could use a little refresher in manners, otherwise smooth transaction.    
-Dennis H., Chesapeake, VA (USA) February 12, 2018

-Robert C., Brighton, NY (USA) February 12, 2018

Great stuff, will order more, will recommend.    
-Meghan J., Prichard, AL (USA) February 12, 2018

A messy order process.  Timely delivery and good price.  B+    
-Belinda T., New Albany, IN (USA) February 12, 2018

Came just in time for my monthly nervous breakdown.  LOL.    
-Mira O., Anderson, SC (USA) February 11, 2018

Works well and all the team members rave about your service.  Keep doing what you're doing!!    
-Dave E., Bethlehem, PA (USA) February 11, 2018

The only benzo you stock is kind of weak for my tastes.  Better than nothing I guess.    
-Bruce I., Clearwater, FL (USA) February 11, 2018

FIRST OFF, PHILADELPHIA EAGLES WORLD CHAMPIONS!  And thank you jcmrx as always.  :-)    
-Mandy A., Derry, NH (USA) February 11, 2018

Received order plus a few freebies as samples, that was a sweet and unexpected bonus.    
-Seth N., Lansing, MI (USA) February 11, 2018

Thanks for the fast and easy Viagra purchase.  My GP is a wonderful gal, and this is much less awkward.    
-Neil O., Taunton, MA (USA) February 10, 2018

I'd prefer to get my Klonopins from you too, but I understand the situation.  
-Ginger J., Corvallis, OR (USA) February 10, 2018

Will do business with again.  
-Tracey L., Evanston, IL (USA) February 10, 2018

Received quickly, exactly as described.  Recommended.  
-Adrienne W., East Orange, NJ (USA) February 10, 2018

Disappointed with the limited payment options and clear preferential treatment towards existing customers.  Otherwise, good price and product.   
-Marvin K., Valdosta, GA (USA) February 10, 2018

Greatest deal ever.  Will recommend to friends. 
-Bobby U., Rochester, NH (USA) February 9, 2018

LOVE IT!!!!  In time for both trips this month! 
-Lindsay C., Downey, CA (USA) February 9, 2018

Slow to arrive, which was probably mostly my fault with the payment issue.  Exactly what I needed. 
-Rita A., Syracuse, NY (USA) February 9, 2018

received, two thumbs up!
-Wayne L., Olathe, KS (USA) February 9, 2018

Awesome job, keep it up!!  I appreciate what you guys do.
-Kurt P., Danbury, CT (USA) February 9, 2018

Fine service the whole way.  Any chance of selling me Valium too?
-Bonnie S., Lakewood, CO (USA) February 8, 2018

Will order again soon as soon as I get paid, thanks again!
-Christine G., Belgrade, MT (USA) February 8, 2018

Arrived in good shape, however the tracking didn't give me any information.  FYI.
-Erin T., Rutland, VT (USA) February 8, 2018

Wish they had arrived before my trip, but quality product.
-Cody E., State College, PA (USA) February 8, 2018

Tapentadol as described, thank you very much!
-Gilbert J., Millville, NJ (USA) February 8, 2018

A slight disconnect when ordering, but all's well that end's well.  Good price and excellent quality carisoprodol.   
-Jonathan F., Grand Island, NE (USA) February 7, 2018

Glad that this arrived, but it was a nervous and stressful purchase.  Of course, I guess that's why I need to be medicated.   
-Oscar P., Bayou Cane, LA (USA) February 7, 2018

Just as advertised.  Good generic Retin A cream.  Works well and the savings are the real deal.   
-Carole L., Tacoma, WA (USA) February 7, 2018

Five stars all the way.  Absolutely will buy from again.  A++++++   
-Kellie V., Little Rock, AR (USA) February 7, 2018

Sweeeeeeet buy.   
-Danny E., Fort Pierce, FL (USA) February 7, 2018

Happy with the product, and very grateful for the gesture of sending me the samples I asked for.   AAAAA.   
-Irene U., Big Spring, TX (USA) February 6, 2018

Item as described.  Packaging in a plastic/photo envelope inadequate for long range shipping.   
-Jeffrey A., Newport News, VA (USA) February 6, 2018

Not nearly as strong as the Xanax I used to be able to get from you, but good enough for now.   
-Bryan B., River Falls, WI (USA) February 6, 2018

Quick and accurate service.   
-Nick P., Clayton, NC (USA) February 6, 2018

Just ordered more, thank you again.   
-Phil T., Spanish Lake, MO (USA) February 6, 2018

Took 12 days to get here from Chicago, which was strange and unnerving, but all good now.   
-Shirley W., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) February 5, 2018

Excellent buy #3.  Highly recommended!!!!!!   
-Annie J., Hagerstown, MD (USA) February 5, 2018

Great quality but packaging should be upgraded.  A few pills were shaken loose of their foil packages and are of course not usable.   
-Lloyd P., Juneau, AK (USA) February 5, 2018

True to description and delivery time.  Would recommend.   
-Heidi S., Glasgow, DE (USA) February 5, 2018

Suitable for moderate but not intense pain.  Will try to get by with this.   
-Glenn B., Paradise, NV (USA) February 5, 2018

Arrived sooner than expected, generic and not so cleverly named OLTRAM tramadol works well.   A+++   
-Rudy O., Wahiawa, HI (USA) February 4, 2018

Looks like a truck ran over my package, fortunately the contents are undamaged.  Maybe ship it in a box with bubblewrap next time?    
-Darla N., Tulsa, OK (USA) February 4, 2018

Thank you as always, JCM.  No discounts or bonuses for an old repeat buyer like yours truly?    
-Ervin L., Jackson, MI (USA) February 4, 2018

LOL, received, but probably bought way more than I need.    
-Chad F., Pueblo, CO (USA) February 4, 2018

Fast delivery from Mumbai India to my post office box.  Will order again soon-ish.    
-Julianne W., Valley City, ND (USA) February 4, 2018

Excellent product with super price.  Recommend to anyone who wants to get discount no script meds.  
-Silvia G., Biloxi, MS (USA) February 3, 2018

All good!  
-Amos T., Freeport, NY (USA) February 3, 2018

My husband was quite surprised and loves the gift.  As for me, I'd say generally satisfied, except for the relatively complicated bitcoin hurdle process.   
-Kathleen S., Hialeah, FL (USA) February 3, 2018

Received my boink boink pills in good time.  A+++          
-Joey L., Bristol, RI (USA) February 3, 2018

Happy with product and jcm service.        
-Francis B., Green River, WY (USA) February 3, 2018

Praise the Lord for JCM.  Lifesavers!        
-Dixie V., Lansing, IL (USA) February 2, 2018

Shipping was screwed up and delivered a billion days later than expected.        
-Naomi C., Beckley, WV (USA) February 2, 2018

So happy I sang all the way from my mailbox!        
-Ellis U., Jacksonville, AR (USA) February 2, 2018

-Chuck G., White Bear Lake, MN (USA) February 2, 2018

Perfect, exactly what I wanted.        
-Arnold M., De Pere, WI (USA) February 2, 2018

Excellent Communication.  Gave perfect clear order instructions.  Price friendly source for prepping antibiotics.  Thank you.        
-Hilda P., Northport, AL (USA) February 1, 2018

So worth it!        
-Matthew A., Cookeville, TN (USA) February 1, 2018

Seller saved me lots of time and effort.  Amazing customer service!        
-Sophie R., LaGrange, GA (USA) February 1, 2018

Thank you for the positive experience and saving me nearly 60% in costs!       
-Cindy M., Spokane Valley, WA (USA) February 1, 2018

-Dean T., Annapolis, MD (USA) February 1, 2018

Not happy with the payment requirements.   Bitcoin is difficult to understand and use.   I paid $20 transfer fees to send $190.  Ridiculous.       
-Lillian H., Escondido, CA (USA) January 31, 2018

Works great.       
-Toby J., Newark, DE (USA) January 31, 2018

Great customer service!!  Will refer to others.  Speedy shipping and fair price.     
-Ramona C., Sparks, NV (USA) January 31, 2018

awesome seller, great communication!  deal with again in a heartbeat!     
-Elizabeth K., Brook Park, OH (USA) January 31, 2018

Prompt handling of order, wish delivery could be sped up.     
-Gwen W., Crofton, MD (USA) January 31, 2018

-Craig P., West Allis, WI (USA) January 30, 2018

Package beat up and wrinkled, but that could be from international shipping.  Overall good.     
-Anthony K., Harrisburg, PA (USA) January 30, 2018

Always a pleasure to deal with!  Great service & items all the time!  10/10!     
-Caleb L., Pascagoula, MS (USA) January 30, 2018

Arrived on the 1/26/2018 thank you very much.  Do you think you could sell me Ritalin?     
-Natalie M., Lenexa, KS (USA) January 30, 2018

Not the best I've dealt with, but good enough.  
-Bruce Z., Portsmouth, VA (USA) January 30, 2018

gr8 communication, awesome products thumbs up!  
-Irene T., Cedar Falls, IA (USA) January 29, 2018

-Lois M., Sumter, SC (USA) January 29, 2018

Thanks a million great supplier for pain medication!  Would buy again from this seller!  
-Kristina R., Anacortes, WA (USA) January 29, 2018

Just what I wanted and the most all hands on deck service I've ever seen!!  Thank you!  
-William P., Golden Glades, FL (USA) January 29, 2018

It's long a long delivery time, so plan your refills.  
-Shelly D., Deming, NM (USA) January 29, 2018

Safely packaged-works great-will repeat.  
-Donna Q., Wheeling, WV (USA) January 28, 2018

Slow to ship out my order.  Only arrived 3 FULL weeks after payment was made.  Need to improve!  
-Marion O., Peoria, AZ (USA) January 28, 2018

Great seller, also included extra pack of Cialis for me to try.  That doesn't happen at CVS.  
-Hank U., Biddeford, ME (USA) January 28, 2018

Moderately smooth transaction.  Quick delivery.  As advertised!  Can't ask for more.  
-Patricia J., Salem, OR (USA) January 28, 2018

Glad to have found you guys.  You came across well recommended on the Pharmacy Reviewer forum.  And with good reason.  A+++++  
-Randy S., Arlington, TX (USA) January 28, 2018

Top notch seller, communicator, and timely delivery, excellent IOP.  
-Brent G., Racine, WI (USA) January 27, 2018

Good quality soma.  Exactly what I was looking for to help me get to sleep.  
-Tina P., Everett, MA (USA) January 27, 2018

Arrived 1.25.18; Works Better Than I Could Imagine... Thx.
-Darla S., Helena, MT (USA) January 27, 2018

Love love love my super long lashes!  Will be ordering more!
-Annette Y., Stillwater, OK (USA) January 27, 2018

That was a strange almost retro experience, but the product has been delivered and I'm happy and that's what counts.
-Victor M., Canton, OH (USA) January 27, 2018

-Paul G., Huron, SD (USA) January 26, 2018

Can't ask for a better tapentadol connect, good quality, good price, and on time.
-Wanda T., Alexandria, VA (USA) January 26, 2018

Hard to finally get a hold of a real person, but after a few back and forth emails, was able to get my order processed within 1 day.  Order arrived in roughly 2 weeks.  Not bad.
-Ethan D., North Las Vegas, NV (USA) January 26, 2018

Have not encounted nicer, more professional customer service from an online pharmacy than JCM.  Way beyond expectations.  A+
-Olive L., Beatrice, NE (USA) January 26, 2018

Order was stuck in New York for about a week, but finally made it.  No problems.
-Tyler U., Hopkinsville, KY (USA) January 26, 2018

Happy with everything from the order to delivery.  wbfa inna heartbeat!
-Shane H., Collinsville, IL (USA) January 25, 2018

Takes about an hour to take effect so for my job purposes it works seamlessly.  Great purchase.
-Miranda V., St. Andrews, SC (USA) January 25, 2018

Topamax delivered to my POB as promised.  AAAAA.
-Kristen F., Boulder, CO (USA) January 25, 2018

Some of the product was damaged, probably by my mail man.  Thank you for your offer of partial credit for my next order.  Appreciate it.
-Malcolm S., Inkster, MI (USA) January 25, 2018

Grade A stuff.
-Hugh O., Las Cruces, NM (USA) January 25, 2018

Limited selection of pain medications, but I'll try to make use of what you do carry.
-Erica R., Bentonville, AR (USA) January 24, 2018

Exactly the kind of seller you hope to buy from.
-Zach K., Metairie, LA (USA) January 24, 2018

A good choice and works perfectly.
-Todd C., Germantown, TN (USA) January 24, 2018

Very responsive service and good price on the two things I need here.
-Lin M., Scotch Plains, NJ (USA) January 24, 2018

Good seller.  Had some issues with delays, but it was resolved quickly.
-Noel I., Bonney Lake, WA (USA) January 24, 2018

Dependable GREAT service since my very first order 5 years ago, and ever since... 
-Cindy O., Tempe, AZ (USA) January 23, 2018

Insanely long delivery time estimate, but it arrived faster than that.  At first I though that was a typo and laughed out loud.  25 days!  (got here in 11).
-Blake M., Newport East, RI (USA) January 23, 2018

Could have been smoother, but  I've lost my insurance, and you're the help I need.
-Valerie R., Lake Worth, FL (USA) January 23, 2018

Excellent, thanks!
-April B., Mount Pleasant, MI (USA) January 23, 2018

Top notch service.
-Geoffrey P., Dayton, OH (USA) January 23, 2018

Received all 4 of my items in a timely manner.   The last package was a bit slow in getting here, but really that's not something I can seriously complain about.  Appreciate you guys. 
-Ian M., Bennington, VT (USA) January 22, 2018

Wonderful service.  Thank you for the hard to find items. 
-Alan G., West Fargo, ND (USA) January 22, 2018

All good here. 
-Edwin S., Reading, PA (USA) January 22, 2018

Very happy w/my ultram purchase.  Great seller!!!!  5***** 
-Holly D., East Haven, CT (USA) January 22, 2018

So easy, thank you so much. 
-Faye A., Weirton, WV (USA) January 22, 2018

Excellent as always. 
-Keith I., Plymouth, MN (USA) January 21, 2018

Wonderful item, fast shipping, great service, couldn't ask 4 more. 
-Daryl T., Brighton, NY (USA) January 21, 2018

-Aaron B., Manassas, VA (USA) January 21, 2018

Well packed, tapentadol as described, good quality, thank you. 
-Margie W., Ottumwa, IA (USA) January 21, 2018

Got it way faster than expected. 
-Brad F., Beaverton, OR (USA) January 21, 2018

Attentive and accurate service.  Would recommend. 
-Kirk W., South Portland, ME (USA) January 20, 2018

JCM is the only shop I buy from.  Simply the best. 
-Stewart O., Madison, WI (USA) January 20, 2018

Some room for improvement service and process wise.  Order received with no issues, so generally satisfied. 
-Arnold Y., Lewiston, ID (USA) January 20, 2018

unbeatable price and fast turnaround! A++ store! 
-Carrie P., Englewood, CO (USA) January 20, 2018

Will do business with again. 
-Dawn R., Garner, NC (USA) January 20, 2018

Slow reply to emails.  Other than that a decent B+ experience.   The medication was as described and eactly what I wanted.  
-Michelle J., Warren, MI (USA) January 19, 2018

Happy with product and customer service.  
-Galen I., Kailua, HI (USA) January 19, 2018

Came quickly considering the distance.  Very satisfied with product.  
-Daisy H., Wayne, NJ (USA) January 19, 2018

Perfect neurontin transaction...THANKS Bunches!  
-Liz P., Reston, VA (USA) January 19, 2018

Gave the wrong POB number be the seller caught this in time.  THE BEST!  
-Jorge B., Carrollton, TX (USA) January 19, 2018

Less than perfect.  For some reason the package went to Florida first before it was sent to me.  Maybe the USPS was to blame because the address was correct on the label.   
-Teresa R., Akron, OH (USA) January 18, 2018

Everything was as expected.  Buy with confidence for Carisoprodol but plan for a mildly long delivery time.   
-Darla W., East Ridge, TN (USA) January 18, 2018

Responsive service and product as described.  Order process a bit clunky, but overall a good international transaction.   
-Pauline J., Reisterstown, MD (USA) January 18, 2018

Did not arrive in the advertised time period, but did eventually make it here.  Better late than never I guess.  
-Owen S., Caldwell, ID (USA) January 18, 2018

Great products, great prices.  
-Jason U., Henderson, NV (USA) January 18, 2018

Quick, courteous, and professional.  Couldn't ask for more from an international/India pharmacy.  
-Felicia P., Azusa, CA (USA) January 17, 2018

Yeah, I'd go another round.  Cheap and effective.  
-Thomas E., Glendale, AZ (USA) January 17, 2018

Excellent quality however you need to find a way to get me these faster.  I can't afford a 3 week wait everytime I order.  
-Cora K., Towson, MD (USA) January 17, 2018

JCM rules!  
-Randall S., Santa Fe, NM (USA) January 17, 2018

Very satisfied with order and service.  
-Herman B., Johnstown, PA (USA) January 17, 2018

Surprisingly good.  
-Anita R., Hamilton, OH (USA) January 16, 2018

Good product and quality.  Be advised that tablets are shown on your website, but what was received was capsules.  Some folks, not me, might have an issue with that.   
-Phillip K., Beckley, WV (USA) January 16, 2018

8/10.  Needs some improvement but gets the job done, which is more than can be said for many online pharmacies and people in general nowadays.    
-Heidi S., Pueblo, CO (USA) January 16, 2018

5* recommended seller for generic Nucynta.    
-Wanda C., Sterling Heights, MI (USA) January 16, 2018

No problems, good product.  
-Margaret I., Levittown, NY (USA) January 16, 2018

Okay, the first package arrived, no issues, but the 2nd tracks to Jamaica, New York and hasn't moved in 6 days.  Any ideas or help?   
-Richard H., Mobile, AL (USA) January 15, 2018

Thanks - easy purchase and works great.  Recommended.   
-Barbara V., West Valley City, UT (USA) January 15, 2018

A1 honest pharmacy.   
-Jerry L., Carson City, NV (USA) January 15, 2018

Item received was not the same brand pictured but works as well.  Apparently it's just another generic brand.   
-Kimmie B., Wilmington, DE (USA) January 15, 2018

Great deal.  New order sent and awaiting your confirmation.   
-Dorothy R., Fayetteville, NC (USA) January 15, 2018

I have a few suggestions for improvement of your business and have emailed them to you.  As for feedback, I can say that I do recommend your service, but suggest for any customer to NOT do business with Coinbase as they don't really care about their customers.  Try literally any other crypto exchange.  Also, if you can choose between Bitcoins and Ethereum, use Ethereum, it's much more hassle free.    
-Thomas P., Bridgeport, CT (USA) January 14, 2018

Didn't think it'd go so well, but here I am, happy as a lark with a $100 pay raise!    
-Dillion W., Chattanooga, TN (USA) January 14, 2018

Tretinoin cream arrived ahead of expectations.  Works fine.   
-Anne J., Raytown, MO (USA) January 14, 2018

Overall painless transaction.  A+   
-Clay F., Norman, OK (USA) January 14, 2018

Thanks for taking care of me.   
-Sheila D., Rome, GA (USA) January 14, 2018

Misoprostol as described, thank you.  A+++   
-Eli P., Hobart, IN (USA) January 13, 2018

Kind of a hassle but works.     
-Christina F., Ontario, CA (USA) January 13, 2018

Lucky it got to me.  I actually gave you the wrong zip code.  Word to the wise, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.     
-Matthew H., Syracuse, NY (USA) January 13, 2018

rec'd yesterday very nice thx.     
-Arlene D., Missoula, MT (USA) January 13, 2018

Can't wait to to get more, very helpful.  Thank you!     
-Fred L., Bath, ME (USA) January 13, 2018

Arrived in good condition.  Will it be necessary to go through your 4 step order process everything I need a refill though?     
-Gretchen J., Bryan, TX (USA) January 12, 2018

Tracking number for the order you sent me did not work.  Mail man just left the order, well, first package on my door step, and for the 2nd one, which also did not have working tracking, I had to go down to the post office to pick it up.   A little heads up would have been better customer service wise.    
-Henry I., Pawtucket, RI (USA) January 12, 2018

Funny strange order process.  Let's call it unique.  Received my order in due time and that's what counts.   
-Stephanie M., Grand Forks, ND (USA) January 12, 2018

The Ultram order will hold me over, but I think I will need stronger pain meds in order to keep working.  
-Amy Q., Gulfport, MS (USA) January 12, 2018

Thank you, performance ENHANCED!!!
-Campbell H., Kahului, HI (USA) January 12, 2018

Hard work just to get some pills, but I admit that the savings are significant.
-Ted U., Jenison, MI (USA) January 11, 2018

Good international transaction, everything went smoothly and as quickly as could be expected.
-Ellen C., Longmont, CO (USA) January 11, 2018

Figuring out bitcoin gave me a headache, BUT...AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!  Thank you so much!  A++++
-Aaron K., Goose Creek, SC (USA) January 11, 2018

Great deal on tramadol.  Will order again in a few weeks.
-Brooke S., Rogers, AR (USA) January 11, 2018

Thank you for taking care of me and my first time order!
-Vera H., Bayonne, NJ (USA) January 11, 2018

OMG freaky fast.   Appreciate the preflight checklist and the hand holding all the way through.
-Melody J., Rochester, MN (USA) January 10, 2018

Purchased as a gift and as far as I know everyone is happy with the results.
-Gabe D., Selma, AL (USA) January 10, 2018

Well that was a groovy little adventure.  Not the ordinary run of the mill transaction but hey, whatever works.  Sealed and delivered, good price.
-Hope O., LaGrange, GA (USA) January 10, 2018

Very happy with the this seller.  Would order from her again.
-Christie C., Beckley, WV (USA) January 10, 2018

Wanted a different brand but the substitution was acceptable.
-Adam W., Eugene, OR (USA) January 10, 2018

Thank you for the vardenafil samples, but I think I'll continue to stick with Cialis for my next refill.  I find it slightly more effective.
-Patrick G., Ottumwa, IA (USA) January 9, 2018

Took a few tries to figure out ordering and payment, but finally got it taken care of, delivery was as promised, and all is well that ends well.
-Stuart Y., Portland, ME (USA) January 9, 2018

-Gloria L., Scottsdale, AZ (USA) January 9, 2018

Good quality but to be honest I think the shipping cost is a bit steep.
-Zach F., Holland, MI (USA) January 9, 2018

Wow I am impressed.
-Misty S., Apopka, FL (USA) January 9, 2018

Amazed at the quality; really didn’t expect it.
-Harold C., Port Angeles, WA (USA) January 8, 2018

Received great product in a timely manner...thumbs up!
-Remy S., Twin Falls, ID (USA) January 8, 2018

Would be happier if the packaging wasn't so flimsy.  You should be shipping in hard boxes, not bubble mailers fit for photographs.
-Garrett B., Sharon, PA (USA) January 8, 2018

Really grateful for your help and understanding.  Exactly the items we needed.
-Alex K., Wheeling, WV (USA) January 8, 2018

Great service, thank you.
-Dawn P., Cranford, NJ (USA) January 8, 2018

Order received, also with free samples of something else I wanted to try.  TY!
-Audrey E., Redford, MI (USA) January 7, 2018

Flawless transaction and will order again after payday.
-Carol G., St. Andrews, SC (USA) January 7, 2018

Unfair payment policy that is skewed towards JCM's older customers.  I understand and can accept that but surely new customers who have ordered a few times like myself should be allowed to use the Google or Paypal options too.
-Micah F., Stamford, CT (USA) January 7, 2018

Great price and convenient that no script is required.
-Hannah K., Boone, NC (USA) January 7, 2018

Suits my needs.
-Rochelle W., Danville, CA (USA) January 7, 2018

All as promised - and packed so carefully!
-Lisa J., Norfolk, VA (USA) January 6, 2018

To the people complaining about slow shipping.  Please look at a world map.  It's simply amazing that we are able to order from them like this. 
-Dwight B., Kalispell, MT (USA) January 6, 2018

Superb customer service.  Accurate.
-Ricky N., Wilmington, DE (USA) January 6, 2018

Great seller, always as described, recommend A++++
-Delores A., Elizabethtown, KY (USA) January 6, 2018

Package opened and inspected by US customs.  Resealed with green tape and delivered by US mail.  No problems but have to say that made me a bit nervous.
-Melissa J., Keizer, OR (USA) January 6, 2018

A wonderful little life hack that allows me to circumvent the 'monopoly' that my doctor+pharmacy+giant pharmaceuticals here have over most people.
-Julian T., Ogden, UT (USA) January 5, 2018

Very helpful and not just until payment is made.  All the way from shipment to follow up to delivery to further service with questions about other products.
-Lena G., Rosemount, MN (USA) January 5, 2018

Mistakenly sent payment by bitcoin cash (bcash?), only to find out that it is a different thing than bitcoins.  Luckily the payment failed or else that would have been money flushed down the toilet.  Re-sent payment in bitcoins and the transaction was successful.  Still waiting on my order to arrive though but I'm sure it'll be okay as it already tracks to New York and the postal center there.
-Marcia C., Valdosta, GA (USA) January 5, 2018

Amazingly fast shipping from India with an interesting postage stamp to add to my collection!  Great customer service.  Would buy from again.
-Terry B., Moore, OK (USA) January 5, 2018

Received safe and sound, thanks!
-Alicia Z., Kennewick, WA (USA) January 5, 2018

Top goods, professional and economical service.
-Ethan C., Fremont, NE (USA) January 4, 2018

Both packages received.  Had to sign for the first one but the mail man left the 2nd one in my mailbox.  Not sure what the difference in service was about?
-Deborah I., La Crosse, WI (USA) January 4, 2018

A- Transaction.  Buy here with confidence but be aware of the long distance and possible postal delays.
-Jacy V., Cape Coral, FL (USA) January 4, 2018

Not a bad deal at all and strong stuff.  A brick of Cialis for $136 bucks.  By brick I mean 200 pills, probably more than I will need for the next 4 Olympic games.
-Winston P., Russellville, AR (USA) January 4, 2018

-Todd L., Garden Grove, CA (USA) January 4, 2018

For the most part happy.  I think you should be more clear about the differences between free shipping and EMS shipping. 
-Elsie O., Gillette, WY (USA) January 3, 2018

Good communication, prompt service.  5 Stars.
-Raul F., New Iberia, LA (USA) January 3, 2018

Smooth Ultram transaction and rocket speed shipping.  Mahalo!
-Doreen S., Hilo, HI (USA) January 3, 2018

Have logged-up a lot of miles with your assistance.  THX.
-Natalie B., Cimarron Hills, CO (USA) January 3, 2018

-Eddie I., Cookeville, TN (USA) January 3, 2018

Couldn't be happier with my jcm purchase!  Thank you!  A+++ =)
-Maria K., Cliffside Park, NJ (USA) January 2, 2018

Well packaged and met expectations.  (bought as a gift and it went down quite well)
-Zach D., Allentown, PA (USA) January 2, 2018

Order received, praise Jesus!
-Brandi B., Pearl, MS (USA) January 2, 2018

Easy Viagra connection, professional service - thank you very much!
-Mark G., Catonsville, MD (USA) January 2, 2018

Overly complicated payment system.  Good service and product.
-Irene L., Newark, DE (USA) January 2, 2018

High grade meds and super customer service from start to delivery.
-Justine F., Plattsburgh, NY (USA) January 1, 2018

The world today is not what it used to be.  If  you had told me a few years ago that I'd be ordering my needed pills from India, I'd have laughed.  Thank you for what you do and for helping me do what I need to do.
-Tyler E., Auburn, ME (USA) January 1, 2018

-Annette I., Mountlake Terrace, WA (USA) January 1, 2018

I was a bit taken aback with the order system, but other than that, a great transaction, quality goods, and courteous follow up information and support. 
-William P., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) January 1, 2018

Reasonable price with free shipping thrown in.  Couldn't find a better deal anywhere.        
-Stacy D., Little Rock, AR (USA) January 1, 2018

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